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Hey peoples, I hope the last chapter helped cure your Jiminangstyitis. I love finally being able to put up this picture for his chapters. Sweet Jimin is so much better than angsty Jimin, though there's still a little left over. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Beginning: Chapter 1
Warning: May contain mild language. Mild innuendo.

Narrator POV

Breakfast went a lot smoother than SooJin and Jimin were worried about. Jungkook kept quiet about what he saw. He then explained his awkwardness by saying he walked in to find that Jimin had slept naked and without his covers on.Jimin apologized to the others for his behavior since the accident, telling them that he and SooJin had talked the night before and had worked through a misunderstanding. Most everyone was relieved that things could finally go back to normal. Hoseok didn’t know exactly what had happened, but he caught the strange air between the two. He was pretty sure that they hadn’t just talked about a misunderstanding.

Whatever had been bothering Jimin was gone now and Hoseok was certain that it had been about SooJin. And now, SooJin seemed happier. After the party, she had been depressed. Then she started to do a little better. But now, she was completely different. Hoseok was positive that the two were now together. Taehyung had caught on to the change and the change in his cousin. He was worried. Maybe it was really true that SooJin actually did have feelings for Jimin. Maybe he was finally returning them.

Over the next week leading up to her birthday, Hoseok had become more distant. SooJin was worried that he might be suspecting them. But she was too nervous to try to talk to him.

Also over that week, Jimin and SooJin met for dinner in town three times. SooJin used the excuse of wanting to get out of the house in order to hitch a ride with MinJu to town when she finished at the house. SooJin would call Jin and let him know where she was after ‘shopping’. She did buy a few things so that she wasn’t exactly lying. Jin had offered to pick her up afterwards but noticed that Jimin worked close to those places. Jimin had been, conveniently, ‘staying late for work’ and Jin asked him to pick SooJin up, exactly as the two had planned.

At home, they kept their distance and stayed away from each other’s rooms in order to not rouse suspicion. They both agreed that they didn’t want to sneak off for some hotel room flings so they kept things fairly chaste between the two of them. That week was mostly hand holding and brief kisses in his car on the way home. It was barely enough to satiate their desire for each other.

SooJin kept herself busy at home with her studies. She had already passed the entrance exams for the university Jungkook and JiEun attended. All that was left was to prepare herself for the actual coursework.

Saturday, her birthday and the day of the birthday party, came sooner than she realized. She had been distracted between her dates with Jimin, studies, and her worries about Hoseok. He hadn’t been outright ignoring her, but he had been avoiding her whenever possible. But she tried to focus on today being a happy day. It was the first time in a very long time that she was going to have an actual birthday party; and now, she had a large group of family and friends to celebrate it with. Between that and her relationship with Jimin, she was unbelievably buoyant.

JiEun came to her room to help her do her hair a little nicer for the party. SooJin asked if they were going to do the same things that they did at the last slumber party. JiEun got excited when she started sharing all the games that were played at ‘legit slumber parties’, as she put it. She told SooJin the rules of Never Have I, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, and 7 Minutes in Heaven. She did mention that 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle would be awkward since there were only two girls. SunYung, MinJu, and HyeMi were, unfortunately, unable to spend the night with all of them.

The three maids came over together and everyone ate a quick, light lunch. Then they were off to Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s house, the three girls who couldn’t stay took one car and followed. Jimin and SooJin were careful to pick different cars. Hoseok made the hard decision between the two cars. He decided to ride with SooJin. Since he needed to work on getting over her, he decided it was the best choice to stop avoiding her so much. Especially because it was her birthday. Between Taehyung’s and JiEun’s antics, the car was full of laughter, even bridging the gap between Hoseok and SooJin. Jin had to keep telling them to keep it down.

When they pulled up to the house/mansion, SooJin and the others were still laughing. Jimin looked between Hoseok and SooJin with slight jealousy. He knew there was nothing to worry about with SooJin, but as far as he knew, Hoseok didn’t know they were together. Jimin was well-aware of Hoseok’s feelings for SooJin. But more than that, Jimin was mostly jealous that the two of them could be friendly like that without any worries. Even if the two of them were dating and Jin was being a typical brother, his behavior would be nothing like he would be about Jimin and SooJin being together. He had an idea of what might happen whenever Jin found out about them. All he could hope was that his friendship with Jin would be enough to keep Jin from hating him.

Seeing his demeanor, SooJin walked by Jimin letting her fingers lightly brush against his hand. Jimin’s heart fluttered; SooJin knew him well enough already. He smiled and followed the others up the steps to the waiting parents. Everyone exchanged greetings and then were let into the house.

In a large room towards the back of the house, a large ballroom-like room had been decorated. ‘Happy Birthday’ streams were strung across the length and width of the room, pink and blue streamers were everywhere, and all the decorations and tablecloths were pink and blue. It wasn’t unlike the decorations for a child’s birthday party. SooJin’s mother was worried that everything might be too childish for SooJin who, she had to keep reminding herself, was no longer her little girl. SooJin was quick to dispel her mother’s worries with eyes full of wonder and a huge hug.

“Thank you, mom. I love it.”

“I’m so happy to have you back with us for this.”

“There’s no place I’d rather be,” she assured her.

Taehyung came up from behind SooJin. “Wanna play some darts?” he asked her.

Mrs. Kim shooed her away. “Go have some fun, SooJin-ah.” SooJin smiled and then was pulled away by Taehyung.

The room was littered with games: darts, pool, basketball arcade games, miniature bowling, foosball, and the new VR game system already hooked up to a TV. Jimin did his best to stay close, but not too close to SooJin. He was careful to spend about the same amount of time with her as everyone else. For a few hours, everyone took turns playing the different games with SooJin. They would stop periodically for food and drinks.

In the middle of it, Yoongi pulled SooJin to the group that she hadn’t even realized had gathered. “It’s presents time,” Jin announced.

SooJin looked at him in confusion. SooJin had asked them to not get her any gifts. They had already done so much and often bought her small gifts periodically anyways. Jimin had, of course, bought her a present because they were together. She was actually wearing the beautiful silver heart with a pink diamond in it under her shirt. But SooJin had asked the others to not do anything. “What are you talking about? I asked you guys not to—“

“It’s a group gift,” her father said. “It’s something small, but we thought you would really like it.”

Her mother pulled out a box a little bit bigger than the size of a paperback book. She handed SooJin the present and stepped back so everyone could watch her open it. SooJin turned the present over to open the wrapping and turned it back over to open the box. Inside laid what looked like a brick of glass laced with silver. Inside, she could see the some sort of white paper. She looked around and saw their anticipatory faces. Looking back to the object, she spotted some sort of latch on each of the spines. She unlocked the latches and opened the object. Tears built up when she saw what it was.

It was a trifold picture frame with the words “My Family” written in beautiful calligraphy at the top. The first frame contained a picture of SooJin, Jin, and their parents that had been taken at the press conference. The second picture was a picture of taken just after SooJin passed her GED. Everyone who lived or worked at the house had come together to take the picture, even the ones who didn’t work at that time. The third frame was empty.

Tears started to drip down SooJin’s face, mirrored by her mother and JiEun. “Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful present.” She gave everyone a hug.

After that, Mr. Kim brought out a large manila envelope. He told her that it was all her paperwork that they had just finished finalizing. Inside was her reissued birth certificate, her new ID card, a bank book, credit card, and debit card all under her name. He told her about having created an account for both her and Jin when each of them were still in the womb. They had added money to it every month without fail. When they became of age, they would have had it transferred to their ownership.

He told her that even after they thought she was dead, they couldn’t bring themselves to stop putting the money in, let alone close the account. He said that maybe it was their way of still holding onto a small hope that she was alive, even though they believed that she was dead. Or maybe they just couldn’t move on. Either way, he said it was now hers. The bank book and debit card were for that account. The credit card was from the main family account. Jin had one as well.

Then, he pulled out a smaller envelope. Mrs. Kim took it and held it tightly as she gave it to SooJin.

“This is for you as well,” she told her daughter. “It was hard to find, but we wanted you to be able to complete your family pictures.”

Confused, SooJin took the envelope and opened it. Her hands started shaking. It was a picture of her and the people she had thought were her grandparents after an awards ceremony for her school.

“I know they’re not your real grandparents, but they treated you and took care of you like you were their real granddaughter. They’re your family too, and I know you still feel like that. We’re forever grateful to them for giving you the love we couldn’t. You shouldn’t ever forget them.” Mrs. Kim held open the picture frame. When SooJin’s hands were shaking too much, Jin put the picture in for her.

“Thank you,” SooJin whispered to her parents, tears continuing to fall.

“Okay,” Namjoon spoke up, “that’s enough crying for today.”

“Cake!” Taehyung shouted, causing everyone to laugh. The Kims’ maids rolled in a nice three-tiered cake. Taehyung pulled on SooJin’s arm. “Must. Devour.”

SooJin chuckled and ruffled Taehyung’s hair. The candles were lit and everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’, ignoring SooJin’s protests.

“Now make a wish,” Jungkook said. SooJin caught his eye.

Out of the corner of her eye, SooJin glanced at Hoseok and Jimin. She closed her eyes. {A few wishes. With all the birthdays I’ve missed, I just want a few wishes. I wish that Jimin and I could be happy, that the others could accept us without bad thoughts or questions. I wish that Hoseok could be happy and find someone better than me. I wish for my parents and Jin to stop blaming themselves for what happened. I wish that everyone could find their happiness.} Then she blew out the candles.

“That took a while,” Jin teased.

SooJin smiled at him. “I had a few birthdays to make up for.” Jin laughed and their father cut the cake.

“The first slice to the birthday girl so that all her wishes will come true,” said Hoseok, glancing between SooJin and Jimin. The way he looked at her, SooJin was pretty sure he had a general idea of something going on between the two of them.

After that, the maids cut the rest of the cake and gave everyone slice. When cake was finished, everyone went back to the games for another few hours. The alcohol had been light so no one was intoxicated yet. In too short a time, the girls had to leave. Everyone walked them out and SooJin saw the look on Namjoon’s face when they drove away. She felt for him. After all, she had been in his position only a week ago; only being able to watch the person she cared about without being able to say anything, pretending to not be bothered.

After the girls left, Mr. and Mrs. Kim announced that they were going to bed. Everyone wished them a goodnight and thanked them for hosting the party and sleepover. The parents left the hard liquor out for the kids to enjoy. And they didn’t let any time go to waste. Immediately, they started drinking. In less than an hour, it was decided that continuing the games in the room wouldn’t be possible for much longer. Everyone decided they would continue the party in the guys’ room.

JiEun and SooJin were just getting ready to leave the room when they hear Taehyung and Jungkook call their names. The girls turned around and the two guys smeared their hands full of frosting all over the girls’ faces. The girls gasped in surprise and yelled at the two guys who took off running and laughing like madmen. Yoongi and Jimin had seen everything and rushed to the girls who couldn’t open their eyes. Yoongi told them he would help them cleanup and Jimin opted to not say anything, hoping to surprise SooJin. But he kept it completely platonic in front of Yoongi.

JiEun kept muttering about how she was going to kill Jungkook so SooJin let her go first. Yoongi cleaned up his sister’s face. When JiEun was finally able to open her eyes, she was surprised to see that Jimin was the one to take SooJin.

“Um, see you, unnie. I’m gonna go kill Jungkook now,” JiEun said quickly and left. Yoongi followed without noticing anything.

“Oppa?” SooJin called after she felt Yoongi brushed by her as well. She thought she had been left alone. She turned and blindly reached for the closed door.

“Where are you going?” Jimin whispered seductively in her ear. A pleasant chill ran down SooJin’s body.

“Jimin-ah?” Jimin then turned her around and gently pushed her against the counter. SooJin’s hands came up to rest on his chest. Jimin licked a long stripe along the frosting on her face and SooJin shivered again, feeling her body start to heat up.

“Mm... Sweet,” Jimin commented almost off-handedly. He leaned in to her ear again. “But not as sweet as you.”

SooJin gripped his shirt. “Jimin,” she almost moaned.


“We can’t do this here.”

“I know,” he murmured into her neck, “but I just can’t help it.”

SooJin managed to get a hold of herself and pushed lightly against Jimin’s chest. “Jimin, they’re gonna know something’s up if we stay in here much longer.”

He groaned in disappointment. “I know,” he sighed. “I hate that we have to worry about that.”

“Me too. But for now, can you please clean off this mess so I can look you in the eyes when I say that?”

Jimin chuckled. “As you wish.” Jimin grabbed a towel, wet it, and started wiping off her face. He kissed her one more time before cleaning off the frosting around her eyes.

When she could finally look at Jimin, she said, “I wish we could tell them.”

“Same.” He grabbed a new towel to dry off her face. “I think... most of the others wouldn’t mind so much. But your brother... I don’t know how he’ll react.”

SooJin grabbed his hand. “I know... but we’ll find a way. I won’t let you go, not even if it makes Jin upset. We both promised to not be romance drama leads, right? No more letting go or pushing away. Not anymore.”

“Never.” SooJin initiated the next kiss. After a moment, Jimin pulled away. “I thought you said we were gonna get caught.”

“You had frosting around your mouth,” she giggled. “That would have really caught their attention. Besides, we’re gonna say I got frosting in my eye and you had to help me rinse it out, okay?” SooJin rubbed one eye to make it a little pink and water a little. “Let’s go.”

Jimin opened the door and let SooJin leave first. Jimin ran into SooJin when she stopped to avoid Taehyung barreling into her.

“Are you okay, noona?” Taehyung asked with worry.

SooJin pretended to be mad and crossed her arms. “I got frosting in my eye.”

Taehyung looked down. “Sorry.”

SooJin ruffled his hair. “It’s okay. Just think before you prank, okay?”

Taehyung nodded without looking up. “Does that mean you’re not mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad at you.”

Taehyung looked up with a playful glint in his eyes. “Good.” He kissed SooJin on the cheek and then ran away, laughing crazily.

“Tae!” Jimin yelled. He barely caught himself from running after the boy and pummeling him to death. SooJin turned to Jimin and laughed. He was about to say something when JiEun came over.

“You ready?” JiEun asked SooJin.

“Yeah, let’s head up,” she replied.

Jimin followed behind them up the stairs. All night, SooJin had gone without her cane, but she now needed the extra help to go up after drinking. Jimin was ready to help in case she slipped, but they made it up without incident. The three oldest had moved all the alcohol to the rooms already. The rest of the group came in after them.

JiEun immediately insisted on starting to play games. Truth or Dare became the game of choice and hard liquor mixers were the only drinks now allowed. JiEun had explained the rules to SooJin in the afternoon so they were able to start. Everyone started to down drink after drink. The game started fairly innocently but quickly moved to more adult truths and dares.

Truths were asked about different things mostly related to sex: had they tried certain positions before, had they had threesomes before, and other related things. Everyone was positive that SooJin would simply say no to those questions so they didn’t bother asking. Namjoon did get brave (stupid) enough to ask if she had seen porn before. Jin smacked him over the head and berated him for asking that kind of question to his sister. SooJin didn’t mind answering since the truth was ‘no’.

Dares shifted between gross things, like licking someone’s slipper, annoying things, like having to carry people on their shoulders or backs, and sexual things, like giving lap dances or the guys having to kiss each other. JiEun became particularly rowdy when Jungkook was dared to take off his shirt and give Taehyung a lap dance. SooJin couldn’t help but watch either. Jungkook was actually pretty good. She felt eyes on her and saw Jimin staring at her. He cocked an eyebrow as if asking ‘really?’ SooJin shrugged and continued watching the show. The alcohol made her bolder so she teased Jimin by running a finger slowly up and down her neck. A glance at him told her she was succeeding. Alcohol was flowing freely.

And then came something she didn’t expect and didn’t know how to react to. When it landed on her turn, she picked dare. Taehyung dared her to straddle Hoseok until one of them had another turn. If JiEun hadn’t just done that to Jin a few turns ago, SooJin would have been able to turn it down. Now, though, she was worried about making them suspicious. If she took a shot instead, they would likely either assume that she was either afraid because she liked Hoseok or they would wonder who she liked that she didn’t want to do that. SooJin avoided looking at Jimin as she climbed onto Hoseok’s lap. She and Hoseok avoided looking directly at each other.

“Sorry,” Taehyung cut in, slurring. “But I’m going to have to insist on eye contact just like with JiEun. And hold onto each other. Pretend it’s real. Otherwise it’s no fun.”

“Tae,” Jin warned.

“What? It’s just for fun,” he laughed. “Plus, you did it too, hypocrite.”

“Whatever,” Jin huffed.

SooJin hesitantly put her arms around Hoseok’s shoulders and he slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. Their eyes met. SooJin couldn’t read the look in Hoseok’s eyes; but maybe that’s because not even Hoseok knew what he was feeling. Part of him was happy, he longed for this sort of contact with SooJin. He wanted it so badly. But the other part of him felt guilty. The look in her eyes only confirmed for him that her feelings laid elsewhere. A glance at Jimin made him feel even guiltier because Jimin couldn’t even look at the two of them.

The game continued several more rounds before it landed on Hoseok’s turn. SooJin was about to get off of Hoseok when Taehyung told them to wait. He was the one to spin Hoseok.

“Since you’re already there,” Taehyung said with a smirk on his face, “why don’t you give her a nice kiss. Right on the lips.”

Jin threw a pillow at him. “What did I say?”

“You kissed Yoongi, what’s the difference?”

Jin put his hands on his face and groaned at the unpleasant memory he had made just last turn. Taehyung indicated for them to continue. Hoseok looked at SooJin and she looked away. The alcohol in his body told him to do it. He wanted it, so he should just do it. But he knew better. The mistake Jimin had made years ago was because he didn’t know. But Hoseok knew, so how could he just kiss her? As much as he wanted to kiss her, he couldn’t betray his friend. Hoseok took a shot instead.

Taehyung, Yoongi, JiEun, and Namjoon yelled at them saying they were spoiling all the fun. SooJin gave Hoseok a grateful look, a look that broke his heart, and clamored back to her seat. JiEun felt it was necessary to no longer allow ‘the easy way out’ of taking shots. Jungkook, knowing about his brother and SooJin, became annoyed at Taehyung’s obvious attempts to force Hoseok and SooJin together. When his spin landed on his brother, his drunk mind made the dare for him.

“I dare you to make out with SooJin-noona.” Taehyung glared at him and Yoongi burst out laughing, asking if he wanted Jin to kill him.

“Why’s everyone trying to get my sister to kiss someone?” Jin asked and took another drink. “Change the dare.”

“Nope, it’s my turn.”

SooJin glared at Jungkook and he turned away. Jimin spoke up. “Change the dare, Kookie.”

“Nope, nope. It’s my turn. And no more shot to get out of it.”

“It’s just a game,” Jin reminded him.

SooJin looked at Jimin and saw the sadness in his eyes. “It’s okay,” she said. Everyone turned to look at her. Jimin’s eyes were wide. “It’s okay,” she directed to Jimin. He looked at her as if trying to confirm what she was saying; that she was okay with telling them. SooJin smiled gently at him.

Jimin took a deep breath and walked to her. He kneeled in front of her and rested one hand against the back of her head. He leaned in and kissed her. It started off gentle, but as they started to get lost in the moment, the kiss deepened and became more passionate. Jimin’s hand was now keeping her mouth firmly against his. They completely forgot about the others as they fell deeper into it.

Suddenly, Jimin was yanked backwards. “That’s enough,” Jin growled, clearly upset and angry. Jimin quickly climbed to his feet and rushed out the door, slamming it behind him.

“Dammit,” SooJin swore under her breath. She threw a glare at her brother before running after Jimin.

Yay drama!!! lol, jk. But it's not like I could just give them smooth sailings right off the bat. I think it was a decent mix of cute, angst, and awkward interactions of the boys with each other lol. Let me know what you think. Only a few more chapters to go!

Next chapter will be out on Wednesday.

Thank you @Mavis2478 for the story.

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