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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moonbin and MJ Friday!

This week is spam week! We'll be blessing you with spam of the boys!!

If you haven't already joined the Astro Community you should! You can do so by clicking here.

Show your support to Astro by joining the community, I promise it's worth it. :)

Aroha Mod Squad:

Astro Taglist: (for Astro Mod Squad use only!)

(Also I saw that a lot of people have changed their usernames, so if you have please let us know!)

If you would like to be added or removed please comment on this card here.
years are so weird
Haha I know! Once I start thinking about things to do with age differences I start getting confused!!
its funny I'm everyone's noona in this group except MJ he is my oppa
Same! I was born in 1995, so in between MJ (1994) and JinJin (1996). I'm closer in age to JinJin though since I was born in December of 95 and he was born in March of 96. MJ was born in March of 94.
Thank you for the spam of my bias and my bias wrecker from Astros. I can't tell you which is which because they are always battling and changing places 😂
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@ChaErica yeah so true! I'm glad I'm not the only one on the ship wreck 😂