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So its been several day's and I'm sorry I haven't updated Coffee break that much this past week, it got put on pause as I worked on oneshots, but to make up for it I have a really long chapter!

Coffee break part 63
Layla’s view

The end of the week came fast and the group of us were getting ready to go on our hiking trip. Namjoon, Jin, Hobi, and Jimin came along and made a group of their own. Yoongi was helping Keri with a map, discussing what trail to go on. Kooki and Tae were looking at another map and pointing at trees for some reason.
“Can we just all choose one trail to go up? Why do people want to separate into two groups?” Mia questioned sitting down next to me. We were waiting on the bench for the boys to decide which direction to head in.
“Because boys can’t decided, and I bet you Yoongi and Keri over there are going to go off exploring all on their own” I added with a little laugh.
“Really? I thought this was supposed to be a group thing” Mia sounded disbelieving.
“Oh yea, no those two get so wrapped up in themselves,” I shrugged. “Better to let them go on their way. “
“Wait does that mean you and Tae are going to leave and go off on your on too?” she questioned.
“Hmm, maybe” I smiled at her. “I do want some alone time with him” I added.
“So you would leave me with those 5 guys?” Mia pointed towards the four boys.
“Safety in numbers, besides you’ll like them, they are very entertaining. Hobi likes to dance, like you” I chipped in. Mia just sighed.
“I swear if you leave me alone with any of them I won’t serve you coffee for a week” Mia threatened.
“Ooo, no coffee from you, well fine I’ll get my fix somewhere else” I said shaking my hands in the air.
“You butt, you would go somewhere else” mia sighed.
Tae came over at that point and his arms wrapped around me from behind.
“Hi baby” I said patting his hands. “Did you boys figure out where we are going from here?” I asked.
“Yes, Yoongi and Keri are going to go up the route on the right, me and you are going to go to the left route and the rest are taking this route right ahead of us” Tae explained “First one to the top gets to open the bottle of soju” Tae said.
“You have alcohol?” I tilted my head to look at him.
“Yup, Jin brought it along and some beer too. He said you cannot have a camp out with beer and meat, so he packed it up and brought it” Tae grinned. “I’m excited for him to cook it” He added happily.
“Oh so it’s a race to the top!” I said excitedly.
“Why do we have to separate? I want to go with Layla than” Mia said.
“Mine” Tae growled in my ear which made me chuckle.
“Mia” I said. “Go with the rest, you know you’ll probably beat us and if anything you can make some new friends” I told her.
“I don’t need more friends” Mia protested.
“Mia, play nicely” I said in a strict tone. After a pause from her she finally spoke.
“Fine, if we get to the top first than coming down it’ll be split in a group of just you me and Keri, the boys on their own” Mia countered.
“I don’t like that idea” Tae mumbled.
“It was how we originally planned this you know” Mia crossed her arms over her chest.
“Deal” I said startling both of them.
“Yey! You know I’m going to win!” Mia cheered.
“I doubt that with those boys” I shook my head.
“I don’t agree, wait a minute I don’t agree” tae argued. I grabbed ahold of his hands i was holding and pulled him away from me so I could pull him with me.
“Come on Tae, we leave now we can get a head start” I chuckled.
“Your going to need it!” Mia called out after us.
We walked towards the trail we were taking and waved goodbye to the rest of the group, some of the guys called out ‘Don’t get lost’ and someone else yelled. “Don’t do anything dirty, people may walk by!” I just chuckled but continued on.
After finally walking down the trail several feet in in trail Tae started talking first.
“It’s a pretty day, blue sky and green tree’s. I’m happy here with you” He said all of a sudden. It shocked me.
“Yea, Its not too cold either” I said than laughed. We were going to talk about things around us. “Tastie do you like going on adventures?” I asked aiming the question at him.
“Yes. I like to have fun whenever, where ever” He grinned.
“Good, I do too. I haven’t done anything to adventurous lately thought” I turned to look at him as we walked. “In fact the last adventurous thing I did on my own, and that was going to that concert, way back when I first met Keri. . . . And all of you” I said.
“Really?” Tae seemed surprised by that. “I have to ask. Why did you go by yourself?” he asked. It made me laugh, I remembered Keri had asked me that a while ago too.
“At the time Tao didn’t want to come, well I couldn’t find anyone to join me so I figured, I don’t need anyone to go with me, I’ll go on my own” I laughed. “And what do you know, I didn’t leave alone. I met some pretty awesome people” I said making him laugh.
“I am pretty awesome” he said.
“Yea, you are, but I wasn’t just referring to you” I grinned at him.
“Okay, so tell me something I don’t know about you” Tae said changing up the conversation.
“Hmm, I have a pretty sick tattoo somewhere on my body” I answered.
“Really?” He stopped walking and turned to me.
“Yup, Taboo” I teased with a smile. “ When I started school I really wanted one and to express myself. So I got one, in a place unnoticeable of course” I told him as he stepped closer to me.
“Where?” he asked. His hands came to the bottom of my shirt and teasingly he lifted the hem up. Chuckling i stopped him from lifting my shirt any higher.
“Nope, not on my stomach” I said. His hands circled around my waist, behind my back and pulled me against him. He went from playful look to full on sexy stare.
“Tae” I inhaled.
“Layla” he practically purred my name.He leaned into me, his mouth went to my neck and he laid a kiss on my shoulder where my skin showed. His hands walked up my back and the material on my back shifted.
“Hey! No, it’s not on my shoulder” I said trying to pull away.
“Oh come on, give me a hint” He whined playfully pulling me away from him.
“Fine, I’ll give you a hint” I purred. “It is on my upper body.”
With my comment I started to walk the path once more.
“Layla” Tae whined as he followed.
On the way up Tae kept taking guesses on where it could be until he finally got it right. Taking a break at an opening I looked out into the opening. Through it I could see down on the tree’s that we entered through and than the bottom of the hill. It was pretty to look at and I finally wondered how far up the other two groups were.
“Tastie where do you think the others are at?” I asked looking at him.
“Namjoon might have gotten them lost, or Jin or kooki. You know we're not good at directions right?”
He was trying to think of who was good with directions for a while and it made me laugh as he went back and forth on who would slow them down, saying hobi would be the one randomly dancing.
He was telling stories of what he believed they would be doing and I couldn’t help but laugh at them.
We made another stop when we were closer Tae stopped us to have a water break and sit down for a minute.
“Will you ever tell me where your tattoo is?” he asked handing me a bottle of water.
“Your really that curious about it?” I asked taking the bottle from him.
“Yes, I’m dying to know” he exaggerated his words making me laugh.
“Okay okay, but I won’t tell you what it is” I said. I lifted my hand up and put it on my side, right next to my right breast. “It’s right here” I grinned. His eyes darted to where my hand was and to my face than back again.
“Show me” he said.
“No” I told him. “There’s only been a handful of people who have seen it, and until your actually stripping me to . . . well uh” I turned away from him trailing off.
“Something to look forward to than” he said,
Our conversation turned into light teasing after that as we finished the trail to the top.
We made it to the top of the hill and looked down, it was still daylight, only taking us 2 in a half hours to come up the trail. We looked around to see if anyone else was up here. . . . .


Lol well I can’t give away who is the winner so I must stop there. Lol. I’m going to check and see what Keri and Yoongi are doing, Hmm or Kooki and Mia plus the boys... which one should I do next?
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@JaxomB i agree mia and the boys please
I'll update tomorrow 💜😀
I wanna know what Mia and the boys are up to.....I can imagine Keri and Yoongi