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Dongwoon walked back into your apartment, still rocking the eleven month old baby that rested in his arms. He looked at his schedule; he walked back into your room and set Kate down on the bed. He quickly took a shower changing into some stone washed jeans, sneakers, and a comfy sweatshirt. He watched his daughter sleep on the bed as he looked through her bag that you always packed for her. He placed another bottle of juice and some breakfast foods in the bag before he changed Kate into some comfy yet warm clothes for the overcast day that they were having.

An hour later they both were out the door; they stood outside of the lobby and waited for the van to bring him and his daughter to practice. The black van pulled up in no time as Dongwoon opened the back door and slid in the carrier that Kate was in. Yoseob grabbed the carrier and placed it on the set next to him. Dongwoon climbed in and took the seat next to the carrier. He wrapped the seatbelt around the carrier and around himself before Kate began to fuss. KiKwang leaned over the seat to see the new little baby that was in their van. Dongwoon placed a binky in her mouth and she played with Kikwang’s hands all the way to the studio.

“Did you really have to bring that?” Doojoon asked as the rest of the members helped Dongwoon with Kate and her things as they walked into the studio as he pulled his headphones from over his ears.

“Yeah, _______ had to go on a sudden trip” Dongwoon said as they reached the dancing studio where they were going to be given more songs that they had to practice today. Yoseob helped with the bag for Kate as Kikwang carried the carrier and Dongwoon carried Kate and his bag.
They placed their things in the corner of the room as Dongwoon set out a blanket and some food and toys for Kate to play with as they practiced their new songs.

Once everyone had assembled they sat around the studio on the floor as they listened to the track that they were about to sing. They nodded their heads and looked over the sheet music as they followed along with the beautiful harmonies and melodies that accompanied the song.

“Ok let’s run through it one time and then we will divide so that you can work on your individual parts, then we will come back together and see what you guys have done.” The singing instructor said as all of the men nodded. They ran through the song once, and then they split into three people per room to practice their parts.

After a couple of hours on the plane you finally arrived in your home country. Your Oppa came to pick you up from the airport, on the way to the hospital he filled you in with all of the details that you needed to know, that the doctors and police had told him.

“So they were hit by a drunk driver?” You asked as you reached the hospital

“Yeah, a young child has already died and the parents are in critical condition as well, then our parents are critical and the drunk driver is also dead.” Your brother said as he helped you into the hospital, “Just don’t mention that to Umma or Appa, they just need to hear happy things, like about your daughter and your husband’s group.” Both of you in agreement you headed up to their room.

The white walls so lonely and full of pain and sorrow, the stories of tragedies and miracles hid within the walls. They reflected what you felt all lonely and sad inside worried for the future and scared of the present. You slowly opened the oak door as two beds side by side were and your parents holding each other’s hands.

“They were found like that, holding each other’s hands” You brother allowed you to walk closer and you examined their faces and scrapes and bruises that littered their body. Your Umma had her head wrapped with a couple of scattered bandages around her body. Your Appa had his arm and leg casted as he suffered more serious wounds.

Dongwoon caught onto the song rather quickly as Kate was still playing with her toys. He picked her up playing with her a little bit before he had to work again.

“So where did ______ go?” Hyunseung asked as he took a seat next to Dongwoon leaning against the mirror behind him

“Her parents were in an accident” Dongwoon said as he watched Kate react with Hyunseung’s faces as he tried to make her smile.

“I am sorry to hear that. Let me know if you need anything” Yoseob responded as he walked over to play with Kate as well.

“Dongwoon, let’s see what you have” The singing instructor invited him into the room to see what he had of his parts so far.

“Will you guys do me a favor?” They all nodded their heads wanting to hear his request, “Can you watch Kate while I go in and sing?” Kikwang trotted over and took Kate from his hands as he joined the other members on the floor. “Thanks” Dongwoon said as he trotted off to the room with the singing instructor. He walked into the room and they began to play the song, he sung his heart out like always making the minor changes that the singing instructor. He finished singing an hour later. He walked out of the soundproof room to hear Kate crying.

Large tears streamed down her face as she let out a large scream and held out her hands for her Appa. Dongwoon trotted over to her and Yoseob handed her over. Dongwoon bounced her in his arms as she continued to cry, her face was soaked with tears as Dongwoon tried to calm her down. Doojoon went into the singing room next. Dongwoon tried to feed Kate but she didn’t want to eat, he checked everything and nothing seemed to help. He thought of what you would do. He thought of the lullaby that he always sings to her and started humming as he wrapped her in her fuzzy blanket. He cradled her in his arms as he walked around the studio.
The rest of the members just watched as Dongwoon started to calm Kate down with his angelic voice. In no time Kate was fast asleep in his arms. He finished singing his song and walked over to the other members and sat down with them.

“Wow, it is like magic” Hyunseung’s eyes were fixated on the little angel in his arms

“I guess it is a father’s touch” Kikwang said as he rubbed his hand on Kate’s small head.

Your brother and you both stayed in the room for a while, with your parents, just keeping them company.

“Do you want me to go get you anything?” You needed to just get away from the room for a while.

“No, I am fine, you can leave if you need to I will keep an eye over them” Your brother opened the room’s door for you as you pulled out your phone and walked down the hall to one of the several waiting areas

You sat down in one of the several empty chairs that filled the room and you covered your face with your hands. Your fingers unlocked your phone as you began to dial up Dongwoon.



You heard an announcement come over the hospital’s intercom

“Code Black to room 210, Code Black; I repeat Code Black room 210” You looked around as you saw several doctors and nurses run into the wing of the hospital with machines and tubes flying down the hall. Ending the call you ran through the hall to your parent’s room, it was like someone had won the lottery, everyone was in there with machines and blue and green clothes, it was like a sea of sights and sounds. You saw your brother in the back of the room and you ran to him. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in close. He pushed your head against his chest, petting your hair as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I didn’t know what else to do” He whispered in a cracked voice as you held him closer to you, he cried in your arms, your older brother. He was supposed to be the strong one, but I guess that you have to help him too.

Dongwoon looked at his phone right when you canceled the call.

“I wonder why she did that.” Dongwoon whispered as he tried to redial your number, you weren’t picking up. He tried again a couple more times; the ringing in his ear was just getting him more frustrated.

“This isn’t like her,” Dongwoon punched his bag out of anger, slightly waking the sleeping baby still in his arms.

You held your brother close as you listened in to what the doctors were talking about. You heard the frightening noise of the heart monitor go flat.

“NO!” You screamed at the top of your voice as your knees buckled and your body fell more into your brother’s, you clumped his shirt into your hands as you tried to break yourself from this reality that you were being forced into.

Then a doctor kneeled over your mom providing her with CPR. Then the other monitor went off. Both of your parents were now flat lined; struggling for their lives.

“Clear” One of the doctors called, a commotion was in the room as they pressed the paddles up to her chest.

“Shock her again” One of the doctors ordered

“Clear” The nurses shocked her once more before they resumed CPR

“We need that over here” The nurses ran to the other side of the bed.

“Clear” Now on your dad as his chest heaved with the shock of electricity that he had just received to help jumpstart his heart.

“Again!” The doctor was giving orders to both nurses to try and keep them alive; “Get those two out of here, now” Two strong male nurses came in and grabbed you both by your wrists as you were pulled out of the room

“No!” You kicked and screamed as you wanted to stay in the room. The male nurse picked you up from your feet and slung you over his shoulder.

“It will be ok, ______. They will help our parents” Your brother walked behind you trying to comfort you as the white walls gave you a hazy reflection as the male nurse dropped you to your feet. They moved to the sides of the doors as you were once again in your brother’s arms in peril.
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