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Yes you all read that right. I'm doing a giveaway for your chance to win an Nct 127 "Limitless" album. click the link so you can see what the album looks like. I will be ordering another album to givaway to whoever the winner is. Only one person can win
You have to live in the U.S in order to enter the giveaway
All you have to do is make a card or comment on this card on why you love Nct 127 and why you want to win the album. And make sure you tag me in the card. If you decide to make a card title it "Nct 127 Limitless Giveaway entry" I know I said this already but you have to live in the U.S to enter the giveaway. The entries for the giveaway will end on February 16th.  I'll be contacting the winner through here and we will go from there.
Follow my Nct collection. I will post a card on the 16th to let you all know that the giveaway is over. On February 17th I'll make a card and announce who the winner is.
Good luck to everyone who is entering the giveaway!!
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The first thing from NCT was NCT 127. I know it sounds cliche FireTruck was my first song that made me fall in love with them. I loved all their outfits and the concepts! I love the group and their dedication especially Mark! He is in every sub unit! The reason I would want to win it is because I really love this album and the title song! The music video is amazing! The style and lyrics are my favorite!! It would also be my first NCT merch ever!
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You're welcome!! And thank you!!
The reason I love NCT 127 is because they are just so cool. They have this certain swag to them it's hard to not fall in love. They are all so talented and can sing and dance so effortlessly. And even though there may be different subunits of NCT they are one big family and are just so real and comfortable with one another, and who doesn't love that? The reason why I would like to win is because this album is amazing! You can tell the group really worked hard on it. And also this would be my first NCT album.
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Thank you! 🙂
the reason I fell in love with NCT127 was during the firetruck era and I fell in love with the choreography and I still love the new choreography they have for limitless, and the reason of why I want to win is because this will be the first kpop album I will ever own but even if I don't I'm glad I join the giveaway 😊
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@amberg171997 thank you for doing the giveaway ^^
I have been following the SM rookies since before they debuted. even back in 2014 Mark was my bias and now this overworked rapper still is😘. tbh when I first heard about NCT I was like what kind of group has an infinite amount of members but now these boys have blessed my life💕 I won't even be the only one listening to the album in my house though. both my mom and sister like NCT. My mom likes Win Win and Ten and my sister likes Taeyong. my mom is actually the one who listened to their whole album first and came up to me asking if I had heard the songs yet😂😂 so if I win this album it's more like my mom is winning it because she likes NCT a lot.😄 Thank you for hosting this and good luck to everyone!!
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I love NCT as a whole (even though the Latin American NCT sub unit hasn't been talked about much) I like how the sub units have a "specific" theme and it goes really well (and I love how Mark's in almost all of them lol). But in reality the main reason why I love NCT is cause finally there may be a group that speaks my native tongue which is spanish. But let's answer the real NCT question, I love all the songs so far, there catchy and there fun to play on superstarsm
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@amberg171997 thank you 😄😄
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