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I finally got around to watching most of the episodes of Law of the Jungle that Jin was in. I have one left (and haven't had time to watch it). I really hope that BTS does a Bangtan Bomb reaction video, like the send off one they did before he left.
There are 3 challenges Jin's 'family' (not a tribe this time around) face over the course of their stay. The first is no land (and I won't give away the other 2).
Yes, Jin actually does catch fish, but in a unique way. What he was using made me laugh. I just found the caption here amusing too.
If you were wondering, that's ink from a cuttlefish on his face. There are times the whole family acts like kids, and it makes great TV.
Yes, Jin does his signature kiss quite a bit too.

I bet the rest of BTS got a good laugh on how much of a scaredy cat Jin is when it comes to a lot of different things. WJSN's (Cosmic Girls) Cheng Xiao loved to make him scream. They really do have a big brother/little sister relationship, and it's quite cute to watch.
I don't want to post too much, because I want people to be curious enough to go watch for themselves. Jin's episodes begin with #247. Remember, he went to the jungle back in NOVEMBER, and the episodes are just airing now.

(My entry for the BTS Wings giveaway) #VingleBTS
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honestly I don't want any of the others going on this show because jin got really sick and tired when I saw that my heart broke I don't want the others to go through what jin did other then that the show is great
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Watch the episodes with B1A4's Sandeul, the big female comedian that just got engaged ( can't think.of her name), Madtown's Jota, 5urprise Seo Kang Jun, and a couple others. Sandeul and the comedian were joking how they go to the jungle and gain weight. Jota is just amazing to watch too. The comedian is not your typical idol, and she doesn't let anything stop her from doing everything the guys were doing.