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Since his birthday is coming up❤️❤️❤️
Smut ahead😏 Y/n pov I haven't found out what to get hoseok for his birthday because every time I ask him what he wants he always says "since I have you I don't want anything else" which makes me quiet each time. I begged namjoon to tell me what he wanted because I figured that he would have known and after a good 30 minutes of begging he finally told me that he wanted these pair of shoes
"That's it?! You made me beg for half an hour to find out he wat shoes" I hit him hard and walk away to find the shoes "Y/n I forgot to tell you that their like 600 dollars" namjoon yelled but I was already gone before he got to the 600 part. I went online and saw how much it cost and my Jaw dropped and practically screamed. I had the money for it but daumm 600 for shoes. Ughhh but I bought them and got them to come the day before his birthday. But that wasn't the only surprise I had in stores for him. Hoseok pov Today I turn 23 and I woke up to an empty bed. "Where's y/n?" I ask to my self still half awake. As I get up from the bed, I start to hear 'Lost' coming from downstairs and while I'm walking down stairs and I see her dancing while cooking breakfast and she looks so cute swaying her hips. So Snake my hands around he waist and put my head in her beck giving her small wet kisses " morning birthday boy" she turns herself around and puts her hand around my neck and crashes her lips in to mine and I start to pull the shirt up and she stops me and turns around to continue to cook. "Ahhh waeeee" I whine at her she always teases me "I have to finish cooking. You need to eat first boy" I sigh in defeat and go and wait for her to bring the food to the table Y/n I finish cooking we started to eat and he still looked mad that I stopped him "ayy hobi~ I'm sorry I stoped you but I promise I'll make it up to you" I get up and walk to him but he gets and walks to our room. At 4 hoseok tells me he has to practice and that he'll be back at 7 . As soon as he leaves I call jimin to come over. "Hey chim, I need your help" "with?" " I need you to take this outfit to hoseok and you and the guys take him to his favorite club WITHOUT him coming back here ok?" "Why?" "Just do itttttttttt" I whine and pull on his shirt " ok ok sheesh your gonna stretch my sweater ugh" he says and pushes me off "ha thankss" I say trying to be cute
At 7 I get out the shower and start to get dressed finding the one he likes most on me because if my curves in it. I curl my hair back and put little make up on my face and chap stick . I texted jimin to see what's up. To jimin: did you guys get there yet?From jimin: yea we all are just chilling but he keeps saying he wants to go home to see you To jimin: NO I'm on my way so keep him thereFrom jimin: ok ok I put my heels on and head out the door Hoseok pov I wanted to go home and spend time with y/n for my birthday but jimin and everyone else forced me to come to my favorite club and jimin brought an outfit for me which I thought was weird but here I am laughing with my members and having fun. Another 5 minutes I look up and I see y/n walking into the club in my favorite dress she has and I immediately get up and walk towards her. Y/n pov I see hoseok before he noticed me and smirked and went to the bar "Can I have a shot of fireball please" " make that 2" I hear behind me as I feel the same hands that held me this morning. "What are you doing here babe" he says against my neck which gives me chills " I came here to make it up to you for you birthday boy" I drink my shot and turn around and give him his. "Drink up". He takes his shot as if it's nothing and takes me to the dance floor. It's full of people so we were very close which of course I didn't mind. My back was in front of him so I decided to dance on him. He put his hands on my hips as I grind on him. " y/n" he groans into my ear . I continue to dance when he turns me to face him and his eyes are dark as ever, I smirk and slowly bring his face towards and kiss him slowly and passionately, feeling his hands roam my body as I let his tongue enter my mouth and takes dominance instantly making me Moan loud in to the kiss. I stop him again to again to catch my breath. " I have a surprise for you" I say and pull hoseok to the car and drove home but had a hard time cause he couldn't keep his lips and hands off me. When we finally get in the house I take him to our bedroom
I sit him down on the bed and slowly strip his clothes off. After he has nothing left off I take of my dress and crawl on top of him. I give him a few pecks then I slowly make it to his underwear and pull it off and his member pops up and I take it into my hands "uhhh y/n" he groans out loud, I put him in my mouth and put him all the way in making him moan loudly. I bob my head back and forth taking him in completely. Hearing his moans were music to my ears and I didn't want it to stop "I'm about to cum y/n stoop" he moans but I decided to go faster instead. He pulls me up and flips me under him and before I could interrupt he thrusts inside me causing me to scream " AHH OPPA" he didn't let me adjust and continued to go hard into me. He started to rub his fingers on my clit as he thrusts into me, making me to moan uncontrollably " baby your so tight for me" he moans loudly "I-I gonna cumm~" I scream . My eyes became Hazy and I was about to have an orgasam. "Not yet" hoseok says as he continues to pound in to me. " please I can't hold on any longer" I whine and he just continues and starts to rub my clit even faster which drove me crazy. As if he was reading my mind he said " come for me babe" I instantly shrieked and my body shook as we came together. After we caught our breaths he pulled out and I instantly felt empty. Before he could fall asleep, I reached under the bed and gave him his gift "Happy Birthday Hobi" I say cutely "I told you not to ge- OMGGG you got me the shoes I wanted. H-h-how did you know" he said speechless. " I have my ways" I smirk and kiss him " I love you " " I love you too y/n" he then drops his shoes and came on top of me again for many rounds to cum😉.
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