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The door slowly creaked open as you and Dongwoon checked on your two little children, Megan and Joon Hee. You walked inside and gently pulled up some blankets on Megan’s toddler body. Joon was sleeping peacefully in his crib for once. Dongwoon closed the window and shut off the little night light as you both filed out of the room closing the door slowly behind you. You both walked to your room and got ready for bed. You wore a black tank top and some light blue shorts. Dongwoon just wore his pajama pants; you watched his muscles move as he climbed into bed next to you. Dongwoon’s arms wrapped around you gently kissing your neck up to your lips as you exchanged kisses from each other, relaxing each other from a long day, soon after you both fell asleep.

Your bedroom door creaked open, allowing a little girl to slip through the door’s crack as she scampered to the edge of your bed. She climbed on top of bed trying to maneuver around the two bodies that occupied the bed. She climbed next to her Appa as she kissed his cheek, and then cuddled into his back. Dongwoon slowly woke up and looked over his shoulder as his little girl sleeping next to him. He gently retracted his hands from around your waist as he sat himself upright on the bed.

“Megan, what are you doing in here sweetheart?” Dongwoon whispered as he moved Megan to his lap.

“Appa, I had a nightmare” Her little lip protruded as she looked down at her little hands “None of my stuffies would help and blankie couldn’t help either.” Dongwoon pushed her little face up with his hand as he looked into her tear soaked face. Her eyes shinned like her mother’s as he leaned over to you and kissed your cheek. He gently moved off of the bed and walked out of the room with Megan in his arms. He walked into the kitchen where he set Megan on the counter and pulled out the milk from the fridge. He poured the milk into a pot and warmed it up.

“What was the dream about Meg?” Dongwoon asked as he walked back over to her, leaning on the counter on his forearms looking into her eyes.

“Well, you had left on another singing trip and it was Umma and Joon here. Then around lunch time we went to the park and had a lot of fun, I played on the slide and swings. Then one of the suited men from your work place came over to Umma and gave her a note. She read the note and pulled us back home. Grandma and Grandpa came over and we played with them since
Umma was in her room crying. Nobody would tell me what was going on until Umma came back out and told us that” Megan paused from her story to have another tear race down her plump cheeks, “Appa was never coming back home again.” Her small arms wrapped around her as she flung her small body towards him. Dongwoon wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly feeling her little body shake in his arms.

He walked over to the warming milk, pouring it into two cups. Megan cried into his bare skin. Dongwoon just wanted to take away this pain form his little girl. They traveled over to the couch where he pulled a blanket over Megan and his reclined body. He handed her the milk and she sipped it as well as Dongwoon did.

“You know I wouldn’t leave you right?” Dongwoon just had to make sure

“You didn’t leave just me you left all of us” Megan responded as a couple more tears streamed down her cheeks

“You know I wouldn’t leave all of you right?” Dongwoon corrected himself as he wiped her tears from her cheeks with the back of his hand

“Yeah, but what if on your next trip you got into an accident and you… you died” Tears started to swell up in her eyes as she cuddled into his chest.

“I wouldn’t ever die. Don’t worry about that. I am fearless” Dongwoon said as he rubbed his thumb on her small back

“I would miss my Appa too much if that happened” She leaned on her hands and kissed
Dongwoon’s cheek then snuggled back into his chest, “Appa?”

“Mhmmmm” Dongwoon responded as he brushed her hair out of her face

“Would you tell me a story, a story of you and Umma” She asked

“Anything for my daughter” Dongwoon said with his smile, he planted a kiss on top of her head, “There was this boy and this girl. They were both from separate worlds, they never met before but somehow they were connected. Then one day she was working in the place that I was working at, her song seeped from the room and into the hallway. I walked by and I was hooked. I had to meet her. I opened the door slowly trying not to scare her away. She was just singing to her little player. Adding her own flare to every note that she touched, after a little while she noticed that I was watching and listening to her. She scampered out of the room ashamed. Over the next couple of months I saw her around the studio and then I convinced the managers to let me sing with her for a couple songs. Then we had a company dinner, she wore a dress that was beautiful and made her look like an angel. She spent the rest of the evening smiling and laughing. Then we proceeded to dance because the other band members dared me to. We go talking then a couple years later we got married and you came along.” He ran his fingers through his hair reminiscing about the old times and all of the times to come. He looked down at the small figure sleeping on his bare chest. He held her close placing a kiss on her cheek. He removed the bottle from her mouth and set it on the table. He slid down and placed a pillow under his head as he watched his little fan sleep in his arms.

A crying baby woke you up; you stumbled to your feet as you rubbed your head as you entered his room. He tossed and turned in his crib as you picked him up. You grabbed a blanket and walked out of the room noticing that Megan wasn’t in her room. You walked out into the living room trying to find where your husband and your daughter went. You grabbed another bottle and warmed some formulated milk in it. When it was done you walked over to one of the armed chairs. It was there that you saw your daughter in your husband’s arms. You smiled as you looked down at the little son in your arms as well. You couldn’t get enough of the love that was in your house. You loved your husband, Dongwoon who loved your kids and you with all of his heart.

Everyone says that you fall in love once, but that’s not true because every time that I see you I fall in love all over again ~Unknown
My goodness!?!?! Your working hard to make our hearts flutter.
thank you!!! I am haha everyone deserves it that reads the stories :)
☺️☺️ adorable!!!
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