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The lights of the dash flickered on as he pushed the key into the ignition. The warm breeze flew through the vents as soon as he turned on the car filling the space. He knocked his head back against the headrest and rubbed his hands up and down his face trying to stay awake after a very long day at the studio. He pulled out his phone bringing the phone to life as he pressed the button, opening the messaging app and gently pressed his fingers against the glass screen. He sent the message and pulled the stick shift to get it into gear and rolled out of the parking lot. Lights lined the streets and flashed in the car as Dongwoon drove by them. The shops were starting to shut off their lights as he passed down the various streets, just trying to get home to his love, you. Dongwoon ran his long fingers through his chocolate hair as he began to rewind from the long day at work. He pulled into your small parking lot in front of his apartment. The third window from the top of the building was dim but still on, he bit his lip as he stood up from the car and gazed on the hazy light that showed through the curtains. He gathered his belongings from the car, a small box sat in the cup holder of the car, and Dongwoon grabbed the small box and stuffed it into the coat pocket in his black leather jacket. He locked his car and slowly walked to the door; he pulled the door open and moseyed over to the stairs. His feet lifted slowly to each step as he shifted his weight from one exhausted leg to the other.

Reaching his floor his feet dragged as he pushed himself to just get to the door, he scavenged through his bag for the silver keys to his abode. He pushed the key into the lock and opened the door; the dim light filled the small living room. Dongwoon walked into the foyer and took off his shoes relieved to be home at last, he set his bag down by the entry way. He unzipped his leather jacket as he walked into the kitchen looking for you. He checked the bedroom to see if you were already asleep, but you were nowhere to be found. He shuffled to the living room where you were on the floor, with a pillow under your head; you were watching a dance video of his that he put together for you. He kneeled down closed and moved the laptop to the couch, he moved your phone that was blinking from the text that he had tried to send you earlier. Dongwoon picked up a blanket and draped it over you, grabbing a pillow and placing it right next to yours. He lay down next to you looking at your sleeping figure. His lengthy fingers pushed some hair behind your ear. His hand followed your hair to your neck, his hand rested on your neck as his thumb stroked your cheek lightly. Next he moved in and his pink, soft, warm lips pressed against your temple, he moved slowly back to his pillow as a smile came over your face. Your eyes fluttered open as a smile appeared on his face as well. He moved his hand from your neck and pulled out a small box from his leather jacket. Dongwoon opened it slowly, showing you the present that he had gotten for you. The moonlight reflected on the aqua stone that was in the shape of a heart that was attached to a sliver chain that bound in his hand as he pulled it out from the case. He pushed all of your hair to one side of his finger intricately clasped the necklace around your neck, you looked down at the lovely present that you received. He brought his hand back to your face. You leaned into his face and kissed him modestly for the lovely gift that you had received. Your head slid down beside his head as he wrapped you in his arms, you pulled the blanket over both of you as you drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.
This is sooo sweet! My little heartu!
thank you so much!!! it is super sweet!
Ahhh I love it
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Tabby, this one must have melted your heart!
So cute!!😊😊
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