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The teacher made some final remarks as the clock’s second hand turned and began climbing back up to the large twelve at the head of the clock’s face. Students began packing up their books and slipping them into their backpacks as some students stood up and headed out the door once the Professor thanked everyone for coming today. Everyone filed out of the doors as Dongwoo carefully lifted his backpack up and placed it over his shoulder before sliding his phone back into the front pocket of his jeans.
Waiting his turn, he too, filed out of the room with the others as he pushed through the front doors of the building as the cool crisp air hit him. A new blanket of fluffy white snow covered the ground as he scanned his surroundings, the beautiful snow piled up along the branches and being blown down almost magically with every slight hint of a breeze. Heading to his next class, he recognized a familiar backpack as he walked, following the person with your backpack, he increased his stride a little until he was walking next to you.

“Hey ________!” Dongwoo cheerfully greeted you as he walked next to you.

“Oh hey Dongwoo” You smiled as you looked into his bright eyes.

“Isn’t the new snow so pretty?!” He beamed with a childlike smile playing on his lips as he pranced a little in the fluffy blanket of snow.

“It is really pretty~ I love watching all of the ice sickles form and see how big they can get” You smiled as you two continued to walk next to one another.

“Just don’t stick your tongue to one of them if it isn’t dripping, your tongue can get stuck” Dongwoo advised with a wag of his fingers

“Have you done that before Woo?” You giggled

“Maybeeeee” He sang with a laugh that told all.
“You silly, you know you aren’t supposed to do that” You pushed him lightly as he continued to laugh a little louder and louder.

“I didn’t mean to but it just looked so pretty, and it was all clear and I wanted to taste it” He told you, barely being able to stand upright now due to his laughter wiggling through his body.

“Don’t do it again okay?” You told him as you slid your hands deeper into your pockets, “Oh, and don’t stick your tongue to a lamp post either” You told him, glancing in his direction slightly.

“What will happen?!” Dongwoo asked with curiosity flowing through his words as he trotted a little faster beside you, his eyes glued on you as you continued to walk.

You stopped in your tracks and looked up into his eyes, “Your tongue will stick to the pole and you won’t be able to pull it off”

Dongwoo stopped with you as his eyes went wide in horror, his hand coming up to his perfectly pink lips as his fingertips brushed over his lips. Smiling to yourself, you walked around him, taking him a moment or two to turn around and trotting up beside you.

“Have you stuck your tongue to a pole?” Dongwoo asked as you shook your head, your lips parting a little as a negating hum slipped from your lips.

“Good~” He smiled and slipped his hands into his pockets to warm them up, “So… where are you headed to?”

“I was just going to hang with some friends” You told him a little softer than your usual volume of your voice.

“Ah, do you think I could come and meet your friends?” Dongwoo stopped in his tracks as his eyes lit up with a sparkly excitement, causing your tongue to run over your lips and bring your
bottom lip between your teeth, tugging on it a little harshly.

“Dongwoo! There you are!” Hoya trotted over with Sungyeol in tow

“Hey Hoya, Yeollie” Dongwoo giggled as you sighed quietly, thankful that Hoya was impeccable with timing and not only in keeping time with his dancing.

“Yah! I told you not to call me that on campus” Sungyeol hissed

“Yah, you can handle it dongsaeng” Hoya ruffled his hair as Myungsoo soon joined them as well.

“I’ll see you later, Dongwoo” You whispered softly, tapping him on his arm as he turned his head to look at you.

“I thought we were going to meet your friends?” He asked you, turning his back to his members and facing you.

“Another time, I don’t want to pull you away from your friends” You stepped back and Dongwoo stepped towards you as the others teased and laughed behind him.

“You sure?“ Dongwoo questioned softly and quietly

“I’ll bring you along next time” You smiled as you waved at him and headed off down the sidewalk to the spot where your group of friends or what others referred to as your “gang” met.

“Where did she run off to?” Myungsoo questioned as Dongwoo turned around with slight disappointment prominent on his face.

“She went to go meet her friends…” Dongwoo sighed as his eyes dropped down to his feet, moving the snow around a little.
Watching from afar, you observed Dongwoo standing there with his friends before they headed back off to the dorm. Dongwoo glanced back at the direction you walked off in, a small cloud of warm heat of his breath clashed with the cool air causing a cloud to form in front of his lips before turning and walking with Myungsoo, Hoya and Sungyeol.
Turning around, you pressed your back against the bone chilling bricks as you closed your eyes for a moment longer than normal.

“Hey are you ready?” One of your girl friends asked, opening up your eyes, you nodded and headed off with your gang for the rest of the day.
The sun began to fade in the sky as you shuffled home after a long day, kicking off your snow covered shoes, you curled your numb toes in your damp socks. Flipping on a light, you trotted up to your room and quickly gathered some clothes to change into after your shower.
Stripping yourself of the wet frozen clothes that clung to your skin the steam from the warm water began to fill the room, you slipped into the warm shower.
The warm water brought heat back into your skin as you stood under the water for a while as you relaxed. Once you were finished with your shower routine, you dried yourself off and slipped into an extra soft hoodie and large, comfy pajama pants that were slightly warm from when you pulled them out of the dryer before your shower. Combing out your hair and slipping on some socks, you trotted downstairs to see if there was anything to eat at your place.
Dongwoo watched from his adjacent apartment as he lifted his hand from the palm of his hand once he saw a light or two flick on.

“She’s home~!” He happily announced as he got up from his seat by the front window and trotted into his bedroom, gathering a freshly cut bouquet of arranged flowers. Slipping on his shoes, he stopped at the mirror by the door, fixing his hair slightly.

“How do I look, Woohyun?” Dongwoo turned around as Woohyun looked up from book he was reading and Myungsoo from the Manga book he was reading.

“Are you going to ask her?” Woohyun pipped up as he shifted in his seat, Myungsoo looking between the two.

“I was going to…” Dongwoo’s fingers ran up and down the stems that stuck out from below the bow and ribbon holding them together.

“Go get ‘em” Myungsoo smiled as he gave Dongwoo a thumbs up.

“You’ll do great, just remember to speak clearly. It is okay to take a breath once and a while too” Woohyun advised with a smile, noticing that Dongwoo was already holding his breath.

“Okay” Dongwoo sighed, forcing himself to take in a nervous breath. Reaching out for the front door handle, he twisted it and looked back at his brothers as they gave him encouraging smiles and gestures before he walked out the door and skipped down the stairs.
Running over what he wanted to say for a moment or two, he walked across the sidewalk to your building that was less than a few meters from his. Climbing the few stairs to your door, he took in a deep breath and released it slowly before lifting his hand up and knocking on your door.
Stirring your food a little to cool it down, you heard a confident knock came from your front door. Setting your food aside, you stood up and moved to your front door. Turning the locks, you unlocked the door and opened it a little to see Dongwoo’s bright eyes and a nervous smile slightly curled on his lips.
“Hey Dongwoo, what brings you over here?” You gave him a warm smile as your eyes drifted over his face wondering if something was wrong.

“W-Well, I-I… actually…. I wanted to ask… more like tell you something….” His tongue ran over his lips as one of his hands ran up along his neck as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

“Sure” You smiled while leaning against the door, however, your eyes drifted down to what his other hand was holding. A bouquet of flowers.

“I just wanted to tell you that…. well… I think you are amazing and you are really beautiful, your personality is just so sweet and you are adorable too and I really enjoy being your friend, but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?” Dongwoo’s fingers fiddled nervously as his eyes locked with yours for his question.
“Dongwoo….” You were taken back by his confession, and especially by someone as handsome and adorable as he was. Licking your lips slowly, you watched the nervousness in his eyes grow as he held out the flowers for you. Dropping your eyes down to the breathtaking flowers that he held just for you, a sigh quietly slipped from your parted lips. Not finding the words quite yet, you pushed the flowers back towards him. “I’m sorry… I can’t…”

His head slowly dropped, his lips turned inwards as he nodded slowly. “I understand, I hope that we can still be friends”

“Of course” You gave him a soft smile as he nodded gently.

“You can keep the flowers” He held them out for you once again

“You better keep them” You told him, your heart cracking a little as you watched him turn away from you slightly, his arms retracting back towards him with the flowers still in his hold.

“Have a good night, ________, I’ll see you tomorrow” He strained a smile as you nodded and wished him a goodnight as well. He walked off and you closed the door quietly, stepping down the stairs, he looked back up at your door as the light in your window flicked off. A heavy sigh was released, his heart ached in his chest while he slowly walked back to the dorm.
Light snow began to fall around him as he slowly walked the short distance home, twisting the handle, he entered quietly hoping no one would ask about how it went. Slipping off his shoes, shuffling across the floor, he made his way to the bedroom, the flowers still in his hand hanging by his side.
“How did it go?” Sungjong asked curiously, tearing his eyes away from the movie that was playing. Sunggyu paused the movie as everyone else looked over at Dongwoo.
Just standing there, Dongwoo couldn’t find the words as he just shook his head and started off to his bedroom. Pushing his bedroom door open, Dongwoo stepped inside and closed it softly against the door frame. Moving over to his bed, he eased himself down on the edge and leaned against his elbows that rested on his legs.
A soft knock came from the door, “Hey do you want to talk about it?” Hoya questioned as the other members were peaking in through the opening of the door as well.

“Not really” Dongwoo shifted himself back and laid down on the bed, the flowers resting on his chest as Hoya entered the room cautiously and eased himself down on the edge of Dongwoo’s bed.

“No wonder she didn’t accept you, there isn’t any purple flowers” Hoya giggled, trying to lighten the mood, however, Dongwoo just turned over onto his side and let the flowers tumble onto his comforter.
“We are going to have some ice cream if you want some, your are more than welcome to join us” Hoya gently rested his hand on Dongwoo’s arm as Dongwoo nodded his head against the pillow. Feeling Hoya stand up, he headed towards the door and closed it softly as Dongwoo closed his eyes and felt a few warm tears roll down his cheeks.
Shaking breaths and countless tears rolled down his cheeks, faster than he could wipe them away. The tears slowed eventually as he turned onto his back and lifted the flowers above his head, letting his eyes run over the beautiful pedals.
“I don’t think she has a boyfriend…” He muttered to himself, “I wonder why she wouldn’t want to go out with me…”

Another knock was heard at the door as it was Woohyun this time, “I brought you some ice cream if you want.”

Dongwoo sat up on his bed as Woohyun padded over beside him and eased himself down onto Dongwoo’s bed. Handing him over the bowl of ice cream, Woohyun picked up the flowers and looked at them, lightly brushing his fingers over the velvety pedals.

“I thought girls liked flowers…” Dongwoo mumbled before he slipped a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.
“They do… usually” Woohyun brushed shoulders with Dongwoo.

“Then why didn’t she say, yes?” Dongwoo questioned, rounding his shoulders a little while he scraped some ice cream off of the round scoops in the bowl.
“I’m not sure, we may have to watch her to see what is up” Woohyun placed the flowers on his bedside table. “But don’t worry, we will get this settled.”
Dongwoo nodded his head softly, “Why don’t you come out and finish watching the movie with us?”

“Okay~ but as long as I get more ice cream” Dongwoo negotiated

“Alright, only if sugar will turn that frown upside down” Woohyun stood up and held out his hand, Dongwoo slipped his hand into Woohyun’s. Walking out of the room, Dongwoo followed behind Woohyun like a child as Dongwoo got his favorite spot on the couch and Woohyun took his clean bowl and scooped some more ice cream for him.
Dongwoo spread a blanket out along his lap and rested his head against Sunggyu’s shoulder. Watching the movie, Dongwoo slowly ate his ice cream while he watched the movie mindlessly.
Over the next few days, Dongwoo kept his distance from you, letting you have your space. The overcast days seemed more gloomy and dark than normal as he kept to himself and went through his classes. Watching you from a distance, he settled down on a nearby bench and pulled out his lunch. Sitting by himself, he watched you stand in a little nook behind one of the buildings on campus.
A few girls began to gather around you as you moved further into the nook. Watching you curiously, he tried to keep an eye on you while his mind wondered what you were doing.

“Hey Dongwoo, what are you up to?” Sungjong chimed as he slid next to Dongwoo on the bench.

“Shhhhhh” Dongwoo hushed, “____ is over there and I don’t want her to know I am watching her…”

“Oh~” Sungjong whispered, “Why are we watching ________?”

“I want to see what she does and who her friends are, she won’t let me meet them and I can’t find her ever on campus, I want to see where she goes” Dongwoo confessed as Sungjong nodded along.
“Ah that is June” Sungjong pointed out seeing a girl look from side to side before sliding into the nook with the other girls.

“D-Do you know her?” Dongwoo looked at Sungjong intently

“Yeah, she is in my fashion class” Sungjong nodded

“What is she doing in a fashion class?” Dongwoo probed curiously

“I don’t know, it may be part of her major but I just know she is working on leather jackets, she states is, for her gang.” Sungjong kept his voice quiet, pulling out his lunch too and eating a bite.

“What do you mean by a g-g-gang?” Dongwoo stammered wondering if this is what they were witnessing.

“Like a group of people as in a club, I doubt she would do anything to hurt others…” Sungjong’s words faded off slightly as Myungsoo came over and sat on the other side of Dongwoo.

“Hey guys, what are you two talking about?” Myungsoo questioned, slipping off his backpack and taking out his lunch as well.

“Just about _______, Sungjong thinks she is in a gang” Dongwoo told him bluntly

“Well….” Myungsoo started before taking a bite of his lunch, “I wouldn’t totally rule that out…”

“What do you mean by that?” Dongwoo questioned turning towards Myungsoo

“I saw her just a few hours ago with another group of girls, the Black Hawks, they looked like they were going to have a showdown” Myungsoo spoke as his hand covered his mouth making sure to keep his manners.

“A-Aren’t the Black Hawks m-mean?” Sungjong stammered as he crossed his legs.

“They can be” Myungsoo shrugged his shoulders, “They haven’t bothered me”

“_______ wouldn’t be mean, she is too nice to do that…” Dongwoo mumbled to himself.

The guys finished up their lunches and packed up their backpacks before heading off to their next class. A few classes later, Dongwoo was walking across one of the hidden sidewalks that not many people knew about. Humming to himself, the snow crunched under his feet as he carefully walked around the ice patches that blotted across the path.
“You aren’t going anywhere!” He heard a feminine voice call as he stopped in his tracks and turned his head to see a group of girls standing near one of the largest and oldest trees on campus.
“Why not?!” A familiar voice rang as Dongwoo’s head perked up, carefully walking over to the side of the sidewalk, he saw the group of girls encircle a single girl, standing in the middle.

“We aren’t done with you” One girl smirked as she stepped into the middle of the circle, the other girls keeping the barrier around the two of them.
“I’m done with you” That familiar voice called again as the figured turned around, Dongwoo squinted his eyes just enough to recognize that you were the one in the middle of the circle.

“Why do you think you can just trump over our gang with yours? Ours is older” The other girl boasted as she stepped in front of you.

“I am not trying to trump your gang, I just think that you guys need to denounce your crown
and disband all together” You stated, folding your arms over your chest.

“You just want to win” She snarled, popping out her hip in a sassy manner.

“I’m not trying to win, I just think that someone who is low enough to pull other people down to their level needs a reality check” You told her confidently.
“Maybe you need a reality check” She stepped towards you, rearranging some rings on her fingers to her right hand.
Coiling a fist, you watched as she cocked her arm back and tried to strike, ducking, she spun around as you tried to escape. The gang stood between you and freedom as you tried to push through their arms, with little luck.
“You really thought you could leave that easily, especially when we have you alone from your gang?” The leader smirked as she wrapped her hand around your wrist, holding you in place.
Trying to wiggle out of her grasp, she had two girls come out of the wall and grab either one of your arms, holding you in place as you fought against their arm restraints. You watched her cock her arm back, your eyes closed and you braced yourself for the impact, pain blasted into your cheek as you let out a muffled whimper.
“Leave us alone” She breathy told you as punch came after punch, kicking with your legs, you caught her a few times as the other girls just held you tighter. A warm fluid began trickling down parts of your face as you knew that you were worse off than you thought you initially thought.
“We aren’t doing you any harm” You told her as you were on your knees, your body pulsating with pain as your arms were finally released.

“Oh really? You tarnished our reputation, making us seem weak.” She growled, “I only hope to do more damage to you than you have to us”

Raising her arm once more, you thought on your feet and tackled her to the ground, pinning her down, you watched her wiggle and writhe underneath you as you looked down at her.
“We only started this gang to stop you guys from demeaning every girl that wasn’t apart of your gang, this is why you aren’t growing and we are, and that makes you jealous” You struck a nerve as she quickly turned over as the two of you rolled around in the snow for a little while, the two of you throwing punches at one another.
Running low on energy and adrenaline, you felt her sit on your hips as her hand reached under your chin and tilt it upwards. Her bent rings crowing her fingers raised up into the air for the final blow. Not stopping trying to get out of this situation, you closed your eyes anticipating the pain.
“Leave her alone” A familiar male voice called as your eyes peeked open slightly, the leader’s head turned above you to the man who was holding her wrist captive.

“D-D-Dongwoo?” Your eyes were wide as you felt your bruised lip start to slur your words a little.

“Who are you? Her boyfriend or something?” The leader turned her focus from you to Dongwoo, “Did you want to come and save your damsel in distress?”

“Just saving a friend from a tramp” Dongwoo looked at the girl in the dead of her eyes. “Disband your gang right now, don’t hurt anyone anymore. If I hear of you hurting anyone ever again, you will have to answer to me” Dongwoo’s tone was low but stern as he saw the fear in her eyes.

“G-Girls” She stammered as the girls in the circles let go of one another, Dongwoo slowly loosened his grip as the girls left slowly. Dongwoo watched them leave for a moment or two as you picked yourself up off of the snow mound and brushed the snow off of your exposed skin and t shirt. Turning back around to you, he quickly noticed your blue toned skin as he shuffled his thick jacket off of his shoulders and helped you put it on.

“Thank you, Dongwoo” You bowed to him gently as you felt the warmth still in the fabric of his coat slowly seep into your frozen skin.
“Are you okay?” He questioned seeing your battered and bruised face with some frozen and dried blood stuck to your skin and rosy cheeks.

“I think I will be okay” You nodded as you carefully started to walk, the first few steps were bearable, but when you had to climb the couple of stairs, you lifted your leg up but when you shifted your weight to lift yourself up the step, your knee pushed you up but then quickly gave out as you fumbled to grab the hand rail.

“Careful there” Dongwoo slipped his hands around your sides and caught you. “Do you want me to carry you?”

“N-No I will be okay” You say gently, getting your balance again and trying to step up the next stair, you felt Dongwoo’s hands stay against your sides just in case you fell again.
Reaching the top of the stairs, you sighed softly as you looked in the direction you had to walk not even seeing your apartment in the distance.

“I can give you a piggy back ride, no problem” He told you, coming next to you.

“I can walk” You told him being your stubborn self, limping a little more than before, Dongwoo watched you limp off, staying beside you, ready to catch you at any moment.
Walking a half of a block, your knees began to feel weak as Dongwoo wrapped his hand around your arm noticing your pace slowing, your feet now shuffling across the ice.
“May I give you a ride until your place?” He almost pleaded, seeing you become weaker and weaker before his eyes. Slowing down your walk to a stop, you turned towards him.

“It won’t be too much for you?” You questioned, his eyes brightened as a smile curled on the corners of his lips.

“Not at all, if I get tired I will let you know” He says with a smile, stepping in front of you, he knelt down as you carefully positioned yourself on top of his back.
Feeling his hands hold your legs right behind your knees, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and kept your body close to his as he stood up onto his feet. Adjusting you a little on his back, he began to walk a little, looking over his shoulder a little, he would check on you every twist and turn that was in the sidewalk.

“You doing okay?” You questioned him, your head resting on his shoulder as your eyes slowly began to close as the constant rocking of his gait and his secure hold he had on you.

“Just fine, are you doing okay?” He questioned making sure to not bump you too much.

“Mhmmmmm, you are very comfy” You mumbled into his shoulder, feeling your cheeks grow hot with blush.
“Close your eyes until we get to your place, I will wake you” He smiled and rested his head against yours for a moment before feeling your head nod against his shoulder.
Walking smoother than ever, he took his time and made his way to your apartment, light snow began to fall as he climbed the stairs up to your apartment.

“Hey _______, we’re here” He nudged you a little as you groggily awoke, humming sleepily, you mumbled the numbers to get into your place, he punched them in with high confidentiality and twisted the handle. Pushing the door open with his leg, he made sure the door was wide enough so that it wouldn’t hurt you as the two of you entered.
“Would you like me to lay you on the couch or your bed?” He questioned, closing the door and locking it behind the two of you.

“The couch is fine” You mumbled, carefully he sat down on the edge of the couch as he let you dismount him.

Laying down carefully, you closed your eyes once your head hit the pillow, your body completely exhausted. Thinking Dongwoo was just going to leave, you didn’t expect to hear some rustling around in the bathroom before he found a small first aid kit. Coming back over to your side, he pulled over the ottoman and rested on that as he carefully cleaned up your wounds on your arms, from trying to protect yourself and then moving up your neck to your face.

“You have cute little butterflies all over your face” He giggled quietly, dragging his finger tips across your skin slowly.

“It is probably from the rings she was wearing, so she could do more damage” You mumbled softly, taking deep breaths. Wincing once and a while, Dongwoo backed off and worked on another wound before going back and cleaning the one that hurt you once more.
As he placed a few band-aids over your cuts, he stood up and grabbed a warm blanket from the nearby chair and unfolded it, laying it over top of you.
“Do you need anything, at the moment?” He questioned, tucking the blanket carefully around your shoulders before pushing some hair behind your ear.
“I think I am good for the moment” You opened your eyes, seeing his angelic eyes peer into yours lovingly. “Thank you for everything you have done for me today.”

“I am glad I could be of service” He smiled before turning around and gathering up the bloodied gauze and taking your first-aid kit back. Flipping some lights off, only a dim lamp cast light through your apartment. Slowly beginning to fall asleep, you opened your eyes to see Dongwoo sitting down on the floor, in front of the couch where you lay.
“_______?” He turned around, seeing your eyes opened, “Do you think that I can stay the night, just to make sure you are taken care of?”

Thinking for a moment or two, you knew you didn’t want to be left alone especially tonight, “Just as long as it is okay with Sunggyu” You closed your eyes gently.
Hearing the dial tone of his phone sound next to his ear, you hear Sunggyu pick up as Dongwoo explained the situation to him. With a little negotiation and much deliberation on Sunggyu’s part, he allowed Dongwoo to stay over for the night. Ending the call, Dongwoo turned around to see you completely asleep.

Tucking some fallen hairs behind your ear, once more, he smiled gently as his thumb barely brushed over your cheek. A hum softly came from your sleeping form as he smiled brighter watching you lean into his warm touch. A light knock came from the door a few minutes later, standing to his feet, he opened the door slightly before opening it a little more seeing Woohyun on the other side.
“Hey, how is she?” Woohyun questioned quietly as he handed Dongwoo a duffel bag full of an extra change of clothes, some medical supplies and food that they could spare.

“She is sleeping now, she should be okay, I am a little worried about her hand though, it is pretty swollen…” Dongwoo closed the front door, keeping out the freezing temperatures.

“Have you been icing it?” Woohyun asked seeing your bruised and swollen hand hanging out from the hem of the blanket.

“I have, but I don’t know what else to do…” Dongwoo stood back as Woohyun looked at your hand carefully.

“Let’s wrap it, that will help it heal and the swelling to go down too” Woohyun advised as he unzipped the duffel and pulled out an Ace bandage before Dongwoo came over and lifted your hand up slightly. A whine came from your form, your eye brows furrowing a little as he brushed his fingers over your skin. Settling you down after a moment or two, Woohyun carefully wrapped your wrist and hand, finishing up, Dongwoo placed a soft kiss on your hand and tucked it back under the blanket to keep it warm.

“Thank you for coming over” Dongwoo opened the door for him again.

“If you need anything, just text us, one of us should be up” Woohyun patted Dongwoo’s shoulder as he nodded and Woohyun exited your apartment, Dongwoo moved to the window to make sure Woohyun got back to the dorm okay before returning to your side.
“It’s just me and you now” He whispered, sitting on the floor, leaning his head back against the arm rest, he watched you for a while. Finding your sleeping form so beautiful and peaceful, far more than words that could describe. Watching you hour after hour, he made sure that you were warm and comfortable, that nothing was hurting you and that all of your wounds were cleaned and bandaged.
In the early morning hours, he twirled a small strand of your hair loosely around his fingers.

“________ I haven’t told you this… I haven’t told anyone this, but….” His tongue ran over his lips, wetting them a little, “I think you are just the sweetest girl in the world, so strong and independent yet I think you need a little love, care and tenderness.” Dongwoo took a deep breath, trying to find the right words to say, “I would love to show you all that you are missing out on, the hugs, the kisses, the cuddling, the caring conversations and just to have someone have your back and be on your side day after day. I would love to be that for you.”

Feeling a strand of hair be pulled tightly, you hummed softly as you woke from your sleep but kept your eyes closed. “I love you ______, not just as a friend but as a woman, I see you as a girlfriend and maybe something more, I just wish…. just wish you would give me a chance to show you what love can be like.”

A heartstrings was pulled tightly in your chest as you leaned into his touch, nuzzling into his fingers.
“I’m sorry I turned you away” You whispered softly, trying not to let your morning voice show.

“Y-You’re a-a-awake?” Dongwoo stammered not realizing that you were actually listening.

“You pulled my hair a little too tightly” You mumbled softly, feeling his hand untangle from your hair, you looked up at him, seeing the dark circles under his eyes from the little sleep he was getting that night.
“I-I’m sorry…” Dongwoo whispered softly as he retracted his hand.
“I’m the one who should be sorry” You looked at him with kindness twinkling in your eyes. “I didn’t mean to turn away such a great guy like you away…. I was just scared, scared to go onto the next step, scared to have to get hurt because of me, scared to have you find out about my darkest flaws and then leaving me like so many others have done before….” Your eyes dropped as they slowly started to fill with tears.

“________, I’m still here, I’m not going to go anywhere” He carefully wrapped his hand around yours while his other hand gently tipped up your chin so his eyes could meet yours.
“Y-You’re not going to leave m-me?” You whispered, searching his eyes for answers, shaking his head lightly a little smile curled on his lips in reassurance for you.

“I’m not going to leave you” Dongwoo whispered sweetly, his hand under your chin gently moved, cupping your cheek lovingly.

Nodding your head slowly, you found a smile curling onto your own lips as well, “As long as you aren’t leaving, would you like to lay here with me? You need your sleep too”
Dongwoo smiled as he stood up and carefully crawled over you, making sure that your comfort comes over his own, he wrapped his arms around you so that you wouldn’t fall off of the couch through the night, pulling the blanket back over you, he held you against him as the thumping of his heartbeat was felt through his skin as you turned into him and nuzzled your head into his chest.

Resting your head against his heart, you felt his head gently rest against yours, his hands slowly rubbing your back slowly as you relaxed fully in his arms, feeling like this is where you should be at the moment, you slipped back into sleep with Dongwoo following closely behind. 

I need to feel someone’s touch I’ve been alone too long Now I need to be loved too much