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“Babe, are you about ready?” Dongwoon yelled down the hall

“Yeah just let me get Cho-Hee into her jumper and we will be ready to go. Oh would you mind putting the Dae-Hyun into his jumper for me, sweetie?”

“Sure, please just hurry Kiki will be here any minute…”

Just as you put your daughter into her jumper the doorbell rang. “I got it.”Dongwoon called.

“Hey, man what is going on?”

“Nothing much, hey thank you for coming tonight and watching our little angels.”

You walked out with your daughter in your arms. Dongwoon comes up to you and you hand her over to Dongwoon where she plays with his tie.

“Thank you so much for watching our kids for us.”

“No problem, I love kids, we are going to have so much fun!”

“So here are our number and the emergency numbers, here is the address and a phone if you need. Now Dae-Hyun is two and a half and he goes to bed at eight, Cho-Hee is eight months and she goes to bed like seven thirty or whenever she is tired. You can play games, watch movies, pop popcorn or whatever you want .” Kiki nodded all the way through your speech that you gave.

“Babe, it’s time to go if we are going to make our reservations.” You nodded as Dongwoon handed over Cho-Hee to Kiki. You both kissed the kids and then you left out of the door.

Dongwoon drove his car that you had your first date in, he drove to the restaurant and opened the door for you, your hands interlocked as you walked towards the restaurant. He allowed you to go first, you were then seated and given menu’s.

“Sir, we put our order in a head of time.” Dongwoon caught the waiters attention

“Then, what is the name?”

“Son D.W,”

“Ok, I will bring it right out for you.” the waiter said anxiously

Dongwoon turned toward you, interlocked your hands and looked at you. Your eyes met like never before. You looked at your hands then looked back at Dongwoon.

“Do you like me anymore, I don’t look like I used to and I don’t feel like I used to, I don’t have the time for you like I used to and I miss that….” you started to sniffle

“What are you talking about, we have a beautiful life together and we will have a beautiful life together. I still find you as beautiful as I first saw you on our date, to this exact restaurant and on this exact night.”The meal was delivered “…and the exact meal that we had five years ago.”

You sat their stunned that he still remembered, you ran through your memories and you were surprised at how accurate he was.

Dongwoon continued, “you have given me something that I cannot thank you for enough… our kids, you have made my life whole unlike it used to be. Our two kids that are like rubies to me and you… you are not worth all the money in the world, you are worth more. I love you with all of my heart and our kids have my heart as well. If I had to give up something in this world to keep living, I would choose my music…”

You interrupted, “But your music makes you happy and you have worked so hard.”

“I know but, if I cannot have you then I have nothing and if I couldn’t have my kids then my life would be meaningless.”

You have never heard Dongwoon talk like this before, he was so passionate, so true, like he was putting all of his heart and energy into what you have together. You ate your udon like it was your last meal and you looked at Dongwoon and he kept staring at you until you were done.

“Aren’t you going to eat, sweetie?”

“I am full on our memories together… remember when we got lost in the mall together and we had fun in the pet shop, until we had to run away from security. Then that time that we were out on a lake tubing and you were afraid to tube and we jumped into lake together and swam to shore after the boat left us out there. Then that day that I took you on an ATV and we had a picnic out in the woods and I proposed to you… that is one day that I will never forget.”

You saw a tear roll down his cheek as you kissed his forehead. “I remember those times too, but those times were all before I had our kids…”

Dongwoon interrupted you, “Remember that time that I stayed up all night with Dae-Hyun, because he wouldn’t stop crying unless you walked around with him, do you remember when you went into labor with Cho-Hee, and you were in labor for a whole day and I never left your side, I even skipped practice for the day that you got home from the hospital, I missed the tour because you needed help at home with Dae-Hyun. All of the sleepless nights, all of the hardship and cups of coffee, cannot measure how much I love you. I am so glad that you are my wife and that we have two beautiful kids together.”

You snuggled into his shoulder as he ate his meal. When you were finished, you walked out to the car and he handed you a fortune cookie. You looked at him and looked down at the cookie broke it and read what it said inside Even though the time may seem tough right now there is always tomorrow to make it better, there is one choice that I would never choose to do over again and that is to marry you. You flung yourself into Dongwoon’s arms as he played with your hair.

“I love you and I love what we have together, even though we will change, my love will not change, I will still look at you the same way I did on our wedding day and on our first date.”Dongwoon whispered into your ear and then he opened the door to his car for you.

“I am sorry that I doubted our relationship and you and our future.”

“That is ok, sometimes I do it too, but then I think of all of the hard times that we got through and I am convinced that you are the other side of me and my heart. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough for you and how beautiful you look, then I realize that you married me for some reason and I should try my best to keep you. The best way for me to do that is to love you.”

The car rolled in front of your house and he kissed your cheek as he helped you out of the car.
He pulled you to the side of your houses’ door and kissed you like you did when you were younger. A tingling sensation rushed up through your spine, you felt your cheeks burn like they used to, you knew this is who you belong with. You both open the door and you find Kiki on the couch asleep with Dae-Hyun and Cho-Hee. Dongwoon grabbed both of the kids and took them to bed as you shook Kiki up.

“Who knew I would wake up to a beauty like you.” Kiki said with a smile

“Did you have a good time? How were the kids?”

“They were great, you have wonderful kids and they wore me out before I wore them out. I would love to come and babysit for you again.”

“Ok, we sure will, thank your Kiki.” You handed him the money walked him out the door and met Dongwoon in Cho-Hee’s room..

Dongwoon was gently rocking the whimpering baby girl to sleep, singing her a lullaby that you loved to hear, In The Cloud, after a couple of minutes Cho-Hee fell asleep, he gently put her into her crib and saw you. He walked out to the hallway where you were standing and took your hand, turned on the radio and took you by the hand and you danced for hours on end.

“I will make the time for you and our family.”you said

“I will try harder to convince you that you are my only one.” Dongwoon whispered. The hours ticked away and you heart fell more in love with each passing moment.

“I will never let you go.” Dongwoon said as he kissed your forehead.