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Love Triangle ( Inuyasha fan fiction)Β 

Hello guys happy friday im happy it friday i get to sleep in now lol well here's chapter five hopefully everything is going well for all you guys anyways enjoy & i hope you guys have a great day!!! Much love for you guys :]

Love triangle

Chapter five
"Hey rosa do you know if there are any new flowers in our garden???"
"Oh Y/N you're just want to go see the cherry blossoms trees, your father isn't here go ahead sweet just be careful okay?"
"Thank you rosa!!!!"
You love to go see the cherry blossoms trees...ever since your mother died when you were born you would go & see the cherry blossoms trees since one your mother loved them two they remind you of her...
Oh mother....if only you were still here...things would be different like father would be less harsh on me & let me go outside just to come & see you...I know he just wants me to be safe but I can't live being inside 24/7....i miss you mother... you said all in your head soon tears start rolling down your pinkish cheeks.
~ Inuyasha POV ~
As I was about to go inside I heard someone crying I take my swore out in case it an enemy but... it Y/N.... Why is she crying???... I walk over slowly not to scary her... I just want to hug her & kiss her tears away telling her it will be okay... But why is she crying in the first place...
"Um are you okay??" I said while sitting next to her
"Oh Inuyasha I didn't know you were here... I'm sorry yes I'm okay just got something in my eyes..."
It like a scene from a movie, the wind is blowing, making the cherry blossoms fall over me & Y/N.... She looks so gorgeous....
"Um Inuyasha are you okay??"
"Oh um yeah we should go inside since it getting cold.."
~ Your POV ~
I could tell Inuyasha was shy about being here with me but I try getting up then I step on my dress feeling myself falling backwards ready to hit the floor but it was replace with Inuyasha's arms.... God why do they feel so soft I look up at Inuyasha I see he was worried in his eyes & love.... But I'm sure it not that....
"Uh no problem.... You okay???"
"Uh yeah..."
"Miss Y/N I was wondering- Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your date I will be going now."
"No no no it okay uh thank you Inuyasha." You bow quickly & walk fast to your maid who had a smirk on her face.
"I see you wanted some alone time with Mr.Inuyasha."
Alone time would be nice...
"Please rosa he's just my bodyguard..." which I have a crush on....

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