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Elo there Sweet Heart Bunnies

Who ready to see where your Valentine took you too or if you stood inside ^-~

Aries -

He actually took you rockclimbing. He wanted to do something a bit adventurous with

Taurus -

He took you to meet his crew up in the club. He wanted it to be public that you two were dating, and was showing you off to the world. Uh Oh lol

Gemini -

He took you to work with him. He wasn't able to get out of his schedules, so he just had you join him for the day. He didn't want to part from you. Yet you got to see all of the AOMG building.

Cancer -

He took you to a very romantic candlelight dinner...Aw he went sweet on you. Doing his best to esxpress his feeling for you.

Leo -

He was invited to a fashion show, and made you his plus one aka his date for the evening. He even bought you a fashion-forward outfit to wear.

Virgo -

He took tou exploring all over the local you were both in. You visited all the beautiful landmarks YOU wanted to see. He made sure to grant your wishes the whole time.

Libra -

He took you to a park but to your surprise, he had a picnic set up under a tree. When you got cold he had a blanket that you both snuggle under. So cute...

Scorpio -

There was a metor shower that night, so he took you to a private cliff top so you two can lay on the hood of the car, cuddle and watch the shooting stars.

Sagittarius -

Well looks like you two didnt go far. He took you straight to his place. Dim the lights, broke out the lotion, and play a movie so the neighbors wouldn't hear you two. ^-~

Capricorn -

There was a Comedy show performing in the area, and he took you. Who doesn't want to spend the night together laughing and having a great time.

Aquarius -

He took you to see one of the latest movies that came out. You both just so happen to want to watch. To him this was refreshing since it had been so long since he could be with someone and relax.

Pisces -

Your man took you on a shopping spree. Anything you wanted you got it. Money was no issue with him.

Hope you all like your Dates
see you tomorrow for part 11
Where we see the outcome from said day ^-~

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it's a bad idea we go to a club and he shows me off that's a big no no for me lol
Oh a fashion show for Leos! Yay!! 🎉
A Sag Life! Its Always 🔥🔥!! And thank you! I love staying in woohoo
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Lmfao well with the lotion I just figured he had given me a really nice massage!! bahaha
Leo life is love.