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Hey guys, next chapter is here. I hope you've been enjoying the story thus far. As you can see, this chapter will be a bit angsty. But given the events of the last chapter, I think it's logical. Without further ado, here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

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Beginning: Chapter 1
Warning: May contain mild language. Slight innuendo.

SooJin POV

After a very cold shower, I was able to calm down. I couldn’t stand to look at Hoseok for the rest of the day because every time I did, I thought back to his towel-covered, dripping wet body and my face would blush. Because of that, I was unable to talk to Hoseok that day. And the next. And the next. And that whole time, Hoseok didn’t make an effort to talk to me either. I didn’t know if it was because of my seeing him practically naked or if it was because of whatever caused his behavior in the first place. But even after the initial embarrassment, when I was finally able to see him without turning red, he pretended to be confused at my questions.

But I could see it. He avoided talking to me during group conversations, always directing his comments towards one of the others. Out of the corner of my eye, I would see him glance at me, just to glance away. Something was wrong, but Hoseok wasn’t going to help me figure it out. Whenever I tried to talk to him, he would suddenly say that there was something he needed to take care of. And it hurt a lot.

Now that I had Jimin back, Hoseok had drifted away. Had he only been nice to me out of obligation? His friend’s sister didn’t have her other guy friend so he was filling in? Was that all it was? That would mean... none of the closeness I had felt with him was mutual, the bond I felt with him was one-sided. I once tried to talk to Taehyung about it, but he had responded with a simple “Hyung’s an idiot. Don’t mind him.” What was that supposed to mean?

I drowned out the doubts and bad thoughts with my studies. I had easily passed the test for the university JiEun and Jungkook attended, so now I wanted to make sure I was prepared for the coursework. And as much as I wanted to be excited for my approaching birthday party, my thoughts dwelled on Hoseok. I was grateful at least for Jimin being back by my side now. I had missed our conversations and friendship.

Even though I now knew of his feelings for me, Jimin behaved like nothing was different. And most of the time, he didn’t seem to be acting. Sometimes, after Hoseok would pass by ignoring me, and my face would show its displeasure, I would see Jimin look at me with sadness. I didn’t know if he knew about my feelings for Hoseok or if he was just unhappy that I was being ignored.

Finally, it was Saturday, my birthday and the day of the birthday party. We all ate an early lunch since we were going to basically have an ‘eat as you go’ sort of dinner/snacking. I wore a cute, knee-length, pink dress and put on some of my makeup. JiEun came in to help me curl my hair and the two of us talked about all the things JiEun wanted to do for my party, specifically for the sleepover part. She talked about Spin the Bottle, 7 Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare, Never Have I, and a few more games that were more innocent. I really hoped we didn’t play at least the first three games. Judging by their description, I was scared of what might happen. Also, with 7 Minutes in Heaven, I told JiEun that I couldn’t handle being locked in a closet. She immediately understood. By the time JiEun finished with my hair, it was time to go to the party.

I was excited to no end. While I hadn’t been excited even yesterday, today, all the bad thoughts seemed so small. This was the first time in a long time that I was going to have a real birthday celebration. And this was going to be with so many people. Well, maybe not that many compared to what other people had, but it was a lot for me. I hadn’t had that many friends since being adopted. And now, I would get to celebrate with family.

SunYung, MinJu, and HyeMi were coming to the house in one car and then following us since they were unable to stay the night. I didn’t miss the disappointment on Namjoon’s face. I felt bad for him. He was in a similar situation to me, having feelings for someone that weren’t returned, being too afraid to even voice them.

The nine of us piled into our usual two cars. It didn’t slip by me that Hoseok, without a word, went to the car I wasn’t going in. I didn’t even bother to say anything. Jin drove the car I was in and I rode with Taehyung in the front, JiEun on one side, and Jimin on the other. During the car ride, Jimin and JiEun kept my spirits up so that I was unable to think about Hoseok. Taehyung kept turning around in his seat and making faces at us and Jin kept yelling at him to turn around and sit properly. It was actually a really fun car ride. We arrived at my parents’ house (practically a mansion) still in fits of laughter. Even as we exited the car, we were still laughing. My eyes caught Hoseok’s and my laughter stopped. Hoseok looked away without another thought. I felt my heart break a little more. But this wasn’t the day for it. I immediately turned back to Jimin, JiEun, and Taehyung and forced myself to go back to laughing.

The front door opened and my parents came out to greet us. My mother hugged all of us and my father shook their hands, except for JiEun and me, whom he allowed to hug him. They directed us into the house and to a room that I hadn’t been in yet. When they opened the door, I could see that it looked like a giant ballroom of sorts. Pink and blue decorations littered the ceiling and walls. ‘Happy Birthday’s were strung from wall to wall and streamers and lace hung down from the ceiling. There were tables covered with pink and blue tablecloths loaded with food. It looked like what I assumed a child’s birthday setup would look like. And I loved it.

Jin laughed as I marveled at the sight. My mother came to my side. “I know, it’s a little childish, but I wasn’t sure what would be... good to do.”

I grabbed her hands. “It’s perfect, mom. I really love it.” My eyes wandered back to the decorations. Aside from the tables, there were also games set up everywhere. There was a pool table, darts, miniature bowling, foosball, basketball arcade game, and a TV with the new VR game system.

My mom laughed. “Well, I’m glad for that then. I want this to be a perfect party.”

“It’s perfect already,” I said.

Taehyung pulled me away. “Sorry, but I have to steal her now. Jimin challenged me to a game of double’s foosball and I need my partner.”

For the next couple hours, I played games with everyone, taking snack breaks in between. When my parents announced it was time for presents, I was confused. I had specifically asked that no one get me presents. Not only was I old enough that birthday presents seemed a bit strange, but also, everyone bought stuff for me randomly anyway. In my confused state, Namjoon directed me to the group that was now gathered.

It seemed like maybe they had kind of stuck to not all buying me presents because there was just one small box on the table. I smiled as I started to open it. In the box lay something silver and glass about the size of a small book. I picked it up and looked at them in confusion.

“Open it,” Jungkook said.

I saw and undid the small latched on either side of the spines and opened it, revealing trifold picture frame. In the first frame was a picture of me, Jin, my mother, and father that was taken after the press conference. In the second frame was a picture with everyone who lived or worked at the house including the weekend staff that I didn’t get to see often. The picture had been taken just after I passed my GED test. They had all come at the same time to congratulate me. I hadn’t wanted to pass up the opportunity, so I had asked Jin to set up a camera. I was in the front, flanked by Jin and JiEun, Jimin and Hoseok behind me, and the others fanned out around that. It was a very happy memory. The third frame was empty. Across the top was written “My Family” in beautiful silver calligraphy. I felt tears start to fall. It was the perfect present.

“Aw, don’t cry,” JiEun whined. “You’re going to make me cry too.”

“And me,” my mother joined.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “It just made me really happy. I love it.” Everyone took turns giving me hugs.

“We have one more thing,” my father said. “It’s not really a present, though. It’s just something that should belong to you anyway.” He pulled out a large manila envelope. He opened it and pulled out the contents.

My mom took over explaining the items. There was my birth certificate, my personal ID, a bank book, a credit card, a debit card, and a smaller envelope. She explained that it had taken some time to reinstate me in the federal system. The bank book and debit card were for an account they had set up for me when I was born; both Jin and I had one. They had added money to it every month. After they thought I had died, they could never bring themselves to shut the account. Instead, they kept adding money as usual. Jin had received access to his as soon as he became an adult. He, of course, still had access to the family money, but the money in the account was supposed to be something that he could develop all on his own. The credit card was open in my name and paid for by the family account.

The last item was a small envelope. “We went to the village where you were raised after being... saved. Everything had been cleared out, but the mayor still had this.” She pulled a picture out of the envelope. It was a picture of me with my ‘grandparents’. It was taken when I won an academic award at school. “Even though they’re not your blood family, I know you still consider them family. And we do as well. For saving you and taking care of you as their own. They gave you all the love they could. We’re forever grateful. And we don’t want you to ever forget them.” My mom slipped the picture into the last frame. Now, ‘My Family’ was now complete.

“Okay, before more tears are shed, let’s have cake,” Yoongi declared.

I laughed. “Yeah, let’s.”

My parents’ maids rolled a not-too-big three-tiered cake. It looked absolutely delicious. They lit the candles and, even after I protested, sang ‘Happy Birthday’. When they finished, I was told to make a wish and blow out the candles. With all that I had, did I have the right to ask for a wish? Especially when my wish would involve someone who wouldn’t be able to grant that wish.

“You don’t have a wish?” my mother asked me.

“I have everything I need,” I said quietly.

“I’m sure there’s something you want,” Taehyung responded. I looked at him.

“Yeah,” JiEun piped in. “There has to be something you want. Besides, it’s only a wish.”

She was right. It was only a wish. Just as a promise made with a god that may or may not exist didn’t affect life, a wish made upon a birthday candle wouldn’t affect my reality. I closed my eyes. Maybe a couple wishes for missed birthdays. I wish he loved me back. I pictured Hoseok’s smile and smiled as well. I wish for Jimin and Namjoon and the others to find their happiness. I wish for everyone to be happy. Then I blew out the candles. The others clapped and my father moved to cut the cake. My eyes shyly wandered to Hoseok who was already looking at me. I quickly looked away, my heart racing. I looked up when a plate with a slice of cake was held in front of me.

“The first slice to the birthday girl so that her wish comes true,” Jimin said. He knew. I could see it in his eyes. He knew. And he was a strong person, a strong friend to be able to encourage me without spite. I smiled at him and took the plate. I took a bite and then the maids continued cutting the cake. After we finished with the cake, SunYung, MinJu, HyeMi, and JiEun pulled me away to play the basketball game with them. The next couple hours were a lot of fun. The alcohol had been pretty light so no one was even close to being intoxicated yet.

The girls announced that they had to leave and I was sad to see them go. I watched Namjoon watch HyeMi leave. My heart went out to him. After the girls left, my parents declared that it was time ‘for the old people to leave the young people to their fun’. We all wished my parents goodnight and I thanked them for the wonderful party. Then the hard liquor came out. It wasn’t even an hour later before we decided to finish the party in one of the rooms we would crash in.

JiEun and I were about to head to the door when we heard Jungkook and Taehyung call our names. We turned and were met with hands full of frosting. Both of us gasped in surprise.

“Jungkook!” JiEun yelled.

“Taehyung!” I yelled after. But it was kind of funny. We couldn’t see anything because the frosting was literally almost all over our entire faces forcing us to keep our eyes closed.

“Hey!” I heard Yoongi yell. Footsteps came closer. “They got you guys good, huh?”

“I’m going to kill them,” JiEun grumbled.

Yoongi laughed. “Come on, let’s get you guys cleaned up.” We walked slowly as he helped us to the bathroom. I let JiEun go first so she could kill Jungkook like she kept threatening. The water ran while Yoongi cleaned her face. It was maybe a minute or two before the water turned off.

“Oh!” JiEun exclaimed.

“What?” I asked, turning my body, but still unable to open my eyes.

“Nothing,” she said. I felt her brush by me to leave. And then another body brushed by me and the door closed behind them. Did Yoongi just leave me by myself?

“Oppa?” I called and reached my hands out. I jumped when hands touched mine and lowered them to my side. Who was in here with me? “Who...?” The person didn’t answer. The hands went to my shoulder and turned me so my back touched the counter. I gasped when those hands picked me up by the waist and set me on the counter. There was the sound of movement and then water running again.

“Jin?” I guessed. The towel touched my face and started to clean. So not Jin. “Jimin?” The hands froze. Then they pulled away as whoever it was rinsed the towel. They still hadn’t cleaned off my eyes yet. Was it on purpose? There was only one other person I thought it might be. “H-Hoseok?” The person went back to cleaning my face.

“Would you rather it was Jin or Jimin?” he asked. Knowing that it was probably him was one thing, hearing his voice and confirming that Hoseok was only inches from my face was another.

“N-no... I just... I didn’t think you would be the one to help me.”

“Why’s that?” he asked calmly. How could he sound so calm as if he hadn’t been avoiding me for the last week?

“Because I thought you were sick of being around me,” I said, a little more forcefully than I intended. His hands stopped again.

“Why would you think that?”

I scoffed. “Yeah, I wonder why?” I took the towel from his hands. I wanted to clean up by myself so that he wouldn’t see the tears that wanted to come. “You don’t need to stay. I can finish this myself.” I didn’t hear him move. I decided to keep cleaning any way. I scrubbed my face, ignoring the makeup that was coming off as well. It would have to come off before I went to bed anyway. I finished and opened my eyes. I was startled to find Hoseok standing directly in front of me staring me dead in the face.

“H-Hoseok?” His eyes flickered down to my lips. This was... this was exactly what happened before when Jimin kissed me. Was he going to kiss me? And if he did... how was I supposed to react? “Hoseok?” He eyes met mine again. There was something in his eyes, something that drew me in, something that made a now familiar warmth spread through my body. I so badly wanted him to kiss me.

The disappointment I felt when he turned away... I should have been used to it by now. What was I thinking? Hoseok actually liking me? Wanting to kiss me? I slid off the counter. Hoseok grabbed a new towel and wet it. He turned back to me.

“I can do it,” I said as I tried to grab it from him. My hand rested on top of his. He didn’t say anything further and he cleaned the last of frosting off. I dropped my hand. He finished quickly and threw the towel with the others in the laundry bin. While he did that, I slipped past him to the door.

“Wait,” he called, but I opened the door anyway. I was stopped just a couple steps outside the door by Taehyung running up.

“Sorry,” he said, his head hanging and his foot digging into the ground. He wasn’t sorry at all, the little brat.

“Liar,” I told him with a smile. He looked up at me, a shit-eating grin plastered across his face.

“But you forgive me, right?”

“Like you even need to bother asking. You get away with murder.” His boxy smile widened.

“Oh, really?” he asked in a tone I found to be extremely suspicious. His gaze moved behind me. When I turned to look, he grabbed my face and gave me a loud kiss on the cheek.

“Kim Taehyung!” I heard Hoseok yell behind me. Taehyung laughed maniacally and then ran off. Hoseok took off after him. I used the distraction to find my way back to JiEun.

JiEun gave me a weird look. “What?” I asked. “Do I still have frosting on my face?”

“No... I’m sure Hoseok-oppa made sure to clean it off very thoroughly.” I narrowed my eyes at her. She laughed and handed me my cane. “For the stairs,” she said. I hadn’t used the cane all night, but I would need them for the stairs, especially now that I’d had more to drink. “Let’s go have some fun,” she declared and wrapped her arm around my free arm.

We went up to the stairs to the guys’ room. The guys had decided to crash in one room and the two of us girls in another. But because of the games, we decided it was a good idea to play in the guys’ room since more of them would be in the correct room in case they passed out. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jin had already moved the alcohol to the room. We came in, Jungkook and Jimin following behind us. Taehyung and Hoseok were the last to arrive.

“Good. Now we can get started,” JiEun said, clapping her hands together. The guys complained about Spin the Bottle saying that the male to female ratio was too disproportionate. They ended up agreeing to her insistence on Truth or Dare. The rules had already been explained to me when JiEun was helping me get ready in the afternoon. We continued drinking while we played. I noticed that I was drinking a lot, but I didn’t care. The more I drank, the more fun I had and the more I could escape from my thoughts of Hoseok.

The game started off easy, but as people drank and became bolder (or stupider) the game turned more dangerous for those who the bottle landed on. I had been lucky that so far, my only truth I had to answer was whether or not I had worn men’s underwear before. Namjoon had been drunk enough to ask me what my measurements were but was shouted down by Jin, Jimin, and JiEun. I was told I didn’t have to answer. And my dares had been simple like chug my entire drink down and let Taehyung style my hair (a giant ponytail on top of my head).

Then JiEun dared me to straddle Yoongi’s lap until his next turn. Yoongi’s and my faces were bright red the whole time. She was laughing, but I thought that maybe, just maybe, Hoseok looked annoyed, perhaps even jealous. But I knew it was probably only wishful thinking. Yoongi’s turn came a few minutes later and he got his revenge by forcing her to do the same thing to Jin. Everyone cracked up at her and Jungkook’s complaining.

At some point, Jungkook had been dared to kiss Taehyung on the lips, Hoseok had been dared to give Namjoon a piggyback ride, Namjoon was forced to tell the truth on his favorite sex positions, Jin was forced to carry Yoongi like a baby, and so many other innocent and not so innocent things. It landed on my turn again. Because the last dare required a shirtless Jungkook to give Taehyung the next thing to a lap dance (to which JiEun squealed like a fangirl), I opted for truth.

Then came the question I was dreading. Taehyung asked me, “Is there someone here that you like?” Quite drunk now, I nodded. “Who?”

“One question, one answer,” I replied, sipping on my drink. I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. On my next turn, JiEun asked the follow-up question.

“Dare,” I said, changing my punishment.

“Okay,” she smirked. “I dare you to kiss the person you like. And remember, you’re not allowed to take shots to get out anymore.”

My brain tried to think of a solution. Even drunk, I was able to come up with something. I crawled over and kissed Jin on the cheek.

“What the hell?!” everyone cried out.

I laughed, “You didn’t say what kind of ‘like’ it was. You didn’t say it had to be liking romantically.” I laughed at my victory, not realizing that I gave them the exact thing they needed for my next turn. And when it came up, I was stuck.

“So, tell us or kiss him,” JiEun smirked. “Either way, who is the person you like romantically?”


“You have to. It’s been asked.”

I felt tears start to come up. She was really going to make me confess, drunk, on my birthday, with him in the same room. Why? So he could turn me down in front of everyone? “JiEun,” I pleaded.

“Come on,” Taehyung joined in. “Tell us.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked quietly. JiEun was too drunk to notice my tone.

“Come on and confess or pucker up,” she giggled drunkenly.

I stood up. “I really don’t like you right now,” I told them. “You’re not supposed to do this on my birthday.” I opened the door. Just before leaving, I paused. “Hoseok,” I confessed before slamming the door shut.
So, a forced confession. Truth and Dare is always good for forcing people into awkward situations, isn't it? What'll happen next? Will Hoseok finally man up or will he continue to doubt himself?
Let me know what you think.

Next chapter will be out on Wednesday.

Thank you @Mavis2478 for the story.

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