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Hello everyone! It's lovely to see you again! Welcome to this installment of Yongguk Fridays!

Last time, we went through an interview all about Yongguk's High School Career! This week, we'll be discussing Yongguk's experience with college!

As always, I will leave links to the translations at the bottom of the card!

Let's get right into it!
In showing hope of being studious, his parents had hope that he would go to college. Of course, in order to show an even better image of himself to his parents, Bang Yongguk officially began preparing for his college entrance exams.

“My parents kept talking about college. I of course thought that I had to go to college so I prepared for my college entrance exams. At the time, I was promoting underground so I would go perform at Hongdae. Because of that, it was really difficult in trying to manage performances on top of my studies.”

However, Bang Yongguk never gave up either one and began achieving the tasks he was given one by one. As a result, he was able to taste the joy in earning an early acceptance to a famous university.

“When I was in school, I would try to study as much as I can and my mindset would be focused on making music on the weekends. It was the studying that allowed my grades to be good in that I was accepted early for chemistry at a university in Seoul. However, I gave up in going onto college. Why? Because I loved music to death then. I showed my parents my all in terms of being studious and it was my turn to do what I wanted which was to pursue in music. Eventually, I was able to convince my mother and she began to have an optimistic outlook on me pursuing music as well.”

After promoting underground, Bang Yongguk felt that learning music would be a help to him in life and so he officially began hanging around elder peers who were in the music field as he began raising his dreams again.

“When I was 20, all I had to me was music really. When I promoted underground, I promoted with a quite popular crew and we released a compilation album, even so as to holding a nationwide tour and I stood on stage without any worries.”

However, Bang Yongguk never knew what satisfaction was. He even left the crew for the purpose of finding his own color in music and was on the constant search for finding his own kind of music.

“Even when I was a part of the crew, I still had dreams of going through my own challenges and when I left the crew, I still did music by myself underground. It was a difficult period of time in my life but with music, I was able to hold strong.”

With him being stubborn about music constantly, the opportunity of a major debut was given to him by fate.

“In 2010, the Untouchable hyungs that I’ve always known and was close with told a representative of our current label about me and when I was contacted by them for the first time, they said they wanted to make a hip hop idol group. I was shocked in hearing the term “idol.” I hesitated a lot at the time and I thought that if I was classified under an idol group, it would mean that the spectrum of music I was able to put out was limited. However, they told me, “If you come into this group, you’ll be able to live out your dreams” and that’s how they convinced me. After hearing about the members, I thought, “If I just work harder, it can be a good group.” So I told them I’d do it.”

And that’s how the big picture of idol group B.A.P began drawing out rapidly.

That's it for this week's portion of the interview! Next week we will discuss the period when Yongguk began training at TS Entertainment!~

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Thanks so much for tuning in and I hope to see you all next week! Enjoy your weekend! ❤

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