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Chaeyoung (Son Chae Young)

Chaeyoung is one of the youngest members and is a rapper and sub- vocalists in TWICE.
Chaeyoung did go to school at a dance academy when she was young. So she came knowing how to dance. What inspires her the most is hip hop artists from around the world, she loves to write raps with that in mind. She is also talented in sketching and draws people around her. She also is the one to create the logo that twice’s official instagram uses.

Extra tidbits!
Chaeyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea.
She loves Van Gogh Paintings
Her grandmother was happy when she entered into TWICE
Her favorite artists are Justin Bieber and D’Angelo (ooo she just lost me mentioning that JB lol jk)
Chaeyoung has an older and a younger brother.
Her NickName is Strawberry Princess.
Random to know that she is Catholic.

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