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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.
Let's check out our lovely Valentine's dateu with none other than our gorgeous sunshine: Hoseok!!
가자, let's starts.
He would send you lovely, quirky and silly e-cards made by him throughout the day like:
Along withe the e-cards, he would send you flowers to your workplace with a cute message
Jagiya, can't wait to shower you with more love today.
(which flowers did you receive?)
Straight after work, you get ready because our handsome man is on his way. (What did you decide to wear?)
Our lovely Hobi would be looking quite the cutie pie in his slick suit (he loves to dress nice for you) when he arrives.
Doesn't he just look majestic picking you up?
Meanwhile he will throw kisses your way as you finished doing the last perfect touches before heading out.
*can you imagine him blowing kisses all that time?*

Since the start he would act as a fool but not so discretely
feed you from his plate. Bc that's just how much romantic he wanted to be with you at your favourite spot.

Say "ahhhh"

Too cute.
Next he would take you to a cute little coffee spot just enjoying the view in front of him
I would totally blush like crazy if he looked at me like that.

Being the sunshine that he is, he would let you choose how you wanted to spend the rest of the evening together (probably bc that's all he planned lol). For he will be quite content just being around you, possibly shouting to everyone how much he cares about you.

Embarrassing but cute.
The day went by so smoothing that you didn't care if he did quite a few embarrassing things. All that would matter is this man showering you with so much love and care and putting your needs before his, that's all you needed to realize how much you cared for him.
As you end the night with the most beautiful individual you have ever been with.
Final question would be: would he kiss you so passionate that he spends the night or nah?
This will conclude a very relaxed and laid back Valentine's Dateu with Hobi.
Hope you enjoyed.
I hope it aimed as an everyday lovely day since love should be expressed as much as possible. Hope yall liked it.
See you lovely 아미 every Friday and special occasions ...omo.

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This was so cute I loved it all I got the followers I wanted and the outfit was so cute. I really J hope you do the rest of the members (get it Jhope no ok bye)