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I walked with his as he leads me towards the back of the carnival. The guy met us by the Ferris wheel and let us on. The guy helped us on and went to the controls. I scooted closer to Jimin in the seat as the Ferris wheel began to move and we stopped at the top of the Ferris wheel and stared out on the city. “You know today, besides this morning, was great… I really enjoyed having the day with you.” “I glad I got to spend the rest of the day with you, too.” He leaned down and kissed me. “I really just want to spend every day, every minute, and every second with you…” Where was, he going with this? “Um…” now he was starting to sound nervous. “What’s wrong, babe?” He smiled and took a deep breath and reached into his pocket. “I even rehearsed… and can’t even do it right.” He chuckled and pulled his hand out revealing a small box in his hand. He looked me in the eyes. “(Y/n) … I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” he opened the box and there was a ring that sat in the cushion. “Will, you marry me?”
I could feel my eyes fill with tears. “Yes… of course, I will!” I kissed him and the tears started to roll.

*A few months later*

“Okay, smile big for the camera…” I didn’t even have to do anything because I was already smiling like an idiot. The photographer took the photo of me and Jimin. I finally was in this dress and he was finally in that suit. After a few hundred clicks from the camera the photographer said “Okay can I get just the bride’s maids and groom’s men.” Everyone got into positions and then there was another click fest. Everyone looked great in their nice dresses and suit. I looked at my group members and Angel as a smile grew on their face.
Having them all here to support me along with the rest of BTS as the groom’s men made my stupid grin grow bigger. Jimin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and pulled me closer to him. His lips grazed my ear. “I can’t wait to get this day over with…” I scrunched my eyebrows together, confused by his tone and words. “Why? What do you mean?” he gave me a sweet peck on my temple. I could feel the smile on his lips. “Because, tomorrow is the first day that I get to spend the rest my life with you.” I couldn’t help by to giggle. “I love you, too.”
“Okay, now everyone in the shot…” We all arranged ourselves for the picture. “Okay, scoot a little closer everyone! That’s it… great job… now smile big for the camera…” The photographer directed us.

*two years later*

I bounced Junior on my lap and made silly faces. His face lit up and a small giggle escaped from his mouth. I couldn’t help, but to laugh along with him. “Awww, I didn’t know you had a son…” the Hair styles said coming into the dressing room with the supplies that she need for my hair. “Ha, no, he’s not mine… I’m his God mother though.” I replied playing with him a bit more before Angel came back in the room to retrieve her son. I pouted when she took him from my hands. He was only a few months old, but you could see how he looked like both Jin and her. He was so adorable. “Thanks for watching him…” “Oh, no problem, I love to spend time with my God son.” Angel handed me some paper work that I needed for tonight’s hosting that I was doing and I started to go through them as the hair dresser started to work on my hair. Angel left to continue to make sure everything was running smoothly. “Well, you’re really good with kids… Do you have any or want any?”

I smiled. “Of Course, but me and my husband haven’t really seen each other for a few weeks… the job kind of hinders that part of my life. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, I just…” I paused and felt my stomach twist a bit inside. Continuing like it was just my nervousness making my stomach turn. “Wish I could have some more quality time with my husband and maybe start…” I paused again. This time it was more than words that was about to escape my lips. I got up abruptly and ran to the trash can closest to me and hurled. I stood leaned over the trash can for a few minutes and heard Angel come in. “What the hell? Are you sick?” She asked as I blew chunks again and the hair dresser rushes out of the room in disgusted.

*eight hours later*

My host job got canceled for obvious reasons and now I was sitting on the computer, waiting for Jimin to answer. He’s been on tour for the past couple week and I miss him like crazy if I don’t see his face every so offend I would probably go insane. Finally, the saw his face pop up on the screen. “Hey, babe… how are you feeling?” I had told him I went to the doctors because I was throwing up, but what I didn’t tell him was what they told me it was. “Pretty much the same, how are you?” “Tired, are you sure you feel fine, Jagi?” He didn’t hesitate to pry some more. “The doctor gave me a diagnostic…” “What is it? Everything’s okay, right?” I tried to hide my smile as his face twists with confusion. “Yeah, I just have something serious to tell you…”

“Hi, (Y/n)!” Taehyungs face popped into view next to Jimin’s. “Hi, Tae!” I laughed. “She’s trying to tell me something important…” Jimin tried to push Tae back out of view. “Hey, Tae?!” “Yeah?” He responded pushing back into view and Jimin gave up. Now, I really wanted to mess with him. “How would you like to be a God Father?” “I would love it! Wait….?” He looked confused for a second and his face great bright with a smile. It took Jimin a few seconds to realize what I was talking about… I smiled at him as Tae danced in the background and Jimin’s face was still frozen in a mixture of shock and happiness.
Jimin was now getting teary eyed “We’re having a baby, babe…”

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