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Keep refreshing to read the LIVE recap of episode 4!!! :) ============= 10:00 pm! it's starting soon!!! commercialssssssss soo many ughh ============= We are the the airport. ES runs into Rachel hugging KT., suddenly turning away. KT calls out her name, "Stop there, Eunsang". Rachel seems stunned by this. KT says, "Return home safely" and immediately and goes over to ES. "Why didn't you call me?" ES: "Why did you want to talk about?" KT hands his cellphone to ES and says, "give me your number". ES: "Thank you for everything. Take good care of your fiance. Farewell." And goes on to board the plane. Rachel is sitting on her First Class seat, thinks for a bit (very serious facial expression) and heads to economy class and stands infront of ES. Rachel says something about "KT likes you too much" and takes away ES' document. Rachel arrives at the airport and sees YD waiting for her with a sign that says, "Welcome, sister". (I lost track of why he's there, but Rachel is displeased about his appeareance and orders her to carry her stuff). We see ES coming out very shortly. YD and Rachel are in their car. YD tries to turn on loud heavy rock music. Rachel says, "I told KT that you are very damn well off." YD orders the driver to stop the car. YD: "Why do you think the lion is not in his own cave? Because he fled."--- YD gets off from the car and have Rachel drive away. ES arrives home but finds the home empty of all belongings and mom missing. An ajuma says that ES' mom moved out. Back at California, we see KT sitting by his pool, checking ES' facebook and being jealous over CY and ES date posts. Myungsoo is being tutored by Yesol (who just returned from being scolded brutally by her employer). KW tries to call MS, but MS hangs up on him. KW is shopping for jewlry (not sure for whom). We see ES outside of a big house, gets into argument with her mom over her encounter with sister (mother is more sympathetic to the sister). ES' mother reveal to ES that the big fancy house is not their new residence. The two usual mid-aged ladies gets into fight over... something, gets into "my son is better than your son" argument. (I reaaaaallly do not like these two ladies -_-). KW's mother just slapped KT's mother. KW suddenly appears, the two stops arguing. ES is ordered to get medicine to KT's mother. Obviously looking confused, anxious, and lost, KW suddenly appears and guides ES to KT/W's father and make her delivery. KW's father lectures KW about KT's absence from the business gathering. The father says that he wants KT to be more involved in the family business. (Seems like KW does not see KT as his brother, more reason than simple fact of being "step-brother" i think?) KT's mother goes to KW and tries to get him talking about KT. KW is unresponsive, obviously irritated at her sight. Back in California, KT is reminded of his encounter with KW few days back. ES asks her mother about the two wives before being interrupted by KT's mother, who is properly introduced for the first time. After ordering ES' mother to do some chore, KT's mother tells ES to not let anything she hears from their home from being spread outside. Also remarks that she doesn't treat ES' mother very well. Back at home, ES apologies to her mother for suddenly abandoning her and heading to the US. ES is back at her old part-time jobs (she...didn't get fired by any of them apparently? xD). KT sees the message that ES left him on his school bulletine, but walks away. ES puts away the "I <3 California" clothes after looking at it for a time. KT's mother wakes up, telling her husband, "I couldn't sleep well, I'm worried about KT." KT's mother declares that "3 years away is more than enough time, he should return." KT's father says, "He can return, if he's not afraid of his own brother". Excited, KT's mother calls him, but he purposely do not pick it up. KT's monologue: "I miss you, father, mother, brother." KT suddenly calls the vice-executive, says farewell to his teacher, with a note, "One who wants to wear the crown, but bear the burden of the crown." Next we see KT getting on the plane and arrives at Korea. We see KT greeted by the business executive (father of Bora), but taken aback by the fact that KT says "I am visiting brother first". KT shows up at KW's office. KW "How long will you stay here?" KT "I will stay here, you don't have to be worried about what you are afraid of." KW "You think I'm worried only about business? stay here if you want, who can possibly stop you." and Leaves the room. KT is greeted by his mother back at home. KT's father gives a detached response, "welcome, sit". Father: "What did you learn?" KT: "I just played" Father: "Go sleep." After brief exchange with his mother, KT takes out the dreamcatcher and puts it up by his window. ES takes a picture of her US planeticket and post on her Fakebook, "The whole trip was like a dream. Was I really there?" Right above her, KT looks up at the sky. (Two didn't notice each other's presence yet, omg this is good lolll). Next morning, KT realizes a familiar looking sneaker being dried outside. He suddenly notices a young girl's back. ES' mother suddenly wakes up ES and tells her to goto their employer's home because theres an uproar within the house. KW has not come home in days since KT arrived back in Korea. MS goes to visit KT. MS is surprised by ES' sudden appearance from KT;s home. ES, looking verrry exhausted, barely opens her eyes and goes off. She drops by convenient store, chugs in water, and goes to sleep at a desk outside. JD, amused, eats ramen infront of her. Suddenly, two elementary school kids argue infront of JD and ES. JD scolds the kids, the kids cry, waking ES... making her just walk away. Bona goes around at her work (concert studio), greeting several idol groups (I forgot who one of the actual group that showed up). CY shows up at work and greets her. Next we see CY and his father cooking for the three of them. CY (his father is the vice business executive that is more loyal to KT than KW) says he met with KT. Next scene: Bona tells MS about her worries of what may have happened between KT and CY. KT checks ES' Fakebook. Since KT is still logged into ES' Fakebook through his phone. KT leaves comment (under ES' name) and they engage in chat through the Fakebook, climaxing at KT saying, "You want me to appear, don't you." The two of them open door, but it was different doors (Its hard to explain but this part was golden buhahahaha! xD). KT sees ES' mom wearing "I <3 Cali" shirt and is dumbfounded for a bit. ES sees KT's mother wearing her socks that she left at KT's place. stares at it for a bit and leaves. ES is ordered to find wine from the cellar. She grabs the wine, and walks across front yard (while KT is being frustrated about ES not commenting back). KT asks KT's mother if there's a ghost at his house. KT's mother reveals that a girl named Eunsang is residing there. (Couple stunned scenes and flashback appears). KT leaves a comment on fakebook, "where are you, respond quickly." ES says, "I'm drinking water". KT gets up immediately and heads to the kitchen. KT hesistates a bit, slowly opens the kitchen door. And there she is, Eunsang, drinking water as she checks phone. KT's eyes widens!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMGGGG ) Episode Ends!!!!!
@hafoussa you're welcome!! ^^
@lindalimlinglin I think he's going to play around with this for a little bit lol have their own cat & mouse game
thank you very much for the eng sub ♥♥
he was dumbfounded n shocked.....hahaha....will he talk 2 her or just avoid her..?? 2 know tune in next wednesday... <3 <3 <3 (Y)
@leegloria22 Yep! As soon as SBS puts up their official preview, I'll put up a subtitle and make a post on it since anything not made by SBS tend to be taken down immediately afterwards :L
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