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— A week later —

“How about we make dinner tonight Dongwoon” Yoseob asked as they walked out of the practice room from a hard day of dancing

“What do you have in mind?” Dongwoon asked as he ran his hand through his hair

“Just someone’s favorite dish for a special occasion” Junhyun jumped in to make sure that no one spoiled the surprise.

“Sure, why not.” Dongwoon said as they all filed into the van

“You need to dress up nice too Dongwoon, we all will” Hyunseung said as they all chatted in the van

When they got home, Dongwoon was locked into his room and couldn’t come out for a couple of hours. He was given a nice tux that was a little old fashioned. He dressed Kate in a nice spring dress with little flowers lining the bottom of the dress. He showered and got all ready for the surprise. Doojoon knocked on the door.

“You ready yet maknae?” A voice yelled from the hallway

“Yep” Dongwoon said as Doojoon opened the door. Dongwoon was nicely dressed and holding his little girl with a flower on her head that made her adorable. The rest of the hyungs were in someone’s favorite color and had on black slacks that made them look handsome. The doorbell rang as Junhyun ran to answer the door, the other hyungs positioned Dongwoon and Kate where they should be and took their positions soon after.

The door opened to reveal you in your tight jeans and a colorful t shirt with a jean jacket. You picked up your baggage and rolled it inside as you looked around at all of the BEAST members.

“Welcome home, ________” Doojoon said as all of the members bowed to you and you bowed to them as they stood like a tunnel. You walked down to the end of the line as you saw Kikwang holding Kate. You kissed her head and hugged her as the last member caught your

“Hello, beautiful” Dongwoon turned around, his eyes not wavering from yours. A smile appeared out of denial as you ran up to him and hugged him. He lifted you from the ground and spun you around. He set you back on the ground as you kissed his lips passionately; you had missed him so much. The sound of the door clicking closed caught your attention as you looked towards the door.

“We have the rest of the night to ourselves, the hyungs are going to take care of Kate for us tonight” Dongwoon said as he placed a kiss on your jawline tracing your muscles in your neck to your collar bones. He kissed your lips one more time.

“Would you like to have something to eat?” He led you towards the candle lit table with your favorite food weaving between the flowers and decorations. The dinner was delicious and you honestly ate more than you should have.

“Can I have this dance” Dongwoon rose from the table and held out his hand for you. You took it with a smile on your face as he led you out to the balcony, the light music played from the speakers as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, combing his hair with your fingers as his hands rested on your hips and your back. Memories filled your mind of your life where you were, how far you have come and what will be placed before you. Just for right now you were glad to be in his arms, his love, his memories.
“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. A moment lasts all for a second but a memory lasts for a lifetime.” ~ Kevin Arnold
Well the members we're a huge help and it ended well. Thank you for the story
they are~ you're welcome! thank you for reading!
It sucks that that happened.. but!! At least it wasn't all sad.
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That's true.. I always want a happy ending even if most of the story is sad.