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Lee Jong Suk took time out of his busy schedule to meet with fans during his autograph session for men's casual brand 'Trugen'! Lee Jong Suk was all smiles at the D-Cube Department Store in Sindorimdong, Seoul on the 11th where he greeted fans one-by-one for autographs. He was definitely more approachable than most celebrities by holding fans' hands and patting their heads, showing his affection for his fans. A rep commented, "Ever since Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin became models for this season, the popularity for the brand's catalogue, posters, and more soared high. As soon as the announcement of Lee Jong Suk's autograph session was made, fans flooded in with their inquiries, showcasing Lee Jong Suk's explosive popularity." Lee Jong Suk's movie 'No Breathing' will premiere on October 30!
hhahahahahha yea he is soooo sweeet :d and handsome :D ge is manly and cute
lol Oppa is cutee they just love being Oppas sooo sweet i want oppa to pat my head Oppa saranghaeo ♥♥♥;-)