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Your clock’s laminating red numbers read as you rolled over to calm your buzzing phone. Dongwoon’s arms slid from your waist as you leaned over the side of your bed and reached for your phone, you looked at the caller ID, your older brother.

“Hello?” You answered in a half asleep voice

“Hello, ______. I was wondering if you have heard” Your brother asked as you sat up in your bed, picking up on the desperation in his voice

“No, I haven’t” You moved your phone to your other ear as you threaded your fingers through Dongwoon’s open hand

“Umma and Appa have been in an accident” You squeezed Dongwoon’s as you took in your breath and held it,

“Are they ok?” You whispered as you feared for your parents’ life

“They are in the hospital right now. I am headed down to keep them company, I would suggest that you would come down with me, in case it is more serious than the doctors had predicted.”
A sadness in your brother’s voice seeped into your heart as you thought about what you should do next. Dongwoon sat up and leaned against the headboard as you continued to squeeze his hand harder with every passing minute.

“I will see what I can do. Thanks for calling me, Oppa” With that he ended the call and you placed your phone back onto the bedside table.

“Who was that?” Dongwoon rubbed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair

“It was just my older Oppa” You slid back under the covers and laid your head on your pillow as you closed your eyes

“What is the ‘I will see what I can do’ talk about?” Dongwoon pushed your hair out of your face as you released his hand from your grip.

“Oh, it is just about my parents” You tried to avoid the conversation but you could see that there was no way out of it

“Well what about them?” Dongwoon asked as his chin rested on your arm as you lay on your side away from Dongwoon.

“They have been in an accident; Oppa said that I should go in and see them” You said as a tear trailed down your face

“You should. If it is that serious, to have your brother call you this early in the morning” Dongwoon supported your Oppa, not even knowing the whole story.

“B-But I have to take care of Kate, and I have to do some-” You tried to distract yourself from the eminent danger of your parents with your own tasks here at home.

“But all of that can wait; I can take care of Kate and do all of your other chores too. You need to go see your parents before it is too late” Dongwoon kissed your shoulder, “Please think about it. You need to go; I will take care of everything else.” Dongwoon threaded his fingers through yours once more before he kissed your lips and returned to his sleep. You stayed awake weighting the options and the pros and cons of this event.

Dongwoon’s buzzer was the next thing that woke you up. He swiftly turned it off and kissed your cheek whispering in your ear.

“Did you decide?” He asked as he rubbed your dried tears away, you nodded your head, “Are you going to go see them?” You nodded your head slowly. He pulled his phone out of the charger and opened up his manager’s contact. He dialed the number as you rolled over to see what he was doing.

“Can I have a ticket, a plane ticket please” He waited for the response, “not for me for my wife, she needs a plane, as soon as possible.” He paused “Thank you, 11:00 would be great”

“I guess I’d better pack” You said with a smile as you kissed his lips, “Thank you” You ran off to your closet as Dongwoon walked into the kitchen and made you a small breakfast to take with you on your way to the airport.

Several minutes later, you walked out with two suitcases; you sat them by the door as you turned around. You saw the lovely breakfast that was prepared for you. You just about cried at the sight, your emotions were running high already. You trotted back to where the bedroom was and you slowly opened the door. You walked into Kate’s room as you picked her up and carried her outside. Dongwoon took her from your arms as you ate and he rocked her slowly to keep her asleep. Once you finished, you walked over with Dongwoon and the sleeping Kate as you grabbed your things.

“Make sure that you call at least once a day, please” Dongwoon made sure before he was going to send you off into the world

“I will, I promise” You pushed your purse onto your shoulder as you looked at your luggage. He put his arm around you and held you close as he sweetly kissed your lips.

“I love you so much, be there for your parents like you are here for me” Dongwoon said as you kissed Kate, kissing Dongwoon back one trying to ingrain his lips into your memory for the last time before you walked out the door. You looked back and saw your strong husband holding your daughter leaning on the doorway. Tears came to your eyes as you moved down the stairs to the lobby where a taxi was there waiting for you.
Oooooo your on a roll.
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Keep te stories coming and I'll love you forever
Dude.. this better not be sad..
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I'm glad I kept reading 😄😄