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~Outside the Diary 4~

Hey Journalists!

Thanks for waiting for me to write the next chapter as my life has gotten really crazy over the last week. So to make it up, this is an extra long chapter for you all... Enjoyy ;)

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WARNING: There is some language in this chapter but not too bad. Just wanted to give a heads up^^

"W-what do you want Jongup?" Arya asked, watching the man in front of her. His face fell when he saw her. Her eyes were red and puffy and she was practically shivering.

"I told you, I want to talk." He said, talking off his jacket that he was wearing to cover Arya. She was surprised at his sudden gesture and didn't know how to react to it. She instead decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to stand out here all night as it was getting really cold.

"Alright, come in." She sighed. Jongup readily came inside, closing the door quietly behind him. He took off his shoes and put on the other pair of slippers at the front door. They were white thankfully and fit his feet.

Arya was embarrassed at having Jongup inside the house. She never had anyone over and now that he was here, she was just realizing how messy her place actually was. It actually wasn't that bad in hindsight but with clothes everywhere and some food wrappers on the table near the T.V, Arya started to clean up a little. 

She used one hand to hold onto his jacket and the other to pick up the bags of chips to put back in the cupboard. As she was doing this, Jongup went to take a seat on the couch, smiling slightly when seeing her move around. After a second, Arya thought that was at least good enough and went to sit on the couch adjacent to the one Jongup was on. 

She sat down slowly, not knowing what to really say to him and trying to gauge the atmosphere. It wasn't uncomfortable particularly but it wasn't their usual atmosphere either. 

"Here," Jongup suddenly spoke, leaning over to Arya. She glanced up to see that he was giving her back her Diary. She slowly reached for it and smiled when she had it in her hands. Her thumbs gently ran over the cover and she hugged it for a second before looking back up at him.

"Thank you. Really," She thanked, and Jongup nodded his head, as if saying 'Of course'. "But there is one thing I have to ask," she continued. "Where did you find it?"  He laughed a little at that, before answering.

"Where do you think?" Right away, she knew the answer.

"It was IU wasn't it?" His smile faded and he nodded.

"Yeah. It was."


After trying to chase Arya down, Jongup could not believe everything that had happened. Were those really Arya's thoughts? Her feelings? 

He couldn't help but read a few of the entries but when he saw her face, he couldn't bring himself to read the others. Instead, he went back to the building and would not go to rehearsal until every single page was gone. While doing so, Jongup knew who would do something like this to Arya.  It took him a couple hours, but after throwing all the copies in recycling, he then headed to the practice room to confront her.

When he reached it, he saw that she was laughing with her other back-up dancers, holding what appeared to be a small leather-bound book in her hands. 

Getting angrier by the minute, Jongup opened the door to the practice room and startled the girls. He was pissed and after getting closer to them, they could see how upset he was. IU was startled, wondering what he was doing here. 

"What the HELL were you thinking?!" He yelled, causing her to jump. He also frightened the other dancers and feeling the situation, they all grabbed their things and left, despite IU pleading for them to stay. She turned to look back at him, extremely nervous.

"W-what do you mean?" She joked, trying to play it off like she had no idea.

"Oh don't pull that bullshit with me. You know exactly what you did! Did you even think about how she would feel?! How this would be humiliating?" IU scoffed, mad at the way he was talking to her and started to talk back.

"So what. She did the same thing to me! She took MY Yongguk away from ME." Her eyes started to water. "He told me that he liked her, and that she is the reason that we broke up. So tell me, why can't I make her feel the same way I did, huh? Is that really fair?! For her to be happy and for me not to be?!" Tears started to fall down her cheeks, getting upset over the situation. Jongup could understand why she was so angry but if she really read all the entries she would have found out the real reason.

"You know it's not fair," Jongup agreed. "But, did you even see that one entry she wrote? The one about him and Himchan? Or did you just ignore it all and just want to hurt her anyway?" He spat. IU was confused at his statement, and started to look in the diary for answers. When she came to that entry, she read it and her eyes widened.

"N-No. No way. But he said-"

"He lied." Jongup confirmed. At this IU felt even worse than before. "He lied because he was afraid. Can't you see that? Hell even the other members and I had no idea. So you can see now that Arya had nothing to do with this. She isn't the one you should be mad at." IU was shaking now, the tears flowing endlessly as she feel to her knees. 

"And now you have ruined her life, IU. Did you even see how she ran out of here? She was petrified. There is no way she is coming back now." His words pierced IU, and she knew that she had messed up big time.

"A-All this time...I hated her for so long b-because I thought..." Her breathing was staggered as she spoke, wanting to try to speak properly but failing to. "I-I was wrong... she never did anything to me and I just continued to hurt her. God, what have I done..." She placed her face in her hands, overcome with guilt. 

Jongup gently placed a hand on her shoulder, making her look up at him. He smiled slightly at her, trying to comfort her in some way despite not liking her all too much. 

"You know, there is a way you can make this up." He suggested. At that, IU slowly got up off the ground and turned to face him.

"A-Anything...I want to fix this." She was determined to undo what she was done, even if Arya would still hate her after all this.

"Well, first of all, you can talk to the CEO about this and see if he can try to keep her here. It is going to be hard but if you man up and tell him what you did, there is a possibility she could keep her job." IU pondered what he said, and nodded slightly. 

"Okay, I will go talk to him and see what I can do. I should probably see if she can switch to another team too as the last thing she probably wants is to be back with me." IU smiled painfully at the last words knowing that it was true. She turned to walk away to talk to the CEO when Jongup stopped her. She glanced back with a confused look.

"There is one other thing you can do..." He said, and glanced down at the book in her hands. She followed his gaze and seeing that she was still holding onto Arya's diary she easily gave it over to him. She then headed towards the door about to leave when she stopped once more.

"Please tell her I am sorry." And with that, she left, the door shutting lightly behind her.

End of Flashback

"But you know," Jongup continued. "I don't think she really meant to do that to you. She told me to tell you that she was sorry." Arya's eyes widened hearing his words. IU? Sorry? 

"Like hell..." She whispered.

"I think she meant it Arya. After finding out about Yongguk and Himchan she wanted to-" 

"W-Wait." Arya stopped him. "You know about Yongguk and Himchan?!" He laughed at her reaction. 

"Well after reading your entry and them 'sucking face' I kind of got the gist of it." Arya's cheeks grew red at her choice of words in her writing. 

"Sorry you had to find out that way..." She said, chuckling lightly. 

"Yeah, well. It was either that or to catch them some day. This was just the PG version of finding out and I am thankful for that. The only thing is that now the whole company knows too. So that should be interesting..."He sighed thinking about all the publicity this was going to bring the company, good and bad.

"Hey, well, you know. At least fans can now chant 'BANGHIM' in the audience with purpose." Arya added, making Jongup lose it.

"You know...that was pretty clever. But god, never say that again. I don't need that image engraved into my brain thank you." He laughed, his face cringing at the thought. Arya couldn't help but laugh with as well. And for the first time in a while Arya felt genuinely happy. She was glad Jongup came to her house that night, even if she never found out how he found it in the first place.

"But there is something else I wanted to talk to you about," Jongup started back up, trying to be cautious with his words. "You liked Yongguk right?" Arya froze. 

"Y-Yeah...I kind of had a thing for him but obviously that isn't working out anytime here soon. Plus after all the drama with IU, liking him lost its appeal. No way would I try to get between her and him again." She shivered, remembering all the horrendous things IU had done to get her away from Yongguk. 

"So does that mean I can try now?" Jongup suddenly asked, being a little confident. Arya was confused by his words.

"Try what?"

"Getting you to like me." He looked Arya in the eyes as he spoke, making Arya embarrassed.

"Uhhh... I-I don't know?" That was the only thing she could think of saying at this moment. She was thrown off from his sudden approach, making her cheeks burn once again. Jongup grinned at her reaction.

"I will take that as a yes." He then suddenly got up and went to sit next to her on the couch. She instantly got up when he sat down, wanting to run away. 

"Well, oh man look at the time. It is past 12 and I have to get up early tomorrow. It is late so you can sleep on the couch if you want but if I am going to bed so I will see you in the mor-" Stopping her mumbling, Jongup grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him. She landed on the couch, her legs sprawled over his. 


"N-No? I mean you can go if you want I am not keeping you here or anything. You have your own rights so you can leave. I mean the door is right th-" He stopped her again as she tried to escape. He moved under her to where he was now hovering above her, both arms at each side of her face. Arya's heart started to race at the situation not knowing what to do or how to react to Jongup's intense glare. Where the hell did this come from, she thought.

"I mean, I am not letting you go. You are gonna stay right here with me tonight." Jongup was serious, now not wanting to let Arya leave. At this Arya could only think of doing one thing. And that was run.

She gathered up her strength and pushed him off of her, making him fall to the floor and letting out a yelp.

"OH HELL NO. I AM GOING TO BED. GOOD NIGHT JONGUP." She then ran to her room and locked the door before he even had the chance to follow her. She quickly went to her bed and crawled inside the covers wanting to forget what just happened.

Jongup on the other hand was in shock. All he could do was laugh at the situation. She was so weird and awkward and he loved that about her. He stayed put where he was, thinking he did enough for one night and decided to fall asleep as well.

HAHAHA. Sorry I had to. No way would Arya let that crap happen. LOL

But the last few chapters except the very last one/epilouge will be diary entries. Woo~ back to silly Arya's writing! X

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Ha!! Stupid IU >.< But I do admit that I loved her as the antagonist~ Also, Arya!!!!! How dare you push my Jongupie away!?!? I'll take him if you don't want him!! 😝😝
I'm so glad IU finally found out the truth. I hope she confronts him about his lies