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It was the end of the semester, stress was high, students rushing from class to study session their heads hanging low while their feet automatically carried them across campus to their next destination. Dongwoo carefully guided his skateboard between the crowds, the wind combed through his longer hair, a smile playing on his beautiful pink lips allowing his teeth to take a peek once and a while.
Rolling in front of the building where his next class is being held, he happily picked up his board and opened one of the main doors into the building. Walking through the halls to the designated classroom, he looked around admiring the artwork and different aspects to every building on campus. Arriving at the classroom, walking through the open door, his eyes quickly scanned the room. Not seeing a lot of students seated, he climbed the few stairs to the middle of the elevated seating. Leaning his board up against the wall, he chose the seat next to the isle, easing himself down into the cushioned seat, he pulled out his spiral notebook from his backpack and placed it on his lap while his fingertips searched for his pen inside of his bag.
After a few minutes the room started to fill with students, a few empty seats still remained in the room as you walked through the door and stopped before the class, looking across the students to find a seat that you wouldn’t have to climb over too many people to get to. Finding a few extra seats by your best friend, Dongwoo, a smile brightly formed on your lips as you climbed the stairs up to where he was sitting.

Tapping his shoulder, his big brown eyes looked up at you, some of his long locks drifting into his eyes as he looked up at you.
“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” You questioned, pointing to the empty spot next to him.

“Not at all” Dongwoo flashed one of his bright, classic smiles as he moved his legs so that you could slip between his legs and the chair in front of him to get to your seat.
I was actually saving the seat for you, Dongwoo thought to himself as his eyes followed you as you moved over him and into your seat.
Settling yourself in your seat, you pulled out your notebook and a light blue pen to write your notes in. Lifting his hand up to his mouth, he leaned over closer to you seeing that the professor was about ready to start the lecture. Without a pen in his hand, he cleared his throat catching your attention without distracting others around you.

“Do you have a pen that I could borrow?” Dongwoo whispered, his voice sweet but low, “I can’t
seem to find mine…”

“Of course, do you have a color you want to write in?” Your hand grabbed your pile of pens and fanned them out in front of Dongwoo so he could choose.

Watching his eyes move over each one meticulously, a twinkle sparkling in his eyes just like a child would in a candy store. Dongwoo was always finding a way to make the simplest things so beautiful yet new again. Getting lost in thought, feeling him pull a pen from your grasp you snapped out of your thoughts as you smiled over at him, seeing him choose the lighter green pen within the mix.

“Good choice” You smiled before returning the pens into your bag, the professor then proceeded to teach the curriculum for the day.
Between notes and drawing in the margins, the two of you began to build off of one another’s drawings, writing text bubbles and making little scenes in the margin of his notebook.
Sketching a little bow on the top of the dinosaur he drew, you smiled as he drew another dinosaur next to the girl dinosaur and had them laughing and singing happily with one another.
Rustling of papers and books signaled the two of you that class was just about over. Gathering your things and slipping your books back into your bags, the two of you stood as Dongwoo grabbed his skateboard and waited for you. Walking down the stairs, he twirled the pen between his fingers expertly, watching the pen from time to time, you both exited the building as he caught your eyes looking down at the pen between his fingers.

“Oh! I guess I should give this back to its owner” Dongwoo offered it back to you as you pushed his hand back towards him.

“It suits you, you should keep it” You smiled, your eyes lifting to his.

“Don’t you need this pen though?” Dongwoo tilted his head to one side cutely while in question.

“I have others, besides you need this pen to draw your Dinosaurs” You laughed lightly, causing him to laugh along as well.

“Alright, I will draw a few more Dinosaurs before the day is done, just for you” Dongwoo smiled brightly, a nod of his head sealing his promise.

“Sounds like the pen has a fun day ahead” You smiled, tapping the pen with your finger, “I’ll see you later, Woo~ I have to go to another class”

“Okay! Have fun!” Dongwoo beamed, standing right where you left him, he watched your hair lightly blow in the wind, the sun showing the different colors in your hair while the bright light perfectly highlighted your form.
Sighing softly, he felt the warm sensation of the rays of the sun dance over his skin. Running his thumb over the shaft of the pen, his brown eyes drifted down to the green pen in his hand once you were out of sight. Twisting the pen lightly in the sunlight, it made the pen seem more magnificent than before, brushing his tongue over his lips an idea came to mind!
Easing his skateboard on the concrete, he propelled himself towards the library. Once he was inside the library, he grabbed some plain white paper and folded it in half as he began to draw two Dinosaurs on the front. Earbuds happily sat in his ears, his foot tapping against the floor to the beat of the song.
Some unusual songs come on as he read the names of the songs and the artist before allowing them to play. Listening to the lyrics a little more than before, his thoughts quickly turned to you as every soft and kind song reminded him of you.
Busying himself between classes, by the end of the day Dongwoo had finished the cover of the card. With two Dinosaurs, one girl and one boy, facing one another with a few hearts around their heads. With the note secure in his backpack, he rolled his way home, the sunset lighting his way. Once more, his thoughts wondered to you, wondering what it would be like to share a sunset with you, day after day.
Feeling his heart beat faster with excitement, he arrived home in no time and carried his skateboard up to the dorm. Slipping in through the front door, he kicked off his shoes and trotted towards his bedroom, another idea sparking his imagination.
“What’s up with him?” Sunggyu questioned, slightly adjusting his position in the arm chair from his afternoon nap.

“I don’t know…” Woohyun looked at the door for a moment before returning his eyes back to his phone.

“I’ll go see” Hoya sipped his water in the kitchen before twisting on the cap and heading towards his shared room with Dongwoo.

Knocking lightly on the white door, Hoya leaned in closer swearing that he heard something on the other side of the door. Wrapping his hand around the handle, he slowly twisted and pushed open the door, just enough for his head to poke in and see what he was doing.

Dongwoo sat on his bed, a keyboard laying across his lap while his notebook laid beside him.

“Are you actually doing homework?” Hoya scoffed, opening the door a little wider before leaning against the frame of the door with his shoulder.

“Well… Kinda” Dongwoo tilted his head from side to side in thought, not knowing what actually to call it, but knowing he wanted to do it regardless.
“What do you mean by kinda?” Hoya mimicked Dongwoo’s tone as his canines showed proudly, slightly teasing him.

“Well it isn’t actually assigned by a teacher” Dongwoo clarified, his fingerings running along the pen that you had gifted him earlier that day, “I just want to do it.”
Hoya watched as Dongwoo shrugged his shoulders lightly, his eyes running along the ivory and ebony keys on the keyboard. Pushing himself upright, Hoya padded over to Dongwoo’s bed and stood beside it for a moment, before easing himself down on to edge of his brother’s bed.
“What do you want to do?” Hoya leaned over trying to catch a glimpse of Dongwoo’s work.

“Yah! It is just something” Dongwoo covered up the note quickly before lifting it up and hugging it to his chest, careful not to crush it too much.

“Something? For who?” Hoya laughed, his hand tickling Dongwoo’s side lightly, causing him to move away and laugh lightly while trying to remain serious.

“Just a friend” Dongwoo laughed as Hoya’s fingers continued to dance along his sides.

“Then what are you doing with the keyboard?” Hoya moved his fingers to the keyboard, plunking out a few notes that sounded good together.
“I-I was using it for inspiration” Dongwoo’s voice got soft as he carefully removed the note from his chest, before slipping it between the pages of the notebook.

“I see” Hoya nodded as Sungjong appeared at the doorway.

“We are going to play some games tonight if you guys want to join, ice cream will be involved!” Sungjong tried to entice the boys to come and join.

“I’m in!” Hoya called, carefully moving the keyboard off of his lap and onto the bed beside Dongwoo.

“I-I think I am g-g-going to stay here, I have some homework to do” Dongwoo stammered, not meeting their eyes with his.

“Are you feeling okay?” Sungjong questioned as Hoya slowly made his way to the door.

“Just fine, I just have something more important to do” Dongwoo shuffled around some
papers to try and make it seem like he was busy.

“O-Okay… if you change your mind, we will be in the living room” Sungjong nodded as Hoya moved through the door and closed it behind him.
Sungjong and Hoya found it odd that Dongwoo would turn down a night of games to do something alone, but trusting him, they left him alone for the night. Dongwoo worked diligently in his room, jotting down ideas here and there while listening to more songs on his phone. Lost in the thought of his little note to you, he wrote down all of his feelings, making sure that everything was perfect before he used the pen that you gave him and moved the messy writing in his notebook to beautifully printed writing on the note.

The hours of the night wore on as Dongwoo worked by the light of his lamp, the others using their thumbs, their faces lighting up with the flashing of the screen before them. Night turned to day, Dongwoo woke first and carefully walked past his sleeping brothers before slipping out the front door.

Leaving his skateboard, he wondered around the vicinity on foot, his hands carefully tucked in his pockets while his eyes wondered around from one thing to another yet his mind was fixed on a single person, you.
The longer he walked, the more he was able to work through everything he wanted to tell you, all of his feelings and the memories that he wanted to keep with you. A smile never left his face as he continued to walk for a few hours before making his way back home.

During the time that Dongwoo was away, Woohyun woke and went into Hoya’s room to grab something to wear for the day. Picking through the closet, Woohyun reached up to grab a sweater that was on the upper shelf of the closet. Pulling it down, something in an envelope fell to the carpeted floor below, feeling it hit his bare foot, Woohyun glanced down and saw the letter with a name neatly written in the center. The print was small, yet when Woohyun knelt down, he got a closer look and read the name that was printed across the front.


“Was Dongwoo working on this last night?” Woohyun questioned to himself, closing his fingers around the envelope and lifting it up closer to him.
Turning over the envelope, Woohyun noticed that the flap wasn’t sealed on the back. Tucking the sweatshirt under his arm, he carefully pulled out the note from the envelope and saw the two dinosaurs on the front. True Love was written underneath the couple causing Woohyun to smirk at the greasy greeting that he secretly liked.
Looking over his shoulder, Sungyeol caught his eye as Sungyeol walked into the room.

“What are you doing in here?” Sungyeol questioned as Sunggyu lagged behind, yet walked into the room with Sungyeol and Woohyun.

“I found something, I think Dongwoo was working on it last night” Woohyun explained, showing them the letter as Sungyeol covered his mouth and busted out laughing.

“Of course! This totally makes sense!” Sungyeol pointed to the note and quickly opened it, scanning the lyrics to a song that Dongwoo used to express his feelings to you.

“What? What makes sense?” Sunggyu questioned, a blank look glazing over his eyes.

“Well ______ is always hanging around Dongwoo, every time I save her a seat, she always sits next to him declining my invitation.” Sungyeol stated slightly bitter, missing out on the chance of getting to know you as well.
“Why don’t you sit by them then?” Woohyun questioned as he snatched the note back, sliding it into the envelope

“I tried, but she kept talking with him, then they draw in each others notebooks and he always walks her to class” Sungyeol ruffled his hair in annoyance realizing how many chances he could have had with you, yet Dongwoo swooped in and swept you off of your feet.

“Sounds like she likes Dongwoo” Sungjong stated innocently, finding the notebook with the drawings in the margin from the other day.

“What do we do?” Sungyeol muttered in worry, slightly pacing a few steps before resting his hands on his hips.

“Why don’t you just give her the note?” Hoya leaned against the wall, comfortably reclining on his bed.

“You can’t just give her the note” Woohyun gasped, everyone’s eyes on Hoya as he shrugged his shoulders lightly.

“Well… Dongwoo wouldn’t have the guts too…” Myungsoo whispered as he eased himself down onto a desk chair in the room. “I think someone would have to do it for him”

“But who?” Sunggyu’s words were slightly lined with a chuckle as everyone’s eyes looked around the room.

Finally coming to a consensus, everyone’s eyes were on Hoya as he looked over.

“What did I do?” Hoya questioned, one ear bud out of his ear while the other one still played.

“You are going to give _____ the note for Dongwoo” Woohyun smiled walking over and delivering the note to Hoya.

“Bu-” Hoya tried to back out but Myungsoo shook his head

“You are the next closest to her, and you are the closest to Dongwoo too” Myungsoo reassured,
“You just need to do it”

“You do have the qualifications” Sungjong stated as Hoya sat up, looking over the note in between his hands.

“Alright” Hoya sighed, the letter between his hands as the members slowly exited his room.
Placing his earphone back into his ear, he sighed softly, before standing up and returning the note back in its place in Dongwoo’s closet.
Moving back to his bed, he reclined against the sheets, closing his eyes and letting the music carry him away. Not long after, Dongwoo walked through the front door, returning from his walk he kicked off his shoes and looked over at the members watching a tv show together.
Heading back to his room, he pushed open the door as Hoya glanced over to see Dongwoo walking through the door and plopping himself on the bed.

“Something wrong?” Hoya moved his hand under his head as Dongwoo shrugged his shoulders.
“Will you tell anyone?” Dongwoo’s voice was soft and childlike, almost like he was holding back a secret.

“Not a soul” Hoya sat up to make sure Dongwoo knew that he needed someone to confide in.

“Do you know, ________?” Dongwoo sat upright, his hands lacing with one another, his long fingers playing with the silver rings outfitting his fingers.
“Yeah, I do” Hoya nodded, moving beds to sit next to Dongwoo.

“Well… I think I am in love with her…” Dongwoo’s brown eyes lifted to meet Hoya’s. Nodding his head gently, Hoya looked back into Dongwoo’s eyes seeing confusion and slight fear.

“Why don’t you tell her then?” Hoya probed, the note popping up in his mind.

“We only have a week or two left of classes, it wouldn’t do her any good if I told her how I feel.
Besides she is going to go her separate way in summer and I am not going to have time to talk with her or spend time with her, so it is just a lost cause.” Dongwoo lowered his head slightly, obviously depressed and unsure of what to do.

“You know, you should probably tell her before it is too late” Hoya reassured

“What if she doesn’t want to hear it? I’m so clumsy anyways” Dongwoo rounded his shoulders, his mental state taking a toll on his confidence.

“Trust me, any girl would love to hear that someone has a crush on them” Hoya rested his hand on Dongwoo’s back.

“I don’t want to make things awkward with us…” Dongwoo’s mind started to move in a downward spiral as Dongwoo’s phone chimed with an alarm. Lazy brown eyes moved over to his phone as Dongwoo picked up his phone and silenced the alarm.

“I have to go to class, I don’t think I can tell her though.” Dongwoo licked his lips as he stood up from the bed. “Thanks though…”

Seeing one of his best friends walk away, his shoulders hunched forward, his pace slow and his movements almost robotic. Shuffling back out the door, he grabbed a jacket and his backpack, closing the door behind him his hands slipped into his pockets as he headed up towards campus for class.

Hoya’s eyes lifted to the note that he placed back in the closet, feeling his gut churn, knowing that Dongwoo would regret it if he didn’t tell you how he felt. Rising to his feet, he walked into the closet and retrieved the note, slipping it into his back pocket then heading out the door of the bedroom, he grabbed his backpack and slid it onto his strong shoulders.

“Where are you going?” Myungsoo questioned, his eyes lifting from his phone

“I forgot I had an assignment to do, I won’t be too long” Hoya smoothly relayed as he twisted his feet into his shoes.

“I thought you said you didn’t have any homework, earlier” Sungjong turned around, catching the attention of more members and having their heads turn towards Hoya as well.

“I forgot about this one thing, well, it isn’t due for a few days but I want to get a jump on it” Hoya rubbed the back of his neck hoping he was being convincing.

“Alright, just don’t be back too late, Myungsoo promised he would cook tonight” Sunggyu reminded him

“So that means….” Woohyun smiled as he looked at Sungjong and Sungyeol

“PIZZA NIGHT!” Sungjong and Sungyeol cheered in unison

Hoya nodded with a smile playing on his lips before he exited out of the dorm, taking a deep breath, he carefully retracted the note from his back pocket and lovingly slid it into his backpack. Pulling out his phone, he located where Dongwoo was and began to make his way there.
Formulating a plan quickly, he leaned up against a tree as he watched the students file out of the building as class let out. Hiding for a moment, Hoya located Dongwoo as he smiled and laughed with you. Happy that you came to class, Hoya watched as they split ways and you began walking towards him.
Slightly nervous, Hoya waited for you to pass as he followed you until you were out of view of Dongwoo. Falling back a little, Hoya quickly trotted up to your side, calling your name.

“Oh, hi Hoya” You smiled, slowing your pace and turning to the person calling your name.

“How have you been?” Hoya smiled brightly

“I’ve been doing well” You turned your eyes away from him, your tongue running over your lips.

“I-Is something wrong?” Hoya picked up on the slight tone in your voice and the light licking of your lips.

“I think something is going on with Dongwoo, but I don’t know what is bothering him… he seems to be slightly distant” You confess to Hoya as the two of you walk to your next class.

“I may have a reason for that” Hoya stopped walking for a moment, pulling out the note from his backpack.

“W-What’s this?” You questioned, your eyes widening seeing the name on the outside of the note to be yours.

“Dongwoo wrote this for you, he didn’t want to give it to you but I knew he would regret it if he didn’t” Hoya explained shortly, holding out the note to you as you graciously took it.

“Just do me a favor and open it when you are in your room, just so I don’t see you open it”
Hoya slid his hands back into his pockets.

“Is it something b-bad?” You stammered, thinking the worse, right off the bat.

“I don’t think so, but I think something special is inside” Hoya tapped the envelope lightly as the large bell sounded across the campus. “I have to head to class, but I wanted to make sure the note made it safely to you.”

“Thank you, Hoya. Have a good time in class” You waved him off before you headed back to your home. Your feet walking slowly while your fingers brushed over the smooth paper of the mysterious note in your hand.

A short walk later, you made it back to your dorm for the day. Opening your front door, you slipped off your shoes and headed to your bedroom. Hanging your backpack on the back of your desk chair, you eased yourself into the seat, your fingers running along the edges of the paper.
Your finger tips found the lip of the back fold, lifting up the lip, you carefully slipped the note out of the envelope. Two dinosaurs were carefully drawn on the front cover, True love printed under the grass line under their feet, hearts floating in the air above their heads.

Smiling brightly, you carefully opened up the note to reveal beautiful handwritten words across the white paper.
There are sp many love songs like this But why do I keep singing them? You don’t understand You don’t love me I have fallen for you at some point At first, the sight of your back was so pretty So I just started talking to you without knowing I tried not to show it but I hoped you would smile Maybe I was too greedy Oh baby it can’t be over like this I couldn’t tell you my trembling heart So I wrote my heart in a letter So I can tell you how I feel Because my heart only thinks about you Cannot be stopped I wanna know Honestly, you’re so dazzling Not even a sweet song can express you You don’t understand You don’t love me I’ve never felt this ambiguous feeling before As I looked at the stars in the night sky I just keep walking I didn’t show it but I hoped you would be there Maybe I was being to greedy Oh baby it can’t be over like this I couldn’t tell you my trembling heart So I wrote my heart in a letter So I can tell you how I feel Because my heart only thinks about you Cannot be stopped I wanna know I can’t fall asleep tonight so I light a candle in this dark room Writing my heart for you on a white piece of paper You, who shyly looked at me and smiled Actually I really like you Oh baby, I’m gonna tell you right now Oh baby, I think you’ve already caught me I can’t stop my trembling heart Oh please my love To be honest, I like you so much Because my heart only thinks about you Cannot be stopped I can’t loose you I can’t stop I wanna know
Reading over the beautiful poetry, you felt your breath hitch in your chest, a light beat kept your eyes reading over the text. The note almost had a beat a rhythm to it that your heart seemed to beat to. Increasing the rate of your heart, you rested your hand over your chest as you knew that your heart was telling you the truth.

You had feeling for Dongwoo too

Standing the card up on your desk, you kept your eyes on it a while, pulling out your phone you opened up your camera function and snapped a beautiful picture of the front of the car, the lyrics slightly showing on the inside of the card from the angle.

Thank you for the beautiful note, Dongwoo. It really touched my heart

Sending off the message to him, you anxiously awaited a reply text, either him freaking out or apologizing… at least something. Hour after hour, you waited patiently, working on other homework while you waited, you glanced over at your phone every five minutes, or so it seemed, with not a single message from anyone, none the less, Dongwoo.

The hours wore on as you got ready for bed, checking your phone once more, you set your alarm for the next morning of classes before laying in your bed. Your mind reread the note over and over again in your mind, the thought of you and Dongwoo happy together relaxed you as you slipped off into dreamland.

Days passed as you had a few classes with Dongwoo, yet he came in at the last minute, not sitting with you and sitting in the far back. Offering the seat next to you several times to him, he shook his head and shifted his attention back to the teacher. After two weeks of this behavior, you slipped your books into your bag after a lecture and lifted your backpack onto your shoulders. Heading out of the room, you walked out into the warm sunshine and took a little walk to clear your head allowing you to plan your next move.

An hour or two later, you found yourself on Dongwoo’s doorstep, your hands warm and clammy while your knees shook with nervousness. Knocking on the door, you stepped back slightly wondering if you should just leave. Waiting a moment or two, you figured no one was going to answer the door so you turned to leave, but the sound of the front door opening caught your attention and turned your head back to see who was behind the door.

“Oh _______, what a nice surprise!” Myungsoo smiled, opening the door slightly wider knowing that it was you and not some other woman for Woohyun.

“Hello Myungsoo” You stepped back in front of the door and faced him

“Can I help you with something?” Myungsoo probed seeing worry written across your face.

“I-Is Dongwoo home by any chance?” You questioned, trying hard not to stammer

“He is, would you like to come in?” Myungsoo opened the door fully for you as you nodded and moved inside. Slipping off your shoes, Myungsoo took your backpack and set it down next to the coat closet in the entry.

“Can I get you anything?” Myungsoo asked as the two of you stepped in further into the dorm

“I am good, thank you though” You smiled at him as he returned the smile sweetly.

“I’ll get Dongwoo then” Myungsoo whispered as he trotted off down the hallway to Dongwoo’s room.

Arriving in front of Dongwoo’s door, Myungsoo looked over his shoulder back at you, you were standing in the same place he had left you, shifting your weight nervously from foot to foot while taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly to try and slow your racing heart.
Turning his attention back to the door, he knocked lightly with his knuckle before leaning towards the door.

“Come in” A soft voice called from the other side. Twisting the doorknob, Myungsoo poked his head in seeing Dongwoo seated at his desk and lightly flipping the pages of his textbook back and forth while a low volume of music played to drown out the silence.

“What’s up?” Dongwoo finished writing his last sentence before spinning around in his chair, his brown eyes bright and cheerful.

“Someone is here to see you” Myungsoo pointed towards the front door, Dongwoo’s eyes widened and dropped in surprise.

“W-Who is it?” Dongwoo stuttered, his eyes lifting back up to Myungsoo’s

“________, she wants to talk to you about something” Myungsoo explained in the sweetest tone he could, watching Dongwoo’s emotions change from bright to nervous to saddened, he took in a shaky breath and then slowly closed his eyes before shaking his head from side to side.

“I don’t want to see her” Dongwoo whispered deeply, pain lining his words as he turned back to his work laying out on his desk.

“Why not? Did she do something? Did you do something?” Myungsoo raised his eyebrows curiously as Dongwoo reached out for his phone and pulled up your conversation with him, the picture of the note that Hoya had given to you.

“See for yourself” Dongwoo handed the phone off to Myungsoo as Myungsoo read the letter and inspected the picture that you provided in your text.

“D-Did you make the note?” Myungsoo questioned, already knowing the answer but acted innocent.

“I did” Dongwoo whispered, his hands lacing together in his lap.

“Then what is the problem?” Myungsoo placed Dongwoo’s phone back on his desk.

“I didn’t give it to her… I didn’t want to give it to her…” Dongwoo paused between phrases, licking his plump lips before pulling on his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Why didn’t you want to give it to her?” Myungsoo probed already knowing Hoya had been the one that had handed it to you.

“I’m scared that she will reject me…” Dongwoo confessed quietly, his bottom lip quivering with emotions that only his heart could explain.

“Would she be here, in our living room, if she was going to reject you?” Myungsoo placed his hand on Dongwoo’s back, slowly rubbing along his shoulders. “Why don’t you just go talk, see what she wants and if she rejects you then we will go get ice cream and go look at some kittens and puppies at the pet store, okay?”
Dongwoo’s eyes lifted to Myungsoo’s, slightly coated with a gloss before thinking it over and nodding his head.

“Okay… I’ll talk to her” Dongwoo took in a deep breath and gathered his courage before the two guys headed out to where you are.
Myungsoo hung back, leaning against the hallway wall, keeping an eye on Dongwoo as he slowly approached you.

“Hi Dongwoo, how are you?” Your eyes lifted seeing someone move towards you as you greeted him with a smile.

“I’m doing well, and yourself?” Dongwoo politely replied, his eyes meeting yours for a moment before they dropped to his hands.

“I’m good” You nodded your head as he nodded his.

“So… Myungsoo said that you had something you wanted to say?” Dongwoo wanted to get right to the point, as so many emotions pulsed through his veins over the course of his body.

“I just wanted to ask you a question” You dropped your eyes down to your hands, stuffed in the pockets of your jacket.

“Sure, ask away” Dongwoo licked his dry lips once again

“Are you… Are you avoiding me?” Those words rolled off your tongue like vinegar, your heart tightening once you let your question be heard.

“______…” Dongwoo started, his eyes fixated on yours now, “I wasn’t… I didn’t mean for it to
come off that way…”

“What was it trying to come off as?” You probed, your eyes meeting his as you saw his truthful eyes bare into yours.

“With the end of the semester coming up and tests, I just didn’t want you to give you the wrong idea… I mean we are both going to go our own ways for the summer and I may not see you next semester and…” Dongwoo’s words began to slur together and speed up towards the end before coming to a grinding halt.

“And?” You urged him to say what he needed to

“What if you don’t accept me?” Dongwoo’s tone was broken, yet loving and kind.

“You never asked” You answered simply, “Once Hoya gave me the letter and I opened it with your beautiful lyrics inside… It was everything I wanted to say to you and more… I just couldn’t find the words”

“Wait…” Dongwoo paused, “You like me too? Like I like you, but you like me?” He tried to use his hands to communicate but it just made you giggle at how cute he was being.

“Yes Dongwoo, I like you too, very much” You nodded your head, a proud smile outfitting your lips while you watched Dongwoo brighten, his body having a hard time containing the happiness he felt inside.

Acting on his instinct, he wrapped you up in a tight hug and lifted you up off of your feet, twirling you around. Wrapping your arms around him in surprise, he looked up at you, those beautiful brown eyes holding nothing back anymore.

“I like you a lot, ______” Dongwoo stopped twirling but continued to hold you in his arms, “Will you accept my Love Letter?”

“Only if you accept mine” You smiled down at him, his head nodding up and down with no question on his mind.

“Thank you” Dongwoo whispered as he slowly brought you back down to the ground, his arms wrapped around your lower waist before the two of you pulled back.

“Shouldn’t you two go and celebrate?” Sungyeol questioned with a smile as the members had gathered around Myungsoo, watching their confessions.

“Where would you like to go, Trixie?” Dongwoo teased, giving you the name of the female Dinosaur in Toy Story 3.

“Anywhere you want to, Rex” You smiled up at him, using the male Dinosaur name instead.

“Shall we raid the candy store?” Dongwoo posed, nodding your head happily, he looked over his shoulders at the members, nodding his head as a thank you to all of them before slipping on his shoes and heading out with you. Making sure to not hold back on what he felt for you and how much you mean to him.

You are his Dino and he is yours
dagnabit him avoiding me is breaking my heart.
have to play with your emotions just a little bit ;)
the line, "well I think I'm in love with her." that crap melted me like butter... nice one.. ;)
thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!