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BTS Spam, giveaway entry

as said in the title this will be a spam of all things wonderful aka bts
this is also part of my entry for the bts giveaway, I hope this is what I was supposed to do because I'm not 100% sure
First of all baby kookie finally graduated so congratulations to him for working so hard in both his education and career
Ugh between jimin and suga, my bias wrecker still hasn't been decided
Ugh slay yoongi SLAY! I can't handle you
boy you are aesthetically pleasing like Rap mon what you do to me
there he is, prince of sunshine, blinding me with his radiance
now we can't forget mama jin, I'm honestly really loving his brown hair, blond was gorgeous but I feel like brown hair is more him
And last but defiantly not least my bias V ❤ he's so handsome I can't
And lastly some group photos
none of these pics are mine
credit to all the original ppl
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