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The smell of gasoline crept into your mind as your eyes fluttered open. Two paramedics were there comforting you. You were confused and very dizzy. The paramedics started saying something to you as you fell back into unconsciousness. Your eyes opened in alarm as you heard a siren. One of the paramedics you had seen earlier looked very worried as you fell unconscious again.

“__________, __________” the doctor said whist shaking your shoulder

“Where am I…” you said trailing off

“You are at the Paradise Hospital, and you have been in a traffic accident. Is there someone that we can notify like a family member or a close friend?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Can you give us their name or number so we can notify them?”

“I know where he is though. He is at the Studio working on a new dance. Can I please have my phone so I can call him?”

“No, the cell phone will mess up our instruments. Can we please have his name?”

“His name is Dongwoon, but he is practicing now.”

The doctors and nurses walked out of the room, talking about how to contact Dongwoon. You fell asleep because of all of the pain medicine that they gave you. You were being moved but you could not open your eyes for you were still heavily sedated. The cool breeze came into your room; you felt some of your hair being pushed to the side. Your eyes fluttered open, Dongwoon was there with his smile, but you knew something was wrong.

The doctor came in and said, “She has some bruises and bumps, but she will be ok.”

“When can she leave the hospital?” Dongwoon said with care

“She can leave when we get the x-rays back, which will be in a half of an hour.”

Dongwoon stood up thanked the doctor and bowed to him and walked over to me brushed my hair away and kissed my forehead.

“I am so sorry, this should have never happen to you if I would have let you see my practice.” Dongwoon then looked down at his hands and a tear began to roll down his cheek. You sat up and wiped the tear from his face, laid back down and grabbed his hand.

“This wasn’t your fault that I am in the hospital and I am going to be ok.”

“Well, I will take care of you from now on…”the doctor came in and interrupted Dongwoon.

“You are clear to go home, but you will need someone to look after you until you are able to get around your place without any problems.”

Dongwoon followed the doctor out of the room and gave Dongwoon the release forms. You finished filling out the forms with Dongwoon and he handed them into the front desk.

“Do you need a wheelchair, sir?” the receptionist offered

“No that is ok I can take it from here.” Dongwoon came into your room and picked you up.
Carried you to his car and buckled you in. He drove to your home and carried you into his house. Set you down on your couch and ran into your bedroom to grab your comforter. He cuddled next to you and sung you a soft tune as you cuddled into his chest.

A couple hours later, the doorbell rang and Dongwoon sat up and answered the door. It was BEAST they came visit you since you were home now. They had balloons and stuffed animals to cuddle you in. Being cautious they all kissed your hand and bowed gently and sat on the floor. Dongwoon brought out little snacks for them to eat as you all talked. Then Dongwoon had an idea to help you feel better. He huddled the band together and sang you your favorite song with Dongwoon on the piano and singing a solo, being sick couldn’t get any better. After a couple hours of visiting with the BEAST guys they left and wished you a healthy recovery.
You were getting really tired and it was getting late.

“_______, you have had a big day and I think that you need to go and rest.” Dongwoon protectively said

“But what if I need you in the night and you are at your apartment, what will I do then”

“Well you could call me….. no, no I am just kidding….. if it is ok with you, would you mind if I slept on your couch so I wouldn’t have to travel over here?”


You woke up in the middle of the night and looked over to the sides of your bed and you saw a shadow on the ground. You crawled over to the edge of your bed and looked over the edge.
Dongwoon was on the floor cuddled in a ball. Your hand slid into his and he woke up immediately.

“What are you doing up???” He said sternly

“I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Now I am awake. So thanks anyways.” He said sarcastically. Dongwoon sat up on the bed right by you. You continued to lie on your stomach as he rubbed your back, you fell fast asleep.
Dongwoon covered you with blankets and kissed your cheek.

In the morning the sweet smell of eggs crept into your room.

“Woonie!!!” You yelled surprisingly

“Hello, beautiful. I made breakfast for you and since I have to take care of you. You will get to go to the studio and see our closed performance and then we will spend the rest of the day together. Sound good.”

Dongwoon brought in a breakfast tray and started explaining the food that he prepared for you like he was the head chef of a gourmet restaurant.

Dongwoon carried you to the car after you got dressed and carried you into the studio. The manager looked at you and then at Dongwoon with a stern look. Dongwoon set you down gently by the wall so you could lean, and then headed over to the manager. Dongwoon started to explain when the manager started yelling at him in Korean, which you couldn’t understand.

“If you do not allow her in here than I cannot be in here.” Dongwoon started to get stern. The manager backed down and allowed me to stay. You watched intently as Dongwoon flashed you a smile every chance that he got.

After practice the guys all gathered around you and asked how you were doing and made simple conversations.

“Ok guys, _______ is really tired and she needs to get back home.”

“Saranghae __________” they all bowed to you and Dongwoon picked you up and carried you to the parking lot.

The rest of the day you spent with Dongwoon. He drove you to the beach and to the mountains anywhere you wanted to go. Dongwoon parked at a lookout spot in the mountains, right when the sun was setting, he took your hand and held you close.

“Until the beauty of the mountains fades and forever more, I will love you like the water washed up upon the sand and keeps coming back for more. I don’t know anyone like you.”
Then Dongwoon’s sarcasm started to set in, “The girl that would get herself hurt for attention, a girl that would wake a stranger up in her apartment and a girl that would get her protector in trouble with his boss. You are truly one of a kind and I am glad that you chose me to be your stranger, your protector and your attention seeker.”

He gently kissed your forehead and you wrapped your arms gently around his neck as he kissed your forehead and you both looked out to the beautiful sunset as time slowly slipped away.
omg that is so sweet and sad at the same time will there be more?
thank you so much. I wrote it as a one shot but I do accept requests so if you would like a sequel or another story about him please let me know!
A WOONIE FIC!?!?!?! 💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💚💚💜💚💜💚💚💜 AHH KILL ME. I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY
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you are so welcome! it was a pleasure!
This is so cute!!
thank you so much!!
Very very cute.
thank you so much!