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A Short Smut Story of Jay Park


Warning.. Smut!! Dont get caught.. enjoy!!!!!


I watched her sip from a clear straw while sitting by the pool. Bright pink lemonade zipped up to her mouth. When finished sipping, she calmly sat her glass on the table, adjusted her black hair under a floppy hat, and sat back on the chair.

“You don’t like to swim, Darla?” I asked her a she covered some exposed bits of her legs with a sarong.
“I love it, But the sun is too bright this time of year; I’ll burn quite fiercely.”
“Shame,” I replied as I gazed toward Jay who was making laps in the pool. “He loves the water and the sun.” “He does,” Darla agreed drearily. “Where is it that you are from?” I asked her.
“Capitol Hill,” she smiled sweetly.
“I see,”

I said as I gathered my glass. I wasn’t sure where Capitol Hill was, so I probed for more information.

“And where did you attend boarding school.”
“Oh, no,” Darla giggled a little while covering her mouth. “I didn’t attend boarding school.”
“Private then, Was it live-in?”
“I went to public school,” she said calmly.
“Public school?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. All along I believed that I had competition with this fair skinned girl who was nothing more than common. Still, I wondered intensely what Jay saw in her. A splash of water came from the pool, and my stepbrother, Jay, pulled himself up from the sides. Wearing nothing but a tightly fit midcut swimming brief, he looked perfectly debonair.

His auburn clung to the side of his face that was perfectly shaven; I assumed because of Darla’s presence.

“Doesn’t my mother make the best lemonade?” he said walking over to us.
“She does!” Darla and I exclaimed at the same time.

As Jay moved toward Darla, and gave her a wet kiss on the cheek, I could see that his query was not intended for me.

“You’re dripping all over me!” Darla giggled while wiping the water off of her face.

Jay reacted by giving her a hug, drenching her all over.

“Stop it! I only have so many clothes!”
“You will be fine,”

Jay smiled at her with his perfect, white teeth. Then he looked up toward me at the other end of the table.

“I’m sure if you run out, Jen has some you can borrow.”

I wanted to glare at him, but the gesture would have been too obvious. Instead, I smiled back politely.

“Oh course,” I said before returning to sip my lemonade.

The sting of the lemon juice seemed to work viciously with the acids churning in my stomach.

“That’s settled then,” said Jay giving Darla another squeal-inducing embrace.
“Thank you,” Darla said to be through heavy breaths. “If only he’d stop loving on me so much, I could walk to the horses!”
“We better get going, I’ve planned an entire day of activities around the property for us.”
“Sounds fun,”

Darla said with a beaming smile. I adjusted my sunglasses as I watched he grab her hand, and led her away from the poolside.

“See you later, Jen!”
“Yes,” I replied succinctly. “See you.”

They walked with their hands firmly clasped together. He looked like too much of a man for her. From my personal experience, Jay needed a lot of attention, especially in the bedroom.

I could only imagine Darla lying there like a dead fish while he pummeled away at her. She wouldn’t know how to keep a man like Jay happy forever. Then again, I wondered, how could a common girl like her have any sort of chance at lasting with him that long?
Simon POV

A few hours after gazing at Lydia’s luscious figure in the garden, I started on a book from my childhood. This particular read was a favorite that my father enjoyed reading to me before he and my mother split. The tale detailed the trek of a wolf that desired rabbits in a field. Though he had never tasted them before, he was sure that they were the best of the meats.

After many failed attempts to catch a wild rabbit, the wolf found a hutch in a farmer’s yard. Using his intellect, he broke past the farm’s gates and ate the softest, most delicate rabbit in the hutch. The rabbit’s meat was not only delicious, it was more savory than he could have ever imagined. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. Likely, it was one of the many maids offering to turn my bed. I was nearly finished with the book, so I decided to ignore it. After a few moments, there was a knock again.

“Simon?” said Lydia’s voice from the other side of the door. “Are you in there?”

Quickly, I jumped up and tossed the book to the far side of the room. The fabric of my unbuttoned shirt spread open away from me as I briskly moved toward her voice.


I greeted her as I opened the door. She was wearing a bikini top that was so tight against her breasts that they nearly spilled over onto me. Below, she was wearing a translucent sarong that displayed the small amount of pink fabric that covered the rest of her.

“I brought you some of my fresh brewed lemonade,”

She said as he handed me a glass. I was so distracted by Lydia’s attire that I hadn’t noticed the large glass of bright brink liquid she was holding in her hands.

“You do like lemonade don’t you, Simon?”
“Yes, of course,” I said looking the glass over.
“How do you like your room?” she asked.
“I enjoy it very much,” I replied as I opened the door wider. “Come in.” “Thank you,”

Lydia said as she strolled inside the room, glancing over at the yacht themed décor, and cerulean walls.

“I’ve lived here for a year now, but we’ve traveled so much that I haven’t been able to look at all of the rooms.”
“This was the one I always stayed in as a boy,” I explained.
“All of this manly yacht business,”

She smiled as she touched a metal anchor lying on the corner across from my bed.

“Doesn’t look very suitable for a boy’s room.”
“But it is,” I replied as I walked over to a black and white photo above her head. “Look at this picture.”

Lydia stood up and moved toward me, pushing her hair back behind her ears. I stared at her breasts as she neared me. They were evenly tan and perfectly delectable. I imagined them filling my hands with the smooth skin spilling over in ripples of juicy breast.

“Is that you?” she asked, completely unaware that I was studying her every womanly move.
“Yes,” I replied. “And that is my grandfather. We would sail twice a year from when I was ten years old until he passed. I love boats, sailing, and the seas.”
“Look at you, You were tall then, too. How old are you in this photo?” “Fifteen,” I answered boastfully. “However, not nearly all of the height that I am now.”
“I can see that, I think you must have known you would turn out so handsomely. This may have been built by a boy, but it was intended for a man.”
“You could say that,” I smiled.

Then I held the lemonade up to my mouth and sucked on the straw. A bitter, tart flavor filled my mouth. I didn’t want to be rude, so I lied. “This is delicious.”
“No, it isn’t, Sip from the side, where all of the sugar is on the brim.”

I followed her instructions, tilting the glass toward my mouth.

“What’s the straw for then?” “Stirring, silly.”

I drank the lemonade. Sweet and sour, the swirl of flavors collided together in my mouth.

“You must have them together,” she explained. “Mixing in the sugar wouldn’t have been the right amount for the flavor.”
“This is the absolute best lemonade I have ever tasted.”

That wasn’t a lie. I continued to gulp down the pink drink until half of the glass was gone.

“Good! I love it when a man likes my pink treats.”

I wondered if this was a Freudian slip. Had Lydia been smarter, I would have assumed that the phrase was intentional. However, the next thing that happened was a surprise to me.

“Hopefully, I can get the recipe,” I said to her.
“You know, Simon, We’re family now and family shares things like recipes.”
“Of course,”

I said before gulping down the last of the lemonade. Then her hand touched my shirt. For a few moments, she played with the open flap while lightly grazing her fingers against my bare chest.

“Are you aware of what family also shares?”
“Secrets,” she said softly.
“Right,” I replied, not knowing where she was going.

Then Lydia reached her perfectly manicured fingers into empty the glass of my lemonade.

“Those windows over there,”

she said gesturing to the ones that faced the garden.

“They aren’t as concealing as you would think they would be.”
“They aren’t?” I gulped, finding myself caught in between several moments.

Then Lydia took out an ice cube and placed it under her bikini top. Slowly, she rubbed the ice against her nipple in a circular motion.

“Ah…” she sighed.

I didn’t know how to react. My eyes were transfixed on her mounds of breasts as she pleasured herself with the dripping ice. Suddenly, Lydia unfastened her top, revealing her perfect tits just inches from me.

“Do you like these, Simon?”
“Yes,” I nodded slowly.
“Do you like touching yourself when you see them?”
I nodded again.

“Good,” she purred.
“I loved seeing you today as you touched yourself. You made feel like a desired woman again.”

I didn’t need any more words. This woman wanted cock, and she wanted it immediately. I pulled off my shirt and threw it to the floor. My hands lunged for her breasts pushing them upward toward my mouth.

“Yes,” Lydia gasped. “Take me like a man, Simon.”

The fullness of her breasts was everything that I had imagined. I sucked on the tips of her full, sumptuous balloons. My mouth watered as licked the surface and around the nipples. Lydia gave sounds of pleasure as I teased her with my tongue. Still, this tit play wasn’t enough for me.

Seeing her half naked in front of me was heavenly, but I needed to pounce. I grasped onto her sarong and pulled it off of her body. As it fluttered to the floor, I reached her buttocks, lifting her high into the air. Then we moved to the bed where I threw her down. She bounced a few times with her melons jiggling.

“Wild boy,” she giggled as I crawled on top of her.

“Grrr…” I growled.

Just as she began to giggle again, I moved my mouth to hers. We were kissing madly as I moved my hands to my shorts. Her full lips were like heaven against mind. Tingles shot down my spine and twisted until they came to the tip of my cock. I unfastened my pants and kicked the remainder of my clothes off in a heap onto the floor. My cock was rock hard and pressing against her thigh as we kissed.

My hands moved up, untied the thin fabric of her thong, and then I threw it across the room.  It landed on the photo of my grandfather and me that hung on the wall. It sways and fell off the hook, smashing the glass frame into pieces. I didn’t care about the picture. I didn’t even care that Lydia was my stepmother. My only thought was of shoving my cock deep inside of her warm, wet palace.

“Give it to me,” she begged.

I grabbed the base of my cock and aimed the head at her pussy. It was a glorious hole with a neatly trimmed bushel at the top. I rubbed the outside lips, playing with the forming wetness that glistened. With one movement, I shoved in my cock. A warm bath greeted me from inside of her. I let out of a groan of pleasure as I slipped in further. Just as I pushed in more, Lydia gasped.

“Slow!” she exclaimed.

I muttered as I refocused on how amazing her pussy felt around my cock.

“Fuck, Simon,” Lydia gasped as I eased myself in all of the way.

“You are a very big boy.”
“Yes I am,”

I smirked as her legs curled up to her chest. Lydia’s breasts looked the best in this angle. As I fucked her, they jiggled at the bottom of her chin. Soon, it became a game for me to see how much I could make them bounce. Each thrust sent them flying into disarray. I felt my cock becoming so firm that it almost hurt.


Lydia called out as I pounded her into the bedding. Pillows began to jostle and fall off the sides of the bed.

“Fuck me harder.”

I placed my hands on the iron headboard. Lifting myself into a pushup position, Lydia was now bunched together with her legs in the air. Then I slammed down on her, sending my fleshy sword deep inside of her. Slick noises of skin again skin sounded around the room as we fucked. Soon, her pussy became a geyser, sending warm juices all over my cock.

“I’m coming,” she said as she dug her nails in my back. “Fuck me, big boy!”

I didn’t stop my motion as I felt her pleasure spilling all around me.

“Come for me first,”

I growled, knowing that she loved being manhandled. Lydia’s face squinted before she suddenly erupted. I was sure that her pleasure filled sounds were heard from all over the estate. Still, I didn’t care. A rush of heat swarmed my cock and suddenly I felt myself pumping, too.

Just as my first spurt reached the top, I pulled out, sending splatters of my thick juice all over her breasts. Lydia leaned forward and began to suck the tip of my cock. She seemed to enjoy every moment of it mindlessly.

“Vous êtes un bon garcon,”

Lydia said to me in perfect French. As I finished, I thought that perhaps she was more intelligent than I thought.

Whooo Hooo xD

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