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and I am back again with another chapter~

"Does Vic know?" Mike asked me,

"No, I was gunna suprise you guys on stage" I said pulling away from his hug. "Well not anymore i guess" I laughed,

"Hey Mike, long time no see" I heard Jake say coming towards us

"No fucking way is that really Jakey under all that red hair?" Mike said giving him a bro hug, him and Mike were best friends in high school, the drummer boys,

"Yea and this is Josh our bassist," Jake said introducing Josh to Mike

"Hey nice to meet you, oh and mind if I borrow your singer?" Mike asked the guys, they all nodded, and Mike threw me over his shoulder

"Damnit Mike" I yelled

"Well there goes our singer" I heard the boys laugh

"He's not here is he?" I asked after Mike put me down by their bus

"He went off to get food" Mike replied, I nodded as we walked onto the bus and Jaime walked out first

"Hey Mike there-" He cut himself off, he looked at me up and down, and his eyes grew big, he came up to me and higged me so hard I couldn't breathe but I didn't care, Himes was my best friend,

"Damnit Lex!" He said after letting me go, "What are you doing here?" He asked

"Oh i came and suprise you guys I'm back home for a little while." I said looking at Mike "where's Vic?" I asked,

"hold on," Jaime said as he went to the back to get my twin, even though we were a couple years apart me and Vic oddly looked alike, it was weird.
"Hime, I'm in no mood for a suprise right now" I heard him say

"But you'll like this one" Jaime said pulling Vic out to the front I stood there smiling at him, and he did the same thing that Jaime did, except her went staight into the hug. "Alexia Lynn Fuentes" He yelled at me after letting go. I understand them being mad at me, I mean I did just up and leave.

"Vic, I'm sorry." I said to him tears welling up into my eyes

"Don't you ever leave us again." He said pulling me into another hug after out little moment I got a text from Matt saying it was time for soundcheck,

"Hey I have to go, but I'll see ya in a bit." I said Mike followed me,

"Sound check?" he asked I nodded

"yea gotta warm up my fingers" I said wiggling them at him I waved off to him

"See you in a little bit Lexy" He called after I smiled, and ran towards the stage door, then I heard Him "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WAS HER?"
"Hey guys" I rushed out so I start tuning my guitar, "What time do we go on?" I rushed I was shaking so bad, Jake jumped over his set to me

"Are you okay?" He asked all I could do was look at him, but he knew "Did you see him?" I shook my head

"No, but I heard him, I guess Mike told him that was me walking away" I explained

"Damn, I love Mike and all but he's an idiot sometimes." Jake said I nodded,

"when do we go on?" I asked again.

"In about 30 Mins" Josh said,

"Let's go get ready guys" Matt said and we walked off stage to our dressing room, that's when we heard all the fans coming in. It was going to be a good show.
(Vic's POV)
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WAS HER??" I ran outside to see what was going on, I stopped and seen a very angry Tony and Mike, "Why didn't you let her stay?" He asked, I walked off the bus,

"Tony, we didn't know she was either," I said to him trying to calm him down.

"but still you guys should've texted me when you found out." He said as he starting to calm down, I sighed

"Let's head in, and get ready" I said going back onto the bus to get Jaime.
We walked inside to our dressing room, I noticed Mike smiling like an idiot "What's up Mike?" I asked he shrugged and pointed to the stage area, I looked and seen three guys, one of them with red hair, and a girl with black and blue hair, and a guitar that looks familiar, that girl in general looked familiar, then thats when it clicked "That's HER band!" I said to Mike he nodded and left inside the room. I started walking up to them, then I heard the fans chanting their name one side of the venue went "Lessons" the other side replied with "Choas" they really did have a good fan base.

I continued on towards the guys I snuck up behind Lex and put my arm around her shoulder, she tensed up a little but laughed about it

"Good luck out there" I said I looked to Lex, she smiled and then walked off,

"Don't mind her, she gets like this before every show" the kid in the red hair said, spinning his sticks around his fingers

"I'm Vic" I said holding out my hand to the three guys, learning the names of Matt, and Josh, but I got to the red head and he smirked at me

"I know Vic, It's me Jake" He said to me

"Jake Guerrero? from high school?" I said pulling him into a bro hug

"Yup the one and only" He smirked again we laughed,

"five mins guys" the stage manager said,

Lex appeared out from the back with a mic in her hand

"I can't believe this is your band." I said to her

"Yea suprise" she said back, "We did a cover video for Currents and word got around in Portland and we hit it off just like that" She explained. "Hey, were gunna warm up i'll see ya after okay" she pulled my face down and kissed my cheek. then ran to join the rest of her mate by the stage.
I ran to the dressing room and told the guys that the new band was playing and to hurry, as we walked out we heard their intro song,

"Nice intro" Tony said smiling really big, of course Lex would pick the into to Star Wars, the lights were out but you knew they were there "WHAT'S UP SAN DIEGO!" I heard Lex yell into the mic me and Mike stood there in awe and I looked over to see Tony and Jaime's face,

"It is our Lexy" Jaime yelled in excitment, Tony stood there with a confused look on his face. Me and Mike just laughed, so we stayed and watch them play, I was so happy to see Lex, and happy to see that she's using her voice, and all the energy she has, she even does the guitar toss like we do.

At the end of their set she tossed her guitar to her tech and her and Jake jumped into the crowd,

"Wow they're crazy" Mike and Jaime said I laughed and watched them come back to the stage, Jake lost his shirt and Lex lost both her shoes. "okay guys ten mins" We heard the stage manager say when I seen Lex, I pulled her towards me

"Does Matt know Caraphernelia?" I asked her, she smiled and nodded her head "Tell him to be ready its our third song" I said and she ran off.

Yup going to be a good show.