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Que tal peeps!

This is my second time writing this and uploading this for you all. I felt like it would be wrong to not post, becuase Vingle is being simple. Anyhow, when I closed voting for part one results were tied for options 2 and 3. I just combined the two.



A few days has passed since Tae randomly kissed me. Jin had invited me to dinner. When I arrived I was expecting to see everyone. However, it was just Tae and Jin at their place. Namjoon and Yoongi was still in literature class. The others were in dance class. Jin began preparing for dinner when he realized that he needed a few items. He wrote them down on some paper and handed it to me.

“Could you and Tae run out grab these for me real quick?” Jin said while handing me money.

“Sure we can go.” I said while placing the list and the money in my pockets.
Tae and I began walking down the street. I still had so many questions, but I knew they would be answered whenever. I could feel Tae checking me out from behind. I will admit that braking up with Jimin was a wakeup call for me. I showed this by changing my wardrobe. I threw away most of my bagging clothes and pulled out some old things. My jeans hugged me just right and by the look on Tae’s face I could tell he loved what he was looking at.

I look back and see that Tae face was red with embarrassment. I decided to tease him by switching. I swayed my hips left to right as I walked. I tried my hardest not to laugh. Playing hard to get is something I never really did, but it has been a while since I felt like someone wanted me.

Suddenly, as we walked passed an alley Tae pulled me and pinned me to the brick alley wall.

“y/n are you trying to kill me? Why are you walking like that?” Tae said in a husky tone.

“I have no idea what you are talking about?” I say while smirking.

“You know exactly what I am talking about.” Tae says while tickling me through my fitted red tank top.

“Stop it silly—you know we have to hurry and get these items or Jin will send the squad out to get us.” I say while blushing as he stares down at me.

“If you were only mine I would not have to take such orders.” He says while biting his lips and lowering his head to mine.

“Well what if I said I could be yours Tae?”

“I would say—are you ready for the man you deserve?” Tae quickly replied.

I paused and looked around hoping the squad was nowhere near us. What was I thinking? I just broke up with Jimin and now I am teasing Tae. I know he kissed me and shit—but who am I? I mean I have always seen Tae as a brother not as a guy being the one. I could be jumping the gun, but I do deserve better. Jimin obviously wasn’t thinking about me when he crushed my heart and cheated all the time. Why should I think about him?

“Will you be min y/n?” Tae asked while staring deep into my eyes.

“Yes.” I gasped without hesitation.

He pulled back and smiled. I felt like the big elephant in the room was hallway gone. We walk to the Korean Market to gather the items on Jin’s list.

When we arrived all the guys were home. I was holding Tae’s hand and Jimin rolled his eyes while Namjoon and Hobi giggled. Tae departed from me to unload the items and give Jin back some change. Jungkook grabbed me to show me the new dance he learned in class. I sat on the sofa and watched Jungkook dance. Jimin walked slowly to the sofa and stood behind it. He leaned over and whispered into my ear.

“What the hell was that about y/n? When did you begin dressing like that?”

I laughed and ignored him. He growled and sat across from me. He stared me down as I ignored him. Namjoon jumped on the sofa next to me and began talking about class and how he loves reading poetry. Jungkook was annoyed by Namjoon taking away my attention and sat in between us.

Finally it was time for dinner. I sat next to Tae and we held hands under the table. I could see
Jimin looked under the table and he slammed his plate down. Everyone got really quiet.

“What is all this about? Tae are you dating y/n?” Jimin said.

“Yeah we are dating Jimin.” Tae said while passing the food.

“You kissed her behind my back and know you are dating her behind my back?!” Jimin yelled.

“You both were broken up and you are aware of us dating so it is not behind your back.” Tae said while looking down at his plate.

“How dare you date him y/n?!” Jimin said in a hurt but angry loud tone.

“Please do not speak to my girlfriend in that tone.” Tae snapped.

“Hey,hey let’s eat this food in peace—shit—yall can bitch later.” Yoongi said.

Jungkook and Hobi began snickering. Jimin growled and stuffed his face with food when Jin gave him the evil eye. After, dinner Jimin ran outside in the rain with no coat on. Yoongi and Namjoon went after him. I was so shocked about how he acted. When we broke up he blamed it on me and how I was being lazy in the relationship. He blamed his cheating on me and told me that I did not have a voice and I held my feelings. I mean he was right. I thought by being silent would make him happy. However, that is no excuse to cheat on me. No deserves to be cheated on.

I was more concerned about Tae and Jimin’s friendship. I did not want to come in between them. There was some way that Jimin and he had to be on good terms again. I was sitting on Tae’s bed watching him pace back and forth. I walked up to Tae and gave him a hug. He lifted me up and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

“Make me forget all this every happened.” He said in between our kisses.
Our kisses grew even more intense. Tae began unbuttoning my bra and I felt it fall to the ground. We fell on the bed and began kissing my neck and then sucking on my breasts. I hand no idea he knew how to make a woman feel like this. I moaned as he sucked and flicked my nipples with this hot mouth and tongue. He began kissing my stomach and licking my navel. I could feel myself getting wet.

“Tae—maybe this will make everything worst.” I moaned.

“I want to forget. I need you y/n. Moan for me….” Tae said in a husky tone.
He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. He began rubbing my nub through my panties as he kissed my inner thighs. Then he began sucking on my nub through my panties. I was moaning so loudly and then all of a sudden Jimin busted through the door.

1. Jimin throws a fit.
2. Jimin is shocked but then joins the fun.
3. Jimin cries and then walks away.

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