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I wish I could say that BTS brought me into kpop, but they didn't. The first time I heard BTS was from a gif. It had BTS "I need you" in the background. I thought it sounded nice but didn't pay much attention to it. Then one day while babysitting a few months later I watched DOPE on youtube. And kookie (whom I didn't know at the time obviously) caught my eye, and so did tae. (So cute in his shorts)
I was impressed by the choreography and music so I checked them out. And man was I hooked! I listened to their music , tried to figure out their names , watched youtube videos,etc... you know how the process goes! Anyways, that's how I became part of ARMY. I'm so happy , no thats not the word... hmm...
fortunate to have found them by chance. I mean these boys have gone through so much and do so much and their music expresses all that and it just touches me!!♩ It really does. I'm proud to be part of ARMY and am so ecstatic to go to the concert in Anaheim. I got tickets!!! Hope you did too!!!
Anyways,BIGHIT just keeps killing us with all these teasers and bombs. So excited to hear what our boys prepared for us!!
Let us gather our forces (and $$) and support our wonderful boys, so that they don't take this journey alone!!