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MC : You can tell us that we are couple or not. It's not that difficult to tell us..? In Na : During the shooting, I cried a lot.To make myself sad enough to cry, I listened our OST. Isn't it really good?? so... MC : We don't care about that kind of thing. Ji Hyun Woo said,"I love In Na." So please, what is your answer?? In Na : Not yet.. May be after we finish this event, I have to ask him what caused has he said that What is his intention.(she bursted into laughter) What is he doing now. (smile) (The audience burst into laughter.) In Na : I'm shocked, to be sure.. Kim Jin Woo : "I also put on the earphones." MC : Viva !
Well done my man!! well said!
@Lavieenrose season 2 of QIHM? I prefer not. I don't really in for sequel drama. It just that this drama is so good and because of that, it would be remember forever as one of the best drama that we will kept watching over and over again. But to see them both act together again in another drama, i'm looking forward to it :)
@bix2anca Yes, Ji Hyun Woo is really attractive ! He can do both act and sing.
@supernovah I feel like they are real Hee Jin and BOong Do;) Like season 2 of QIHM? hehe They are true to their feelings. Kinds of happy ending.;)
@ugsi Ji Hyun Woo's agency announced that between young woman and man, confession is common thing. We don't want to disturb actor's private life. I totally agree !
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