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Hey Royal Family! Today for game night I have prepared for you all picking game. The results will be up in a while! How you enjoy!
Alright so choose a door. This determines the member(s) you go with
Alright now pick a pattern. This determines the location of your afternoon
Now pick a ring. This determines the food you eat.
Now pick a bear. This determines how your day ends
Results will we up in a while! Thank you I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged~~ Royal squad @MelissaGarza - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @jjrockstar @AlexisJ15 @HeichousRegalia Royal Family Tag List @BabydollBre @ChaErica @HeichousRegalia @JaxomB @KarinaMiranda81 @kyky97 @mellyortiz @QueenPandaBunny @StefaniTre @Vkookie47 @stsmarlene @IsoldaPazo @awkwardjazzy @ibMIMI @banitu @AimeeH @SierraBecerra @sukkyongwanser @KDramaKpop1015 @TaylorHill5 @EvilGenius . >>>>Please comment if you want to be added to Royal Tag list My tag list: @LocoForJiyong @VKookie47 @Tigerlily84 @milcalopez963 @MaelstromVIP @ArmyofKookie
I choose door 5, pattern 1, ring 3, bear 1
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door 3, pattern 2, ring 3, bear 5
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Door 2, pattern 1, ring 3 and bear 3!
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