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This pic right now is my fave of Kim taehyung...Please stop swerving you little wrecker

Hobi, jhope, Hoseok, why are you trying to test me...

You are lethal sir lethal
Jimin stop.....Stop being insanely cute
Jungkook, Kookie, we had this discussion, I said chill boy chill not go 180° Fahrenheit on Noona
Rapmonster, kim Namjoon, My heart beats irractically for are killing me.
Tae this style suits you so well

I find this 80s and 90s vibe you have going on Namjoon Sexy af

Park jimin you freaking angel stay in you God forsaken lane ....
Jin you are just too adorable and precious ..thank you
I love your smile Hobie, it makes me instantly my beat friend
Now I need to write a story of you three or red one....any one have suggestions

Namjoon Sarranghae

tae, please stop...Namjoon make him stop
I said Namjoon, not you kookie. Rapmonster seriously Save me

so you just bring more people to slay me namjoon. I see how it is

Suga....thanks for saving me...
why yes jhope I will sit beside you
you are too adorable and precious

stop being deadly V!! I said Stop

Besos??? Yes please

Jin Your Jawline is So Fantastic

Look at me like that again and I might just die Joonie

Park Jimin....No who gave you that lollipop...I'm going to hurt them...stay I'm your lane....@Amobts get your papi chulo

bad kookie....I'm not ready for you....stay 500 feet away from me...are you trying to kill me.
kookie not now noona needs a minute

Yes Namjoon I'm coming....catch me

seriously I need a fanfic of you three....give me suggestions
Suga just why.... my poor heart

I'm officially dead because of you too....

any one that can do cpr there?
awe I knew you too would rescue me
kookie that better not be a confession to me ... (lol )
seriously? ???
awe yes I'll be there in 5 minutes

anyone tell you Jungkook that you look like Lee Minho in this pic

you looking fine my love and bias

stop looking like lee minho you are killing me Boy killing me
thanks suga but um can you get namjoon for me...I miss him

too Frick in adorable and sexy.

@amobts I thought you came to get him....he's wreaking havoc on my list
@bangtanss will not appreciate this look you are giving me jin...
Suga I love this pic of you. let's do art together next time
omg my hearteu
this was just too adorable not to share.
@KokoroNoTakara Come save me from your hubby
✌Got7 Squad ✌

✨Okey Dokey Yo Fam✨

Wincircle Squad


CodeName Loners


Tough Cookie Squad

Jimin does look like angel ❤
Hahahahaha, no one can save you from the most precious being on this planet... You are doomed... Just accept your fate... Tae will wreck your list to kingdom come...
Where do you get these pictures
we ♡ it is where I got these ones