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Idol group 2PM will be performing with veteran singers Lee Mi Ja and Jo Young Nam for a special commemorative concert in Frankfurt, Germany on October 26. Ahead of the concert, an event was held on the 8th for the MBC special called 'Lee Mi Ja's Guten Tag, Lady Dong Baek,' which will commemorate 130 years of Korean-German diplomatic ties and 50 years of padok workers, or people who left the country to earn money. 2PM's Taecyeon said, "Lee Mi Ja and Jo Young Nam are big sunbaes. As idol representatives of K-pop, we are grateful and honored for this chance to perform with them both." 'Lee Mi Ja's Guten Tag, Lady Dong Baek' is a concert that is intended to meditate on the hard work of 20,000 young miners and nurses who were sent to Germany in the 1960s. Lee Mi Ja's "Lady Dong Baek," which was revealed to the public in 1964, received a lot of love from Koreans who were overseas as it comforted and soothed away their homesickness and nostalgia. 2PM will be taking part in this special event as the representative K-pop stars. Taecyeon said, "2PM has a fan base encompassing people in their teens to people in their thirties . . . We will try to show our youth and ambitions for this event. I believe we will be able to show for certain the nature of k-pop." For the concert, 2PM will be performing Lee Mi Ja's debut song "Sweet Eighteen" with her. The event will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on the 26th and will be broadcast through MBC some time in November.
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