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A Short Smut Story of Jay Park


Warning: Smut!!! Dont get caught and Enjoy!!!!

A fresh linen towel was rolled under my arm as I glanced over my usual spot on the top of the hill. The grass had dry spots now that the summer pressed on and less appetizing than it had been in the previous weeks. Surveying the grounds, it was clear to me what the reason was. The pool sat motionlessly, except for the trickle from the water fountain that rested on the north edge.

Jay must have taken Darla out to see the rest of the property before she left this week. Without my stepbrother swimming in the pool, I decided to take up residency. I was only a week away from my world excursion. My friend Rebecca from boarding school decided to spend the first month with me in Europe. Though the initial thought of the two of us trekking across the world seemed enjoyable, on this day, however I didn’t feel excited. In fact, I felt nothing.

Just like the waning summer, I had lost my enthusiasm. Though Jay and I ended our tryst, I still thought of him nearly every minute of the day. Somehow, he had cast a spell on me that couldn’t be lifted, even by common sense. It was difficult to know what about him captivated me. Perhaps he was the muscle-bound lover that got away.

Still, I felt that his smile was the most bewitching. Men with the smiles of mischievous boys always knew how to sink their arrows right inside of me. I, however, felt that this summer had not vain. As a woman, I had grown. In boarding school, if a girl like Darla came along and threatened the object of my affection, I would have sent her screaming home.

Sometimes it was just an embarrassing photo of her that leaked from her cellphone. Other times it was replacing her shampoo with hair remover. I’m not proud of what I did, but boarding school was a savage place, and I had to be the fiercest cat in the cage.

“Jay!”I heard Lydia call out from inside of the house. “Don’t!”
“Fuck this shit!”Jay screamed.

Then I heard the crash of something large breaking inside of the hallway. Suddenly, my afternoon of tanning had been ruined.

“Calm down!”

Lydia screamed. I leaned up in time to see my father and brother running from the croquette course.

“What’s going on?”my father yelled to me.
“I don’t know,”I said with a widened expression.

Something had made Jay extremely angry.


Jay yelled as the two front doors flew open. He ran shirtless into the car park where he stumbled onto the median of grass. Jay’s face was red and veins pulsated from his neck.

“What the fuck?”
“What’s going on, Jay?”my brother Simon asked as he ran over to him.

As soon as Simon touched Jay’s shoulder, he hit his hands away in a fury.

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

Jay yelled as he fell onto the grass. Now he was sobbing uncontrollably.

“It’s Darla,”

Lydia said as she walked with arms folded outside of the mansion.

“She’s missing.”
Simon POV

“What do you mean?”

My father asked as he ran into the house. I walked away from Jay after he smacked me on the hand. Though it was obvious my stepbrother was in pain, it seemed as though we were not close enough for me to comfort him.

“Robert, don’t go in–“

Lydia said as she rushed back into the house. However, it was too late.

“Who did this?”my father bellowed from inside the house.

I glanced inside of the doors to see a large glass statue knocked onto its side. With a piece of the broken art in his hands, my father ran back outside toward Jay was who kneeling down in a stupor on the grass.

“Did you fucking break my statue?”

Lydia yelled as she raced toward him.

“He was upset!”
“You are a guest in my house,”my father was enraged.

I had seen him like this a handful of times in the past. However, it always frightened me back to the time when I was just a boy, and he would tower above me.

“You don’t get to come in here and destroy my possessions!”
“I don’t give a fuck! Fuck your shitty art!”

Without another word from his lips, I saw pure rage strike like lightening into my father’s eyes. Suddenly, he swung back his arm with the broken glass in it, and then hit Jay on the underside of his jaw. Jay jolted as a spray of blood spattered onto the concrete.


Lydia screamed as she rushed toward Jay, who was lying with his face on the pavement. Her white dress was almost see-through in the bright day as she ran to the aid of her son.

“Don’t hit him!”
“He needs to learn respect,”my father defended himself.

He noticed that the piece of glass had blood all over it as it rubbed against the palms of his hands. Quickly, he tossed it onto the grass and stormed back into the house.

During all of the commotion, my sister Jen sat by the pool as everyone tried to help. As usual, she was completely useless in a dire situation.

“What happened to Darla?”I calmly asked Jay.
“She left!”he sobbed with a mouthful of spit and blood.

Lydia shot me a glance as she tried to lift him from the grass by the arm. I stepped onto the other side and helped her lift the miserable fool onto his feet.

“She sent him a text last night,”Lydia said softly.

I noticed her eyes looking me up and down as she spoke. Even during her own son’s tragedy, she was thinking about my cock. I would have been offended if I also weren’t so turned on by her insatiable needs.

“After she fucking drugged me!”Jay yelled.
“She drugged you?”

Jen chimed in as she walked over to where we were standing. My sister was wearing a tiny string bikini that barely held together over her frame.

“Yes,”Jay replied.

He glanced at her through the side of his eyes with a look that I couldn’t quite place.

“I found a bottle of pills next to my bed. Read this.”

Jay reached into his pocket and whipped out a cellphone. After punching in the code with his thumb to unlock it, he handed the device to my sister.

“Jay,”Jen read softly. “All of this was too much pressure and I need to go. I know you’d stop me, so I mixed some sleeping pills into your glass of water. I’m so sorry…good bye.”

“That’s what she wrote you?”Lydia scoffed. “That little bitch.”

“Mother!”Jay yelled. “Can’t you see that she was put off by all of this?”

I fucking thought the little bitch stand up and left.

Two More Chapterss!!!!!!!

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