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Ok so I have nothing important to write or say.just wanted to wish everyone a happy sunday well its still sunday here.saranghaeyo
@gbhemmy yes I loved City Hunter too! (anything LMH does is sooooo good) And yes Son Ye Jin is do endearing.
@deniselane773 yh dats true it was a mature role.I liked him best in city hunter and he wasn't bad in PT.I esp loved son ye jin
@dramacrazy this is a drama that grows on you when you watch it again and really shows the acting ability of LMH...which is so much in his eyes. Now this new drama "Heirs" is too kiddy kiddy for me with no substance. But as long as I can watch LMH I'll watch it over and over LOL I'd like to see him take on more adult roles ...I think he's way past the high school drama thing, as is most of his co-stars.
@saharhyunjoong tnx :) yes its from personal taste,tho I edited it a bit
OMG, I did watch it. It's a drama that I wouldn't watch again. Love LMH, but not a memorable drama in my opinion.
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