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A Short Smut Story of Jay Park


Warning: Smut!! Dont get caught and Enjoy!!!!

We were lying on a green tarp in the middle of the greenhouse as Javier’s full lips kissed me between my legs. Javier enjoyed looking up at me with his dark, perfectly crafted face as he watched my expression for signs of pleasure. I gave it to him, of course, though he was so talented that I didn’t have to feign interest.

Javier’s full eyebrows rose up at my enjoyment. Then plundering his long tongue as deeply as possible inside of my opening in order to rouse me more.

“Am I making you feel good, Miss Jen,” he grinned with his head poking up between my legs.
“Yes, Javier,” I smiled. “But I’m self conscious about this area. I don’t want you to stop, but would you close your eyes?”
“I don’t see the need, Miss,” he said. “You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”
“Thank you,” I smiled. “But could you still, please? I’ll get over it in time.”
“Of course, Miss,”

Javier said as he began licking me again. My arms spread out on the tarp as I moaned with feigned delight. Then my hand reached for my jeans and found my phone. I made sure that it was on silent as I recorded Javier’s mouth wetting my pussy.

Once I was done, I reviewed the video and sent it to Jay. My hand tapped the top of Javier’s head, signaling that it was time to go.

“Are you sure you’ve had enough?” he asked through breathes. “I could do that all night long.”
“I’ve already orgasmed,” I said.
“But I didn’t hear anything.”
“I did it quietly so that my brother wouldn’t hear.”
“Of course,” Javier said getting up from the tarp. “Maybe next time I can please you more.”
“Right, Next time. Why don’t you leave first to your post and a few minutes later, I’ll also leave.”
“Sounds good,” he said leaning over to give me a kiss.
“I don’t like it,” I said stopping him. “I feel like such a fool, You’re a lady and I’m treating you like this?”
“You were the most excellent lover,” I smiled. “
Can I tell you something?” Javier said from the doorway.
“Yes, of course.”
“You just made a fantasy of mine come true,” he grinned just as he left the greenhouse.

I waited inside for a moment and checked my phone to see that the message had properly sent. When I read the word delivered, I smiled. I was satisfied to know that Jay would open his phone in the morning to discover me spread-eagle against the face of the gatekeeper. This, no doubt, would make him feel a fraction of what I did as he brought that common girl into our home.

As I walked up the stairs to my room, I heard a thunderous sound booming from the bottom of the steps. In the darkness, I saw Jay’s muscular inked torso racing toward me. He was wearing only striped pajama bottom and an angry expression. Before I could react, he grabbed me by the neck and covered my mouth with his other hand. Jay’s eyes were animalistic and full of rage as he glowered at me. I tried to scream, but his grip was too hard for the sound to break through.

Jay dragged me down the stairs and through the front door. As I struggled, a few of the buttons on my blouse were torn off. Soon, I was exhausted and let Jay carry me through the path toward the woods. When we arrived at the opening, we moved away from the trail and into the thicket of trees.

After we had drudged on for what felt like an eternity, he released me, throwing me to the ground.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he yelled.

I scrambled to run away from him, but he quickly caught me by the hair, and pulled me back toward him.

“Answer me, you fucking bitch!”

I began to sob fiercely as I found myself terrified of him. Jay seemed to simmer as he wrapped his beefy arms around me.

“Why are you so awful?” I bawled inside of his arms.
“I’m sorry, Jen”

He replied with a renewed tone. Jay reached to touch me, but I batted his hand away.

“Why did you do that to me?” I screamed. “Why did you bring her here?”
“Do you hate me?” I asked as I looked at him through watering eyes.
“Jen, listen to me, I’m–“
“You must hate me, Jay,” I sobbed. “I must just be a little, stupid cunt to you. Someone you can fuck and throw away. You must think so little of my feelings that you would fuck me like you did and then bring her around like I didn’t matter at all!”
“I care about you, Jen.” “
You couldn’t possibly give a shit about me, Jay.”
“Jen, listen to me, goddammit!”
“I’ve heard enough from–
“We can’t be together!” he shouted.

His assertion was poignant; it sunk in me like a stray bullet.

“Nothing between us could ever work out with our parents being okay with it.”
“Then why did you fuck me?” I sobbed.
“It’s all so complicated. I’ve been having cold feet about this engagement. There was no other way to tell you.”
“You are a lying piece of rotting shit, Jay, She’s the perfect girl. Everyone knows that. How do you think that makes me feel?”
“I didn’t mean to–”
“It makes me feel common.”
“How do you presume that video made me feel? Watching that mangy gatekeeper lapping at you like a dog?” “Did it hurt you even half as bad as you hurt me?”
“I never wanted to hurt you, Jen,”

Jay said as he paused on me with his gorgeous eyes. I touched the top of his inked arm. Then my finger traced down to the thin line of stubble on his face. Jay leaned forward and kissed me. Soon, we were pressed with my back against a tree, our tongues curled around each other in a fervent lock. His hands moved up my blouse, breaking the remaining buttons.

The fabric fell to the ground as he sunk his teeth into my skin. I felt skin tear as he bit me like a juicy apple.


I screamed as he continued to shove me against the bark. I felt his erect cock pushing on me through the thin fabric of his pants. Moving my hands to his drawstring, I unfastened it, sending the pants to his ankles. Now his cock was exposed and shoving harder near my pussy. Jay reached downward and caressed me between my thighs. His hand pulled down my thong, and he began handling me bare.

“This is where he touched you,”

He said as he rubbed the opening of my pussy.

“He licked your cunt clean, didn’t he?”

I nodded my head up and down.

“Well, it’s too dirty for me now,” he said softly.
“We can still fuck,” I smiled. Then I turned around, showing him my ass.

“Dirty girl,” he growled.

Then Jay spit on his hand and rubbed it all over his cock. He didn’t hesitate as he grabbed me by the throat and pushed himself inside of my ass. I had never done this before and at first it burned so badly that I wanted to scream.

“You’re so fucking tight in there. Holy fucking shit.”

I loved pleasing Jay, so I let him continue to pump my ass until the pain turned into pleasure.

“I’m not going to last long,” he panted. “Fuck, this is the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.”
“Come in me,”

I said as I reached for his hanging balls. Rubbing them in my hands, I felt them move up and down as he heaved.


He yelled as he felt his cock pulsing tightly inside of me. With each great throb, he grunted sounds of pleasure. Jay pulled out and twisted me around. We kissed again wildly as he groped my breasts.

“Did you like that?” I asked as he suckled on my lower lip.
“I’m never going to be able to forget it,” he huffed.
“Good,” I replied.

Once again, he felt like mine. Then the thought of Darla came racing back into my head. She was like snow white; a fair-skinned beauty that thought her price had finally come for her. There I was with Jay, fucking like animals in the woods.

The games I enjoyed winning were always against cocky opponents like my father and brother who desired to win more than anything. I had proven that I could win this competition. Still, I didn’t feel that it was fair if Darla was the losing party.

“You are right,” I said softly. “This can’t possibly work out between us.”
“Now you’re saying this?” he laughed. “Moments after I was in you?”
“It’s fun what we did, but Darla is a sweet girl.”
“She is,” he said. “But maybe we can still fool around sometimes. You know, as our little secret?”
“We do have great chemistry, But that wouldn’t make things any better.”
“You are joking,” Jay looked at me with angry eyes.
“I’m not,” I softly replied.
“You’re a fucking bitch, Jen,”

He said as he pulled up his pants and fastened the drawstring.

“A soulless demon bitch.”
“Maybe, But that would make us both monsters.”
“Fine,” Jay said. “Then this never happened. I never fucked you and we’ve always been distant.”
“And I’ll always be a lesbian,” I added.
“Are you two best friends now?” he scoffed. “You’re feeling guilty for fucking your new girl friend’s guy?”
“Jay....,” I said looking at him.
“You are pitiful.”
“Have fun finding your way back,” he scowled as he stormed off through the trees.

Suddenly, our trust ever had any substance at all or if it were merely a schoolgirl fantasy of mine come to life. I waited for him to leave and, hopefully, believe that I was unable to find myself out of the woods. Little did he realize that I had grown up on this estate, spending summer after summer wandering the foliage with my friends.

Finding a way out was like asking me what color my own hair was. Suddenly, something crunched the leaves in a short distance to the east of me. My heart began to race, wondering if someone had seen us. Quickly, I moved toward the sound. Running away, wearing his sleeping shirt, was Simon with the lit screen of his phone in hand.

Simo POV

“What is all of this crap?”

Jen asked as she looked around my room. For whatever reason, she decided to knock on my door in the middle of the night, moments before I caught her fucking our stepbrother in the woods.

“I often forget,”

I said as I dusted off a glass bottle with a boat in it.

“You were too young to remember our grandfather.”
“Are these photos from all of those trips that you go on and on about?” she asked.
“Why are you so mad at me?” I asked her.
“I haven’t even given you a reason to be angry yet.”
“I saw you last night,” she said unaffectedly.

I laughed in response.

“The truth is, Jen, you didn’t catch me; I caught you.”
“That is true and also not very true.”
“Do explain,” I smiled smugly.

Jen was a tricky game player, and it was exhilarating for me to have her finally pinned.

“I would love to know how you letting our stepbrother fuck you in the ass is in any way incriminating to me.”
“I’ll have to show you,”

Jen smirked before lifting her phone to her face and scrolling a bit. Then she handed it to me with the display revealing a folder labeled Simon.

“What is this?” I asked.
“Open it,” she succinctly replied.

Carefully, I tapped on the icon, revealing dozens of photos of me jerking off in the window with Lydia lying bare breasted below my window. Then there were photos of her coming into my room, and finally, a video.

“Click on that, too.”
“No,” I replied.
“Okay, then I will,”

Jen snatched the phone away from me. Sounds of Lydia screaming for me were heard in muffled tones.

“You see, Simon, I sit up on the hillside and survey this property every afternoon. Most of the time, I get glimpses of the usual bird or a lone butterfly finding a flower. But then, sometimes, I catch something far beyond usual.”
“You fucking bitch.”
“No, Simon, fuck you, I would never let you get away with having more on me than I have on you. You’ve always been a slimy little snake.”
“What were you going to do with the tape then?” I asked.
“I suppose the same thing you were going to do with the footage you have,” she snapped. “I saw you trotting about and I know what you were doing with your phone.”

There was no denying the standoff in which we found ourselves. Neither one of us wanted to give in; we were too much like our self-centered father. The only option was to find common ground.

“Let’s be honest with each other, Jen,”

I started in order to gain control of the situation.

“This isn’t about us. This entire trip wasn’t about us either. I’m also quite certain that certain salacious deeds we’ve done were subconsciously about hurting the one person all of this was about: our father. He has the money, the notoriety, and the power. We, on the other hand, don’t want to be eradicated from any of what we’re entitled.”
“Where are you going with this, Simon?” she seemed bored by my dialogue.
“I’ll be more direct,” I sighed. “We each have something to hold over one another’s heads. Instead of threatening each other, let’s just understand that we both don’t want the contents to be found.”
“I’m not deleting the footage, You’re too much of a liar to be trusted to do the same.”
“Name calling aside, sister, We don’t have to delete the material. Our only job is to ensure that no one else ever sees it. Otherwise, the other person will leak the other’s footage.”
“I can do that.”

I said, proud that I had been able to smooth over our tension.

“I’d like to add something,” Jen said as she headed for the door.
“Of course,” I agreed.
“We must show that we are getting along, And famously.”
“That makes sense,” I said shaking my head. “The time here was intended for that and that would please our father. Shake on it?”

I held out my hand. Jen seemed reluctant at first, but then he shook mine.

“Deal,” she said looking at me briefly in the eyes.
“I like that we can meet a business agreement,” I smiled.
“Of course,” she said pulling her hand away from mine.
“You know, most other siblings hug instead of shaking hands.”
“We both know that we’re not like most siblings, Furthermore, we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves.”
“Yes,” Jen said while looking at the floor with a closed mouth expression. “I’ll see you at dinner tonight then?”
“Yes, you will, loving sister,” I said cheerily.

Jen smiled back at me in a way that I nearly believed her, and then she closed the door. I had known my sister for all of her life, and no matter how sneaky she could be, she always knew when to take the money and run.

I hope you alll enjoyingggg ittt!!!!!

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