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Upcoming Korean Events in the U.S. (2/11 Update)
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the only one I can go to is bap but I want to go to all of them 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩
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Oh near Atlanta? That's the one I wanna go to but I have no way to get there!
5 months ago
AOMG!!! 馃挋
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Aaaaaye 馃檶馃徑 I'm so hyped for dumbfoundeads concert and just bought the tickets for giriboy and blacknut
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Ayyyy...I'm poor...also I thought that B1A4 thing already happened in January? The Exo, SHINee and B.A.P and BTS is going to kill me when it happens. I'll be sitting in math class and then all of a sudden are they in Los Angeles yet? What are they eating for breakfast? Napit ta numeul~ manhi manhi manhi you can touch me don't touch me we can Skydive, free fall! Oh yea yea oh yea yea yeaaa l-l-lotto oh yea yea, I'M CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEE~~~ BABY I-I CAN NEVER FLYYYYY~~~ me: why? Brain: you gotta
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man I wish I could go
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