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i would HAD got the chance to go to the BTS concert but I was too slow to buy tickets😣😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭 theres always next time right lol i wanna meet them in Korea tho lol
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Omg same here 😭😭😭😭 it never informed me I was so mad 😑 I love BTS I missed them last year for kcon and I wanted to see them so bad this year but the stupid event thug didn't inform me. Yes we will go next time I know we will Fighting ✌️but for sure I need to go see EXO I just started work again and I'm gonna save up like crazy. Atleast I will be able to go see Hyuna next month I love her 😘😘😘
I wish I could see shinee when they come to Dallas but I really need to save money to study abroad this summer. wool be in South korea for a month in the summer really looking forward to this new experience πŸ€—
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Do you know where I can buy tickets for that show?? I've looked everywhere and even at the venue and can't find tickets.
all i can say is aghhhhhh
also pls tag me w any updates!!
Chicago is soooo close and they are sold out!!!!!!!!!! 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
NOOOOOO!!!! 😭😒😒😒
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