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“Let’s run the song all together now” The singing instructor said as the manager came into the room. Dongwoon tried to rest Kate in her car seat but she just whined as she left his arms. He walked over with his daughter still in his arms as they all convened in the center of the room. Dongwoon shifted his weight slowly from one leg to the other as he sung his part of the song.

“Great job everyone, let’s leave on a good note” Everyone golf clapped being cautious of the waking baby. They walked over and gathered their things.

“You are welcome to stay in the dorm tonight if you need to, since ______ is away” Doojoon offered as the other members nodded in agreement

“That would be daebak, but I need to go get some things. Would it be ok, if you guys helped me and then we can go to the dorm together?” Dongwoon asked as he lifted his bag onto his shoulder

“Sure!” Yoseob said as they all filed out of the room and into the van

You slid down the wall as you cried in your hands, you brother rubbed your back but you missed the way Dongwoon did it. You wanted him here with you, you wanted to talk with him and cry in his shoulder, he would sing you such a sweet song. You began to cry harder as you pulled out your phone from your pocket. You dialed his number once more, hoping that he was available to talk to you this time.

BEAST members trudged into your apartment.

“Wow, you got a nice place here.” Doojoon commented as he saw all of the pictures and videos and food that was in sight.

“Why don’t we just stay here?” Hyungseung asked, “I mean he is going to have to pack a lot for Kate and it would be a lot of work.”

“Would that be ok Dongwoon?” Yoseob asked as Dongwoon felt his phone vibrating in his pocket.

“Just get the manager’s approval first” Dongwoon said as he looked at the caller ID, Dongwoon carefully handed Kate over to Junhyun and walked away and closed his bedroom door behind him

“We have to take a picture of this!” Kikwang said as he pulled out his phone snapping a picture.

“I will call the manager, take the baby” Junhyun said as he handed over Kate to Kikwang

“Woonie?” You whimpered on the other line as you heard him pick the phone up

“Babe? Are you ok?” He asked as he sounded desperate, “You didn’t answer any of my calls”

“I-I know b-but I need you” You started to cry on the phone

“Shhhhhh- Babe it’s ok. Everything is going to be fine. Your brother is taking care of you right?” Dongwoon asked as he sat on the edge of the bed leaning on his elbows.

“Yeah b-but he isn’t you” Your voice started to break as you sat in the lonely hallway

“I know but he will have to do. He loves you and so do I but I have to be here with Kate and the members, and you have to be there with your parents” Dongwoon fell onto his back as he covered his eyes with his hand

“Sorry but I have to go. I will call you later ok? I love you” You said as you saw the doctor emerge from your parent’s room.

“Ok, I will be waiting. I love you too” Dongwoon said as you ended the call.

He dropped his phone on the comforter as he let out a deep stressful sigh. A knock came from his closed door.

“Yeah!” Dongwoon called not wanting to get up to answer the door

“Can I come in?” A voice beckoned from the hall

“Sure” Dongwoon said with a depressed voice. Doojoon came in and held Kate in his arms sitting next to Dongwoon on the bed.

“Are you ok with us being here or do you want us to go back to the dorm?” Doojoon asked in all sincerity as he watched his maknae pull his hands away from his tear soaked eyes

“You guys can stay here, that’s fine” Dongwoon got up swiftly and walked to the mirror that hung behind your desk that you always held your jewelry on. Dongwoon’s muscles tensed as he grasped one of your necklaces in his hands, playing with one of the pearls shifting it though his fingers.

“Something’s wrong” Doojoon said as he studied Dongwoon’s reflection in the mirror

“N-No, everything is fine” Dongwoon tried to cover up his anguish with other words

“No, it is about her, isn’t it. Something is not right with _______. Where did she go?” Doojoon asked as he set Kate on the floor. Dongwoon’s head fell and hung at its breaking point as he clenched his eyes closed

“She went to her parents. Her parents were in a car accident and her brother called and she needed to go right away.” Tears fell from Dongwoon’s eyes as he tried to find the words to express what he was feeling to his leader, “I don’t like to hear her this way, she was crying. She is so strong and now she is crying.” Dongwoon got all choked up “She can’t even tell me what is going on to help her. She needs me and I need her. I can’t do this on my own” Dongwoon pounded his fist against the wall “I don’t know what I am doing with Kate; she was always the best at the baby stuff. She is needing me and I have my career to look after and-” Dongwoon couldn’t speak anymore

“You know that you have us right?” Dongwoon nodded his head as Doojoon continued, “We will help with all that we can. We are here for you. That is what a family does, and we are a family” The rest of the members congregated at the door after they heard the loud commotion.

“Go take a nice relaxing shower and we will take care of everything else.” Yoseob said as Kikwang walked over and picked up Kate. Dongwoon nodded his head as the rest of the members walked out of his room.
Ahhh....wait quick question.....Why doesn't his family help him with the baby?
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Ahh I see.
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