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A Stepbrother Affair: Chapter 6

A Short Smut Story of Jay Park


Warning Smut!! Dont get caught and Enjoy!!


“I love horses,”

Darla said as we trotted along the path along the south side of the property. Five days had passed since she arrived to the estate. Though I wanted to despise her, there was an unwavering innocence about Darla that made her difficult to dislike. We rode horseback toward the gates on two of my father’s mares.

Lydia wanted to spend some time with Jay, so I volunteered to take Darla for a ride. I let her pick the first horse, which she didn’t realize was the one that I always rode. Still, I did not let on to this fact.

“Did you have horses growing up?” I asked.
“Oh, no,” she smiled.
“I wish that were true.”
“When did you learn to ride?”
“Just this year. Jay takes me horseback riding nearly every weekend.”
“I see.”
“Your stepbrother is an amazing person, Everyday he works hard to surprise with me new adventures, gifts, and evenings that I could never imagine other men doing.”
“Lucky you,”

I said as I gave her a forced smile. Darla had no idea that her recants of precious moments with Jay were like tiny little poison-tipped daggers shooting into my chest.

“I find myself transfixed, Have you have been so in love with someone that you can’t constantly stop thinking about them?”
“Can’t say that I have, We’re going to head back; the end of the trail is just shortly after these trees.”

Darla said as she sloppily handled the horse. They did a multi-pivot turn like a fifteen-year-old with her learner’s permit.

“Jay just gives me strength. I’m sure that you will find someone very nice soon.”
“Perhaps,” I said tersely as we headed back along the path.
“Have your parents been very accepting?” Darla inquired.
“Accepting of what?” I asked.
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to be rude. It’s just that my father was so angry over my brother. I’m sure that your mother, being in fashion, is very progressive.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’ve gone too far. I’m sure it’s a non issue these days to be a lesbian.”
“Who’s a lesbian?”
“You are, aren’t you?”
“Who told you this?” I could not believe what I was hearing.
“Jay said that you were lesbian,”

Darla looked confused. However, once she saw me fuming, she appeared to discontinue the conversation. Jay thought that he could just wash away what happened between us with a white lie. This son of a bitch. I wasn’t about to let him get away so easily.

“Hi, ladies,”

A voice from a split in the path. I looked over to see Javier, youngest gatekeeper, waving with a black leather glove. He drove on a small electric car designed to survey the grounds. However, I knew that he had different motives.

Javier always made sure to greet me and to be on post when I arrived to visit the grounds. My father liked to joke that he had a crush on me. Javier was tall and extremely muscular with thick black hair and a sharp chin. He was around Jay's age and very handsome. I might have found him more attractive if he weren’t a gatekeep.

“Hello, Javier,” I said nodding back. “How are you all this afternoon?”

He asked while staring at me. I’m sure that might tight riding pants were doing wonders for his imagination.
“Quite well,” I replied.
“How are you?” Darla asked.
“Me?” Javier appeared to be surprised by the question. “I’m doing good also.”
“That’s great to hear,” Darla smiled.
“This is Darla,” I explained as we continued to trot. “She’s Jay’s guest.” Or should I say more of his thot
“Ah, yes, The fiancée. Soon to be your sister, no?”
“I suppose so, We must be headed off, Javier.”
“Of course, miss,” he said nodding. “Good meeting you!” Darla shouted. “You as well, miss!”

Javier said while staring at us as we left.

“He seems nice,” Darla said.
“It’s his job to be,” I reminded her. Then we set off back toward the stables.
Simon POV

“You win, Simon! You’ve always been good at games.”
“I do like a little bit of croquet,” I said giving my best attempt to sound humble.
“Your sister is just as good, You and I are fairly even most of the time, but I can never beat her.”
“Oh, yes,” I mumbled. “Jen is quite good.”

Though my father was playing his jolly character, I couldn’t help but to think that giving my little sister praise was also a blow at me as well. I helped pull the wire hoops from the ground just outside of the garden. The sun was setting over the trees and in the distance I could hear horses trotting.

“Ah,” my father said looking over at the trail. “Speak of the devil.”

I glanced upward to see Jen and Darla on horseback, coming from the south end trail. They were both in matching black riding suits.

“Hi, daddy! Hi, Simon!”
“How was riding, darling?” our father asked.

Darla answered with a gleaming smile. In just under a week, she seemed to begin speaking like our family.

“Perfect!” my father smiled as he buttoned the top of this polo shirt. “Get those horses back safely!”
“We will,” called Jen as they girls trotted out of vision toward the stables.
“I’m glad to see them getting along,”
my father said as he took the metal hoops from my hand.

“Yes, it is.”
“Perhaps you and Jay can get along like that?”
“Perhaps,” I replied.

My father gave me a glare from the side.

“Listen,” he said in a darker tone. “I know that in the past you’ve had your issues with Jen’s mother, but I want you to respect Lydia. She is a much different woman and I can see that the two of you could become quite close.”
“Of course,” I agreed, though I also felt that I was silently mocking him. “Okay, Let’s go in for dinner, shall we?”
“I’ve just eaten an hour ago,” I said. “Is it okay with you if I retire to my room for the evening.”
“Yes, of course,” he replied.

Then he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the head.

“You’ve grown into a man that can make his father proud.”
“Glad that I do,” I smiled.

My father was so self-consumed that he couldn’t see his son was screwing his new wife. Then again, there wasn’t much of a way for him to know. Clearly, Lydia and I had a fling that was staying hidden under the sheets.

After finishing reading a novel that I had been reading for the past few days, I looked up at the clock and saw that it was nearly two in the morning. Still, I wasn’t feeling tired, so I wandered into the ensuite washroom for a quick shower. When I was done, I wiped the fog off of the mirror and gazed at my naked form.

Flexing my muscles in the mirror, I watched them push forward. A few stray hairs had escaped my latest grooming, so I found some tweezers to pluck them. After the rogue follicles had been vanquished, I flexed again. My father was correct in saying that I had become quite that man that could make him proud. Still, I wasn’t quite happy enough with what I saw.

I opened the medicine cabinet and removed shaving cream and a razor. Quickly, I shaved my face until it was smooth. Then I looked down at my crotch. The hair seemed too wiry and untamed. Trimming it would be nice, but I also felt that it needed a fresh start. I smeared a thick lather of the cream on myself and then began to shave. Stroke after stroke removed the strands of my pubic hair. When I felt the blaze rounding against my exposed skin, I tossed the blade in the trashcan and rinsed off my crotch in the sink.

“Much better,”

I said slowly to myself as I looked into the mirror. My cock now looked enormous as it hung from my body. There wasn’t anything in the way of my cock and my stomach except for smooth skin. I felt myself get aroused as I looked at my own cock in the mirror. It was impressive with a large, full head that was beginning to swell. I grabbed a bottle of lotion from the cabinet and pumped some on my cock.

Slowly, I stroked in the cream, causing my erection to expand. I pumped on some more until I was satisfied with how slick my cock had become. When I was fully hard, I looked at myself in the mirror. My muscles flexed under my smooth skin as I pumped my thick cock between my moistened fingers. I reached back to the lotion and slicked my other hand.

As I watched me pleasure myself with my left hand, my right hand moved to the back. I circled around my ass with my middle finger. Then I began to push until the entire finger was inserted. I bore down and continued to stroke myself as I watch the head of my cock turn from pink to red with each stroke.

Suddenly, I heard a noise from outside of the window. It sounded like a girl giggling. I pulled my hands away from my body and turned off the washroom light. The giggling sounded again as I quietly moved to the window overlooking the garden. In the darkness, it was difficult to see, however, I still made out a tall man’s figure in the light. He was by the garden bench near the greenhouse.

The girl’s back was to me as she giggled uncontrollably while he groped her. They began to kiss as he pulled down her top, exposing her soft breasts in the moonlight.

“Stop it,” she teased him.
“Shh!” he said quieting her. “His bedroom is right there.”
“Let’s go in the greenhouse,” she laughed.
“I’ve always wanted to fuck in the greenhouse.”

Quickly, I grabbed a pair of binoculars on a shelf near some of my yachting trinkets. I blew away some of the dust on the lenses and peered outside of the window.

“Sounds fun,” the man whispered.

Looking in closer, I saw that it was Javier, the gatekeeper. He was shirtless but still wearing his black gloves as he groped the girl as they rushed into the greenhouse door. Just as Javier opened to let her in, I realized that the girl my sister. She began kissing him at the entrance to the greenhouse and then they shut the door.

Well thats it for tonight....

(This story i have wrote it down months ago and I finally found it. But I havent finished it... Tomorrow more chaoters will come and the finale)

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