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BTS Giveaway Card: BTS Introduction!

I decided to make a card introducing the BTS members for those just getting into BTS and want to learn more about them. Although many people have probably already done this but I still wanted to do it anyway.

Kim Nam-joon

Stage Name: Rap-Monster
Born: September 12, 1994 (22)
Height: 5' 11"
About: Rap-Monster is the leader of BTS. He is a rapper, songwriter and record producer. He has an IQ of 148 and is fluent in both English and Japanese alongside his native language Korean. He has gorgeous dimples!

Kim Seok-jin

Stage Name: Jin
Born: December 4, 1992 (24)
Height: 5' 10"
About: Jin is the main vocal and visual of BTS. He loves cooking and is great at it! He is the oldest BTS member. What I love most about Jin is his smooth and beautiful voice.

Min Yoongi

Stage Name: Suga
Born: March 9, 1993 (23)
Height: 5' 9"
About: Singer, dancer and rapper of BTS. He is known for being a great rapper and "swag" style. His hobbies are taking photos, making jokes and writing lyrics. He loves sleeping!!! Suga is the member who looks like he wants to rip everyone's head off most of the time but can be extremely cut at times. Also I love his black hair out of the many colors he has dyed it even though it's his natural color. It's gorgeous.

Jung Hoseok

Stage Name: J-Hope
Born: February 18, 1994 (22)
Height: 5' 10"
About: Rapper and dancer in BTS. The brighter person in BTS. J-Hope has the brightest personality in the group, he is the happy virus and brings positivity wherever he goes. He is my BTS bias because of his personality. He has a fun-loving, funny, cute and sweet personality that I adore. He's an amazing dancer, the best dancer in BTS in my opinion. He's also extremely handsome and his smile is so beautiful. I love his orange hair so much!

Park Jimin

Stage Name: Jimin
Born: October 13, 1995 (21)
Height: Lots of confusion about his real height. He said it on a live video that he was 176 (5' 7")
About: Jimin is a singer and dancer in BTS. He has such a sweet voice and can hit high notes beautifully. Jimin is the cute member, he can switch from adorable to sexy in seconds. The others say he is sweet and kind to others. Jimin thinks he's fat because he has a chubby face. But don't let that chubby and cute face fool you because under that shirt is another story. He's so handsome. And that silver hair will be the death of me.

Kim Tae-hyung

Stage Name: V
Born: December 30, 1995 (21)
Height: 5' 10"
About: V is a singer, songwriter and dancer in BTS. He is also a rookie actor. He is known as the loudest member based off of what Jin said. V is innocent, has a cheerful and playful personality. He is my BTS bias wrecker for many reasons. I find Tae Tae to be cute yet sexy. His voice is so deep and beautiful. He is so good looking and has a great personality.

Jeon Jungkook

Stage Name: Jungkook
Born: September 1, 1997 (19)
Height: 5' 10"
About: Jungkook is the maknae, singer and dancer of BTS. Jungkook says that V is similar to him. They both the same sense of humor. He's immature, kind, innocent and cute. Kookie was actually my 1st BTS bias but J-Hope soon took me over. Jungkook has a sexy stare and smile. He can be quite cute. His voice is like honey and so sexy.
That's all the BTS members, I hope this was helpful to those trying to learn more about the members!

Til Next time! ^.^~

Hobi is my bias wrecker. And I love his orange hair too!
He was born to wreck havoc 😂 Orange is perfect on him!
I love them so much!!!♡♡♡♡♡ I really liked this card! 😊
Thank you and me too! 💖
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