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Dongwoon and Key
Hey guys it's Axos. I was decided to make this card after searching on YouTube for Dongwoon videos. I ended up stumbling onto this video and thought..."Oh Yeah Key and Woonie are friends. I completely forgot." anyways after searching for pictures of them I decided to remind anyone who forgot just like me. Also if you didn't know then....NOW YOU KNOW!!! Both males are great and honestly before I found out they were friends a long time ago....Key bacame my bias in Shinee. Hahaha my bias's are friends. Any who take a look at more of these two together.
Okay, that has to be the cutest this I have seen all day!!!! Thanks for the post!! I learned something new today.
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No problem. Xp
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beast are just friends with everyone.
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Its part of Shinee, Beast and Infinite shipping 😀
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I agree with @MelissaGarza You should do a part two with Woohyun.
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