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Do U Ship Yukino × Sting💙 or Yukino × Rogue❤

I SHIP Both xD So either way works for me!

i prefer Yukino x Rogue, then i like Sting and Minerva..... I can go either way with it but those who i prefer xD
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ill ship sting and rogue leaving yukino for myself 😈😙😂
8 months ago·Reply
Yukino x Sting and Rogue x Kagura. I know they only met like once but I feel like they could have a really great relationship. They're similar in personality at thw very least
4 months ago·Reply
porque no los dos?
8 months ago·Reply
@ChristiLoveLive I acutally like those pairings and I also like it vise-versa like Minerva × Rogue and Yukino × Sting haha thats why I dont mond whichever way its goes😄
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