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BTS Giveaway Day 7: Jimin

Thank you for participating in the BTS Giveaway!

Be sure to check back to the announcement card, here, to make sure you didn't miss any cards. You have until 2/13 KST to answer all of the questions!


What's your favorite BTS choreography that Jimin does?

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This giveaway is now closed :)
7 months ago·Reply
wwhhy when will u announce the winner
7 months ago
Butterfly his solo dance!!
7 months ago·Reply
7 months ago·Reply
all of them but first blood sweat and tears
7 months ago·Reply
im sorry but no just no he is the smexy chimchim and i love him in every choreography he is in he is amazing but but his solo one for wings lie omg he killed me like *flaps like crazy* he was amazing!!! like i couldn't keep my eyes off of him ohhhh ohhh ohhhh and blood sweat and tears the beginning and omg them hips i swear ughh so hard to choose idk i love them all!! can you also tag me in these cards pls thank you~!!!
7 months ago·Reply