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Hello everyone~ B.A.P's 5th anniversary was on Friday the 27th! In order to celebrate, the B.A.P Mod Team arranged a Tag Game to celebrate!

This was for the fifth day! Sadly, towards the end of that week I got really sick and ended up virtually bedridden, so I was unable to post it then. Better late than never, I suppose~

This theme is: Favorite Special Stage

Let's Jump Right in!
This stage might not mean much to the outsiders' perspective, but the reason I chose this stage is because I was in the crowd which it was performed to~

If there are two things I will remember until my grave, and one will be my dog, and the other will be this~

Daehyun looks and sounds beyond amazing here! Don't you agree?~
Here's a photograph taken by another fan that night~
Thanks so much for reading, and for being patient with me these past couple weeks. I'll tell you one thing, catching up on schoolwork after a week and a half of being sick is no easy task ^^'

Hopefully I will catch up soon, and then I can continue on schedule~ See you later~

Baby taglist:

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~

Note: None of the photos, gifs, or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them, and as for the gifs, I'm not positive on the owner since they'd been buried in my phone for a while ;3; but it's from Tumblr, so,,,