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Woo~ Next chaptterrr!
This one is a little shorter but it is a pretty fun chapter! I hope you all enjoy it! XD

Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

1 ~
Taehyung was super confident in this dance. He had been practicing it since it came out, as the dance was so unique compared to others before it.

As soon as the intro begun, the other three knew what song it was. Bo-Yeong's eyes widened, Baekhyun was dazed, and Vernon just grinned silly. 

The song was SHINee's Lucifer.

Taehyung's eyes changed as he took on the role of Taemin, the youngest in the band. He followed the steps perfectly, getting each snap of the hand and each movement like it was actually him. It was no easy dance but he made it look easy.

Without breaking a sweat, he focused on each move and quietly mouthed along to the song as did Baekhyun. Bo-Yeong watched in fascination as she had seen the dance before as well and practiced it but she was no where as good as him. She wouldn't even be able to hold a candle to his performance. 

As the song neared it's climax, Taehyung seemed to focus even harder, his moves getting more intense with each beat, as if this was everything to him. And when the song finally finished, he froze in place, panting heavily. 

Automatically, Bo-Yeong started to clap in awe of the performance while the other two just acknowledged it, but giving no clear sign like her. Satisfied, Taehyung smiled cockily, thinking that there was no way Vernon was going to beat this. He glanced up to look at the maknae of the group and stuck his hands out at both sides as if saying 'Beat that'. 

Vernon was now pumped, getting excited to dance as well. And he knew just the song. He pulled out his phone as well and set it next to the mirror. He glanced at all of them and especially made sure to look at Taehyung, giving him a little wink. He scoffed, laughing at his confidence. But when the song started to play, it surprised the three, knowing that this was in no way an easy song either. Vernon took on the role of the leader, rapping his part at the beginning, knowing the words fully.

He had chosen B.A.P's Oneshot. 

Vernon had practiced this song a lot, loving the choreo and the song itself, and had it memorized inside and out. So when the hardest part came, the push-ups, he pulled it off like he had been one of the actual members. Seeing Vernon doing the push-ups surprised Bo-Yeong, wondering how the freak he was able to do it so perfectly. Baekhyun cheered and Taehyung watched in silence.

When he finished, he was left sweating and exhausted but he definitely tried not to show it. Bo-Yeong clapped again, in shock of his skills. She was astonished by her team, wondering how the heck she even fit in. 

"Not bad." Taehyung stated, all three heads turning to him. "But not as good as me." Vernon laughed, while Baekhyun rolled his eyes.

"Okay, fine. But before anyone decides anything we need to see the other two. Show us what you got Baekie~" Vernon called out, patting him on the back as he stood up to pick a song as well. 

"Baekie? Really?" Baekhyun asked, kind of weirded out by the name. Vernon shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he took a seat by Bo-Yeong. Baekhyun chuckled as he glanced at his phone to pick a song he knew well. He scrolled and scrolled but to his dismay he only was really good at one type of song - girl groups. 

So, picking one of the hardest he knew, he clicked it and placed it in front of the mirror so he would not be able to step on it. He jumped up and down, and shook his hands trying to prepare himself. He picked one of the members to follow, the one he thought always worked the hardest - Yerin.

The song was Gfriend's Navillera. 

As it started, Taehyung burst out laughing while Vernon tried his best not to. Bo-Yeong was just shocked by it all needless to say and only thinking of what she should do as she was completely nervous. Baekhyun however, was so into the dance that the world seemed to fade out.

His moves were very feminine and at this point it almost seemed like he should be with a girl group than in this one. Every swift action was done on beat and in time. It was unreal. Bo-Yeong at this point was not ready at all to dance in front of her members. She was still embarrassed around them and the idea of performing with three pairs of eyes trained on her every move seemed less appealing by the minute.

When the song finally reached its end, Bo-Yeong clapped again, giving a little thumbs up to Baekhyun. Vernon cheered and went over to hi-five Baekhyun at his amazing dance. Baekhyun was proud of himself, not even embarrassed at his choice of song. It was now Bo-Yeong's turn and she was terrified. 

Her palms started to get sweaty and she did not want to get up. However, the others wouldn't let her sit still.

"Okay Bo-Yeong. Let's see some moves!" Vernon cheered her on, trying to help her gather some sort of courage. She slowly rose from her seat and pulled out her phone. It took her awhile to pick a good song she knew really well but when she did, she set it down on the floor and waited for it to start. 

"She probably picked a super easy song." Taehyung teased. "She doesn't look like she can-"

Interrupting him the song began and all three guys went silent. The song choice surprised them. They were not expecting her to do a hard song, especially one like this.

Bo-Yeong chose Teen Top's Rocking. 

She breathed out before the song began and when the intro started it was like she changed. Her gaze, the way she moved - it was like she was a different person. She played multiple members, never wanting to stop moving. 

Bo-Yeong was insanely precise with her moves, leaving all three guys in shock. She even lip-synched along to the song, taken full advantage of her sudden burst of confidence. And when the signature dance came up, she didn't miss a single step. She was honestly killing it. 

When the song came to a close, she stopped and became shy once again after noticing the way the three looked at her. Baekhyun and Vernon came running over, astonished.

"Damn, Bo-Yeong!"

"Who the hell could guess!"

"I can't even do that dance..."

"You have to teach us sometime!"

She laughed slightly at their praise, her cheeks turning red as well. She thanked them and went to pick up her phone.

"Not bad," Taehyung suddenly piped. "But let's be honest. I won." He said, his cocky attitude returning. 

"What? Are you serious? Did you even see B-"

"Y-Yeah. Sure. You did win," Bo-Yeong interrupted Vernon, not wanting to argue with Taehyung. Taehyung grinned, cheering to himself for doing so. Vernon turned to face Bo-Yeong.

"Why did you let him have it. We all know that you whopped our butts." Bo-Yeong paused for a moment before figuring out how to answer him.

"Better to give it to him then to start something right?" She whispered back. Vernon's eyes widened for a moment, as if amazed by her, before nodding. 

"True. Very true."  

At this moment all four heard something coming from the door. They all turned to see that the door started to unlock. They were surprised and when the CEO appeared when it opened, they didn't know how to react.

"Hello everyone," He said, making the four huddle together in front of him. "So, even though the three hours aren't up we have decided to let you all go early. We were actually watching you all through the monitors as kind of a test?"

"A test?" Baekhyun repeated.

"Exactly. To see if you guys could actually work together. To see if you could be a band. And I have to say, that you all exceeded my expectations, especially after what happened earlier this morning," He glanced at Taehyung, seeing that the boy was trying his best to act on behavior.
"Therefore, you all are free to go and I expect you all to be here at 5 sharp."

"5 am?" Taehyung asked, shocked by the time.

"Why, is that a problem?" The CEO responded. Taehyung then looked down, being quiet.

"No sir."

"Good. Well if there are no more questions..." He trailed off waiting to see if any one of them wanted to ask something. At this time Bo-Yeong, slightly raised her hand. The CEO ushered her to go ahead.

"I just have one question," She asked, her voice quiet. "What is our band name?" The other three had been wondering as well but were shocked that she asked. They all looked at the CEO waiting for an answer.

"Ah, did I forget to tell you guys? Silly me," He laughed. "Your band name is Eterna. It is spanish for Eternal. Pretty great huh? Came up with it myself," He bolstered, feeling confident. The four glanced at each other, each of them intrigued by the name. Bo-Yeong smiled, loving it. 

"Okay, well I must be going now but you four see yourselves out. See you tomorrow." He then headed out the door, leaving it open for them.

"Eterna huh?" Vernon said as soon as he left. "I like it." He looked at his other members and grinned.

"Me too. Very unique." Baekhyun agreed.

"Not bad, I guess," Taehyung shrugged.

Bo-Yeong stayed quiet, only repeating the name over and over to herself, finally happy to be at this moment. She was going to debut here soon and she couldn't wait. 

They all went their separate ways and went home, only curious as to what would happen at practice. Would they get their song? Learn choreography? Who knows but at this point... they all just couldn't wait for it to be morning.

Ahh the real journey now begins!

How is tomorrow gonna go and what will their debut look like?! I guess we will have to see... ;

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