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Hello everyone! It's lovely to see you again! Welcome to this installment of Yongguk Fridays!

Last time, we went through an interview all about how Yongguk got into Hip-hop! This week, we'll be discussing Yongguk's life as a high school student!

As always, I will leave links to the translations at the bottom of the card!

Let's get right into it!
In high school, Bang Yongguk was really a quiet student. Despite moving onto the same high school as his friends that he was with in his junior high years, he was known to be the kid who never really talked.

“I didn’t really talk in high school and I would just go to school and come back home. Because I was quiet in always studying, my teachers thought I was a model student in which they liked. I would study at school and do music at home: that was all I did. Since then, I officially started taking interest in music.”

In his second year of middle school, Bang Yongguk started meeting up with his hyungs (who are label-mates with him currently) that were promoting at the time and began studying on composing. He said he started gaining more knowledge about music from a professional was around this time.

“In meeting up with the hyungs of our label back then, I composed by myself. My spectrum in music began expanding and seeing them produce music, I learned a lot from it. Even when writing lyrics, I used to just write what came to mind before but at the time, I think I thought a little before jotting down lyrics. If I think about it now, I think my third year of high school was the most critical period in my life (laughs).”
However, Bang Yongguk’s parents were very against him doing music. Although he was able to bypass the period of storms and gales well, there was a time when he rebelled for the first time also.

“Because my parents didn’t like me doing music, I even rebelled for the first time. I think my parents wanted me to earn a safe job since I was studious and because of that, I used to sneak out to produce music alone. The storage room we had, I remodeled it into a producing room and I used to stay there. That was the place where the life of rapper Bang Yongguk began.”

However, the bigger his dreams got, his parents’ disapproval grew stronger as well, but that didn’t mean that didn’t mean there wasn’t a compromise in which his parents proposed one factor.

“My parents told me, “Be studious first and then do what you like,” so I opened my eyes to studying as well. Having them tell me that they wouldn’t say anything afterwards once I achieved something first, I went to the library by myself and began studying. My test scores? I eventually ranked first in the entire school. Even after that, I maintained my status in our school’s top rankings (smiles).”

And from then on, music began bringing forth to him a lot of offers. With him being motivated to study from music, he earned a scholarship of course but was also offered a job in a major corporation that is one of the top nationwide.

“I received an excellence award in studies for the first time in my entire life and received a scholarship as well. Once I graduated high school, I was even offered a job in the S Corporation (Samsung). However, I wasn’t interested in any of those and I only had one thing in mind which was music.”
That's it for this week's portion of the interview! Next week we will discuss Yongguk's experience with college as well as underground rapping!

In the comments, tell me what you thought was most intriguing in this interview? ~

Thanks so much for tuning in and I hope to see you all next week! So sorry about how inactive I've been...I got ill last week, and the school work is catching up with me

I will be posting all of the cards late, but better late than never I suppose~ Expect the Zelo card shortly!~ See you tomorrow!

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