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Hey guys I've got the answers reveals for you
Door 1: Sungjun
Door 2: Sunwoo
Door 3: Minsu
Door 4: OneJunn
Door 5: Suwoong
Door 6: All members (Yay the whole gang gets to have together!)
Patter 1: Roller rink
Pattern 2: Amusement park
Pattern 3: Beach
Pattern 4: Karaoke
Ring 1: Sushi
Ring 2: Korean BBQ
Ring 3: Pizza
Bear 1: A kiss
Bear 2: A sleep over with and intense pillow fight
Bear 3: Sitting on a cozy couch watching some movies
Bear 4: Sleeping. Cause after a long day, your gonna need some sleep 😴
Bear 5: Wearing PJ's while dancing weirdly to music and home
Oh my results were surprising! I got Suwoong, we went to a Roller Rink for a date and ate Pizza for dinner. We also kissed at the end of date! 😲 sorry @mbg3t πŸ˜†
I'm happy with my results. Thats a good date