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Laying in grass under the moon and stars, I see you, I see your reflection, I see your outline, and I see you swaying, Descending from the neverland, you keep falling, There's no face, there's no name, Only stars spreading their mayhem, Your hair, just like you, only outline, flying, Everything is dark except around you, I'm trying, I'm trying to focus, I'm trying to look for your smile, All I see is mask with darkness engulfed aisle, The aisle on which you're descending slowly, The moon above shine on you, but I'm lost, I'm lost in you completely, I can feel your heart, it's beating, I can feel your breaths, it's elevating, With stars as angels above you, you seem dull, With the moon above, you look lost in the lull, The lullaby, that heart sings, The lullaby, that your breath brings, I sing, for you, looking at you, And I see your smile, visible now, I sing our song, strangers in the night, You glow, descend, and walk out into the light, The silhouette, that you were being before, Was now the sight of you, and your beautiful glow, The glow that was bestowed by the stars, Accompanied by moon, you danced, You fell into my arms, smiling, from the neverland, I skipped a beat, completed the lullaby, held your hand, Held you tightly, and kissed you welcome, Cause we'd broken the charm, the magic of silhoutte, There you were, in my arms, visible as clear, Sharing warmth, bringing our home near.
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Wow. I can't believe there aren't any comments on this. I loved it so much! Keep writing! and feel free to tag me in any of your work! 😊
thanks a lot. all this love and support means a lot. @mkbmccann