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This is legit my reaction!
Cristal here reporting news for any SPEED and BigHit fans!
For those who don't know who SPEED was, they were a boy group under MBK Entertainment who were super amazing and their choreography was on point!
I was thinking about how amazing they were and getting nostalgic because they were the second kpop group that I stanned.

Anyway, while searching through all of Speed's cute stuff and if there was any new news on my boys (and the reason why they broke up), I found a rumor on WordPress that one of the former group members was going to be in a new group:
This was posted in November of last year. So I did some digging, and I found that, of course, it was just a rumor. While looking at one of the many fan accounts for this "new group", there was also this:
So is this all rumor? Or maybe it is true but BH hasn't confirmed this group?
Ya can actually look up who they are too and their profiles come up. Like for B-Wolf, he was the former SPEED member.
What are your opinions?
Share me your thoughts!
I'll definitely keep ya'll updated on this!
I'll see ya later! Peace!
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BigHit has already released a statement on why they will be focusing mainly on BTS and they don't feel like it's a good time to debut a new group.
can you please tag me in your future updates involving this topic? just to keep track of the new about this new band.
tag every ARMYs so we would know πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tag me also for some updates
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